2010 June 20 Sunday
Penn Jillette: Nancy Pelosi As Crazy As Sarah Palin

Penn Jillette points out that Nancy Pelosi is as religious as Sarah Palin.

As an atheist Jillette sees all religious people as crazy. He's right to point out that Pelosi, as an apparently real believing Catholic, is just as crazy as Palin if being religious makes you crazy. To look down on Palin for her religiosity while not looking down on Pelosi is therefore, in Jillette's view, inconsistent. But this reaction to Palin versus Pelosi isn't surprising because if Palin supported positions of the Left and was religious then her religious beliefs would be either forgiven or celebrated for how they support the Left's agenda.

Here's Nancy expressing the depth of her belief in the same religion that Sarah embraces.

Jillette also thinks more politicians should be like Rand Paul. He wants more politicians to say what they really believe.

His rant is about how when Rand Paul argued for a right to free association in the private sphere the Left attacked him for not being more sensitive to what the populace wants to hear. Of course, the Left was really attacking Paul for saying things that they do not want the populace to hear. Unqualified support for right of free association is an idea that works against the goals of the Left.

Update: I'd like to note that I do not see religious people as any crazier than the bulk of the rest of the population. I find certainty about the God stuff among some atheists to be tedious and irrational. Atheists can't prove God does not exist. Atheists can't explain why reality exists at all (and I can't either). There are things beyond our ability to understand and a certain amount of humility is called for.

While I'm at it: I find the term "crazy" is overused. Lots of people are wrong, deluded, ignorant, too stupid to understand key topics of public policy, or any combination of the above. But that does not make them crazy. It just makes wrong or deluded or ignorant or dumb or some combination thereof.

Certainly lots of people (including people who make to to the Oval Office) are so irresponsible about how they form and promote their beliefs that they are dangerous. But, again, that does not make them crazy. It just makes them dangerous and irresponsible.

A lot of looking down at religious people amounts to claims of higher status. "Oh look at those crazy religious people. I am so superior." More often than not the committed secularist who strikes such poses has embraced deluded secular beliefs that are a greater threat to the commonwealth than the religious views he's deriding. As someone points out in the comments, Penn Jillette sounds just plain crazy about immigration (total open borders). Well, Jillette isn't really crazy. But he's irrational and irresponsible, kinda like Sarah Palin and Nancy Pelosi.

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hmmm said at June 20, 2010 5:15 PM:

Penn Jillette is just as bad as Bill Maher. If you saw that Bullsh*t episode on immigration you'd realize what an idiot this guy is. For those interested, you can watch it here:

DEAN BERRY said at June 20, 2010 5:55 PM:

If we don't do something about the "jews" who control way too many major gatekeeping positions in America - the media, publishing, the Whitehouse, the State Department, the Pentagon, most of our "Congressmen", our central bank, lobbying, advertising, etc. - then we've done nothing at all. And it's primarily their propaganda machine that tries to convince us otherwise. If the Chinese, the Iraqis, or the Mexicans were obviously trying to install as many of their operatives in key positions as possible, Americans would be seriously alarmed. But not when it comes to the "jews". They control what we see, hear, and think, the classic definition of a propaganda machine. Eighty percent of our talking heads, radio personalities, national anchorpeople and columnists are "jews". And let's try to remember, the "jews" founded communism, socialism, and liberalism. Marx, Lenin, Trotsky: all "jews." This is historical fact and was common knowledge at the turn of the century. That's why Hitler outlawed the communists and the "jews" at the same time. They were considered by a big part of the world to be synonymous. The "jews" haven't been kicked out of EVERY NATION IN EUROPE AT ONE TIME OR ANOTHER for no reason. http://deanberryministries.us

Mercer said at June 20, 2010 9:22 PM:

Most people are religious so if you follow Penn's logic most people are crazy. I don't agree and I am also not religious.

The Pelosi excerpt was a reference to the opening of the gospel of John.

I don't think either Pelosi or Palin are crazy. I think Palin has a lower IQ for three reasons:

Pelosi has regular press conferences. Palin only deals with media friendly to her. After watching Palin with Couric anyone could see why Palin is afraid of the press.

Palin's resignation speech was one of the most incoherent things I have watched or read.

Quitting her governorship was a stupid move if she wants a political future or for people to take her seriously.

Brent Lane said at June 23, 2010 8:36 PM:

@Mercer: I've seen more than one of Pelosi's pressers where she came off every bit as incoherent and ill-informed as Palin in the Couric interview. And I contend that Pelosi also deals exclusively with 'media friendly to her'.

On the 'point' of Jillette's immigration stance, it's perfectly consistent with his Libertarian/Randian worldview. Sure, he weakens his argument with naive sentimentality about Emma Lazarus and Jewish war orphans, which is unbecoming in someone who fancies himself such a clear-thinking realist. But his stance on the issue is keeping with his stated principles.

I do tend to think he would admit, however, that the country would fall completely in ruin if we took the Libertarian view about immigration and left the decidedly anti-Libertarian social welfare policies unchanged. Which is far more likely to happen, unfortunately, than ending what he refers to as 'wealth re-distribution' (which he steadfastly opposes) before we open the borders (officially) to all comers.

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