2010 July 11 Sunday
America To Become Pawn In Next Great Game?

America's standing relative to other major nations is in decline. Some of that decline was unavoidable because China and India have so many people and they are industrializing. Other aspects of the decline are self-inflicted by elites who insist upon an immigration policy which will substantially lower per capita GDP in coming decades. Steve Sailer speculates on whether the US will align with China or India and how Chinese, Indian, and Jewish ethnics in the US will push the US in one or the other direction. My guess is we'll choose a course that is contrary to our best interests. That's been the intensifying pattern in recent decades. The punditocracy will continue to offer really impressive rationalizations for why we should do stupid things abroad and domestically. Such is life in a declining empire.

The American colonies had a smaller GDP than the mother country during the American Revolution, for example, but Ben Franklin talked the French government into bankrupting itself for American independence. (He was quite the charmer.) In WWI, Germany, despite having tens of millions of German farmers and engineers in America, did not charm America, and thus lost. Israel, to cite a more recent example, has done quite well for itself strategically despite a limited GDP and being up against Arabs and their oil money.

So, the obvious card to play in the coming China vs. India global struggle is for influence and control over the fading Anglo-Euro world, especially because Anglos don't like to think about themselves being played.

When looked at from this perspective, India's chances against China in 2100 don't look so awful. Indians are better at learning English, and better at marketing ideas in English than Chinese. (One American marketing consultant in China has said that to Chinese factory owners, "marketing" means shouting "Real cheap! You buy now!")

Let's look at the leading Anglosphere countries and which way they are likely to tip (or be tipped):

Australia: China
Canada: I don't know. It could be close.
Britain: India
America: That's the big question

There are lots of Chinese in America. The Chinese have lots of money and will have even more in the future. Over several generations, the emotional distinctions between China and their neighbors and/or enemies like Vietnam, Korea, and Japan might fade, leaving a unified East Asian v. South Asian division from the perspective of the U.S.

On the other hand, I have a vague sense that the East Asians in America might wind up playing the role of Midwestern German-Americans in early 20th Century America, who were outmaneuvered by Anglophilic Eastern elites.

America's best bet would be to become less involved. But rather like Britain keeps wanting to punch above its level America's elites will try to play the Great Game as pawns (they'll imagine they are more than that of course) in order to have the feeling of exercising power. Plus, we'll have ethnic groups internally pushing us to act in their perceived interests rather than in the real interests of the majority.

Consider US involvement in the Middle East over the last 20 years. Take the money that we've spent on military intervention, foreign aid, and maintaining a navy capable of operating that far afield. That same money would have bought us something close to independence on imported oil if we'd instead channeled the money toward hybrids, electric cars, shifting home heating from oil to ground sink heat pumps, and other efforts to get off of oil.

Steve goes on to speculate on how the Jews will try to win favor with India and China. I do not think the Jews can afford to ally with one of those two countries against the other one. India is closer to Israel but China will be much wealthier. He also looks at a Jewish organization that looks at which long term strategies are best for Jews. What's left of the Anglosphere ought to do the same for themselves even though other ethnic groups would prefer that we didn't.

America's decline will not be rapid enough to avoid becoming a target for intense ethnic group machinations. My dreams of a return to isolationism will remain just that - dreams.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2010 July 11 09:12 AM  Politics Grand Strategy

MOA said at July 11, 2010 10:31 AM:

A target too...

no i don't said at July 11, 2010 4:05 PM:

"My dreams of a return to isolationism will remain just that - dreams."

The U.S. is already isolated in many ways from the rest of the world -except for its military presence, of course-

Non U.S. interference and its respect for international law has been the dream of many countries for many decades. I continue to agree with Ron Paul on most issues including foreign policy.

Phuc Yu said at July 11, 2010 7:46 PM:

"The U.S. is already isolated in many ways from the rest of the world -except for its military presence, of course-"

That is the stupidest thing I've read here in quite some time.

Stephen said at July 12, 2010 12:28 AM:

What would China or India get out of having an alliance with Israel? That slip of land is not remotely strategically valuable to either of them.

Nor is it valuable to the US, but we're not allowed to talk about that in public.

no i don't said at July 14, 2010 5:53 PM:

"That is the stupidest thing I've read here in quite some time."

That's the stupidest dumb ass I've ever read. Narcissism at its best! Perfect example of the one who cannot see an inch outside of himself, even when U.S. isolation a matter of course to the rest of the world.

Just when I thought many Americans had hit the maximum narcissism possible, comes one like "Phuc Yu" and breaks a new record. The typical American redneck that can only rise all the way to the height of his own alias.

It's proverbial, So...

I rest my case.

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