2010 March 16 Tuesday
Muslim Libel Tourists To Sue Danish Cartoonists In UK?

Of course if the British courts can be used in this manner against Danes they can also be used against Brits.

A Saudi Arabian lawyer has threatened to use British courts to overturn a Danish free speech ruling by bringing a defamation case over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed that depicted Islam's founder as a terrorist.

Faisal Yamani, a Jeddah based lawyer, is planning to take a case to London's libel courts on behalf of over 90,000 descendants of Mohammed who have claimed that the drawings have defamed them and the Islamic faith.

Blame the European Union. Or blame the various governments who foolishly signed up to an EU treaty that makes this sort of thing possible.

Danish politicians and publishers are furious that European Union rules reward "libel tourism" by enforcing British defamation rulings across Europe.

The people of the European Union countries need better speech protections in their national constitutions. They also need an end to Muslim immigration.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2010 March 16 10:34 PM  Civilizations Clash Of

Rev. Run said at March 17, 2010 2:48 AM:

They also need an end to Muslim immigration.

And who, exactly, is going to pay for the massive unfunded pension liabilities owed to their aging populations?

Big bill said at March 17, 2010 9:38 PM:

They will pay for their own pensions as they always have. Certainly the Muslims will not pay for aging infidels, knowing as they all do that the infidel Europeans are whores and sodomites and fit for nothing but beheading or dhimmihood. Only a fool would believe the Muslims give a good Godd@mn about the Europeans. They care about as much for Europeans as the Chinese and Indian and Mexican nations care about Americans and THEIR retirement (read: "extinction"). We already know the Mexicans in California need white folks to live and work decades longer to feed, clothe, house, educate, and medicate Mexicans, who are appearing completely incapable of sustaining themselves beyond a beans-and-rice level of existence. If peasant Muslims from the godforsaken hillbilly villages of rural Turkey had the brains to sustain the German culture don't you think they would have built their own such culture hundreds of years ago? Do you ever ask yourself why these hillbillies are leaving Anatolia and moving NOT to Istanbul, but to Mannheim. Don't you think that exterminating their own intelligent and creative white minority out of jealousy (the Armenians) might have something to do with why they are such sorry and pathetic sumbitches now? Son, you best pull your head outen your behind and stop drinking neocon koolaid. Ain't a godd@m thing the Mexes and Turks offer the west but millions of hungry and increasingly resentful mouths to feed. of which the only halfway decent looking ones are dressed in gunny sack or padlocked to tge steampipes at home to keep them from getting loose and assimilating with a more civilized class of folks. Of course if you were just being sarcastic, please ignore this.

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