2010 February 17 Wednesday
8 Airport Security Stages In Toronto Bound For US

8 stages of security checking in Toronto for US-bound flights.

To get through airport security in Toronto for a flight to the United States, you now have to go through eight different screening lines or ID checks. Most passengers either get a pat-down or have their carry-on bags unpacked on tables, with every toiletry kit and pajama pair carefully checked.

Imagine that ethnic profiling, age profiling, nationality profiling, sex profiling, and psychological profiling were all used. There's be no need for 8 stages of security checks for the vast bulk of the passengers.

Arrive 3 hours early - or just stay home?

Passengers are told to show up early for flights to the U.S.—often three hours or more, even for 90-minute flights from Canada and Mexico. And the light passenger loads have made it easier on security screeners.

Supporters of high speed passenger rail ought to repeatedly state: Security procedures in train stations are very light. No 8 levels of checking.

I wish I was wealthy like Al Gore and could travel on private jets. Al doesn't have to go thru all this security as he flies around the world telling people not to burn up fuel flying around the world.

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