2010 July 16 Friday
Celebrate The Foot Long Burger

Okay, America is in decline. I do not deny that. In fact, I draw attention to all the reasons (most notably, the Great Dumbing Down) that this is happening. Tragic. But in the face of this unfolding tragedy there are still going to be high points, examples of greatness that we should enjoy in the moment even as the empire declines. Yes, we are on a road analogous to the path that led to the sacking of Rome. But right now great accomplishments are still possible. Granted, they will become rarer and less effectual. But they should still be savored and enjoyed. With that thought in mind: the foot long triple burger makes its debut at Carl's Jr and Hardee's restaurants.

A cheeseburger sold as a foot-long sandwich, with three burgers and three cheese slices, is being tested at 50 Carl's Jr. restaurants in Southern California and 50 Hardee's units in Indiana. That's the same chain that introduced the world to the 1,400-calorie Monster Burger and the Monster Breakfast Sandwich, with 47 grams of fat.

47 grams of fat? Like so many other great things about America that evil liberals deride, fat is good when properly packaged. Supposedly evil fat can do great things when properly packaged with natural substances. We could construct a high fat and high health burger. We could very healthily make like an ape man.

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Stephen said at July 16, 2010 8:03 PM:

Group photo from 2010 and Group photo from 1930

An alien observer would note the different body shapes and likely wonder whether the photographs were of the same species.

OneSTDV said at July 16, 2010 10:49 PM:

Refined carbs and sugars are bad. Fat and meat aren't.

Pretty damn simple.

no i don't said at July 25, 2010 10:59 AM:

Well yeah, fat is fat and if consumed without any kind of real exercise it just accumulates in the body. But the problem is the whole "cheesburger" concept. A hamburger is more or less ok. I mean it kindda nurtures you, but a cheesburger...(!?)

Is it amazing how people pretend not to know that calcium inhibits the absortion of iron in the body. And therefore it doesn't matter how much beef you eat; if you eat it with cheese, milk, ice cream or any other dairy, one might be filled out of the ingestion of so much food, but one won't get the iron out of that meal. And lack of iron is closely related to mental underdevelopment, particularly from childhood.

Can you immagine what happens to a country whose children for decades have been given cheesburgers (sometimes accompanied by milkshakes) -dary with meat-, bread with potatos, produce with dairy, corn with sugar(!).

So far we're just talking about the lack of benefit from poorly mixing so called "natural foods" and unbalancing meals. If to that we add coca cola -or pepsi or sprite or fanta-, wonder bread, box "cereals", nachos, packaged "orange juices", chips, chewing gum, marlboro, canned food... whew! The result is going to be a nation who elects Bushes and Arnolds and guys like Ronald Reagan -who even said that ketchup was a vegetable-(!)

Nevertheless, Latin American presidents can also be proverbially stupid, so we have to be honest and acknowledge that it's not only a U.S. problem anymore. It seems to be spread all over the world now, because everybody wanted to copy after Americans.

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