2009 November 30 Monday
Mexico Cracking Down On Border Criminals

For years I've argued that if the United States was to clamp down and build barriers along the entire US-Mexican border to stop smuggling and illegal crossings then one effect would be to make Mexico a more civilized and lower crime country. The flow of drugs, money, and weapons across the border empowers the Mexican criminal cartels and undermines control of Mexico by its sovereign government. The money corrupts police, army, and government officials. The weapons scare the police out of doing their jobs. Well, even Mexico's government has figured this out as a Los Angeles Times news article title demonstrates: Mexico tightens security at U.S. border crossings

The new infrastructure -- including gates, cameras and vehicle scales -- aims to hamper the smuggling of drug money and weapons to Mexican cartels. Businesses are protesting the increased wait times.

We should build border barriers that would force all traffic thru controlled border crossings. Then we should scale up the technology and personnel used to inspect vehicles and people at the crossings.

The Mexican government wants to stop the movement of criminals across the border. Good idea. The US government should do the same.

"We want security," Calderon said on a recent trip to Tijuana. "This requires sacrifice and measures that permit us to stop the trafficking of weapons, drugs, drug money and criminals across this border."

The US should systematically deport all the Mexican criminals who are in the US and should access Mexican crime databases to check for Mexican criminals who are in the US who haven't yet been caught committing crimes here.

Also see the articles from the LA Times series Mexico's Drug War.

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