2010 June 07 Monday
Roissy The Wicked Saves Marriages

He didn't set out to do this. Roissy the Pick-Up Artist explains how to manipulate women and some guys use his techniques to save their marriages. The question arises:

“How could anyone who writes such horrible things be a force for good in the world?”

The truth is very powerful. You shouldn't shrink from the truth just because cabals and gangs who control media outlets and academia suppress a realistic view of human nature. The truths that are most suppressed are the most useful because the gap between their actual use and potential use is so large.

A good place to start on the road to enlightenment.

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Sahar said at June 8, 2010 2:10 PM:

+1 to Roissy for the funny Dune reference.

In said at June 8, 2010 6:26 PM:

I'm not so sure Roissy is such a force for good in the world. He glorifies narcissism for the sake of pumping his ego (disgusting). No doubt there are some impressionable readers that are affected in pernicious ways from his stuff.

I don't think his truths are the whole story either. It is the information that is left out and the framing of truth that is significant.

For example: people will only turn against an alpha male when he attacks a weak woman

Pretty ugly truth, huh? What a cruel world? Is Roissy's intention behind this statement to get me to feel that way? Most people will not read that and understand the fluidity with which men turn into and out of "alpha males". Why don't we try framing this differently, how about:

people favor the man who is perceived as or shows strength

I could probably go through that whole list reframe them in less iconoclastic more subtle ways. It is worth noting that how open people are to one's message does indeed depend on how it is framed.

ASPIRANT said at June 10, 2010 4:32 PM:

"Alpha"-maleness is definitely something far more fluid than Roissy lets on. But, the fact that alpha males are "better" than betas in every conceivable way is completely true. I've experienced it, on both sides. I've both seen and been the insignificant mysterious outsider who with a smirk and a wink captures everyone's heart and gets away with murder (and tons of play), and the alpha male who loses his place, and is set upon from all sides by his former allies, even women who once professed eternal love simply lost all affection to chase the next alpha.


ASPIRANT said at June 10, 2010 4:35 PM:

Also, if the readers are dumb enough to not understand that the narcissism is part of the delivery mechanism for Roissy's message, they won't get very far with it anyway. No need to worry about it.

Game is for the average, non-asshole who wants to take the social status that rightly belongs to him.

In said at June 12, 2010 11:47 AM:

My contention is that Roissy probably isn't a force for good in the world. It doesn't matter if readers are too dumb to utilize Roissy's insights. If they buy his 9th grade, lets divide people into winners and losers mentality and his narcissistic philosophy of life then that is a problem. Some things he says are true, but there is no doubt he is pushing an ideology which is definitely not the truth. When one of his "non-asshole" poisoned brained morally degenerate readers fails to refrain from harming you then you'll know what I mean.

Roissy needs to realize that selection no longer operates at primarily the individual level. It is humanity as a whole's turn to struggle for survival (multi-level selection).

Roisy's readers need to realize (I imagine he already realizes this but doesn't care because it draws attention to himself) that when you talk about a sensitive topic in an unnecessarily crude and iconoclastic ways you alienate and radicalize those with whom you could have otherwise have shared your viewpoint. I suspect Roissy closes more minds than he opens. He could talk about human nature in realistic terms without painting such a putrid picture, but ah.... there's the rub, then fewer would pay attention to him....

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