2009 August 08 Saturday
Employment Declines For Native Americans

Edwin S. Rubenstein finds an interesting pattern in the recession's job numbers: In occupations with lots of Hispanics hiring has turned around but not for the rest of us.

The alternative employment survey, of households rather than business establishments, shows a decidedly bifurcated picture. While total employment declined modestly in July, non-Hispanics bore the entire decline. For Hispanic workers, July was one big job fair:

  • Total employment decline in July: -155,000 (0.11 percent)
  • Non-Hispanic employment: -277,000 (-0.23 percent)
  • Hispanic employment: +122,000 (+0.62 percent)

Hispanic employment rose by 0.63 percent in July - the largest percentage gain since April; non-Hispanic employment declined by 0.23 percent.

Non-Hispanic employment has declined every month since April 2008.

Rubenstein shows that during the last recession Hispanic employment rose as white and black employment fell. A supply of lower priced labor displaces higher priced labor.

My take on this is that we should put the interests of our existing poor people ahead of those of potential immigrants. We also should not use taxpayer money to pay for medical care for people who are displacing Americans from their jobs.

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