2009 July 26 Sunday
FeministX Knows James Crowley Is Not Racist

It is a small world. FeministX, who if memory serves is south or east Asian lesbian (or bi? I forget), says James Crowley is not a racist.

Then I read an article about the issue. Holy Fucking Shit! I know James Crowley! He's helped me out before. And no joke- you probably won't be able to believe this- but he insisted on going the extra mile to help me fend off offensive behavior by man who happened to be a belligerent racist. How ironic that he is being accused of racism now. He's not a racist. That I know. I'm not white, and I can say for sure that he automatically regards any white person who expresses an aggressive racist sentiment as a potential problem. 

I originally got this reading a comment on Roissy's site. Roissy thinks Henry Louis Gates Junior is that weirdo loner kid from seventh grade. Gates really seems desperate to get everyone treat him with enormous amounts of respect and deference. As near as I can tell (and I could be wrong - unlike Gates of course) he expects cops (being lower class than Harvard profs) to kneel down and bow to his superiority.

Being a Harvard prof gives you mind-reading capabilities? Or are mind-reading capabilities a job requirement for a Harvard prof?

Crowley asks Gates to prove he lives there.

Looking out his front door, Gates sees someone who should be asking, "Is everything all right, sir?" He sees someone who would not doubt that a 58-year-old, gray-haired Harvard professor lived in this home if he were white.

Gates sees a racist.

If someone doesn't defer to Gates is that person automatically a racist?

My take: white people and Asian people should defer to police because police are busy people doing important and dangerous work who need our deference of the police are going to succeed in keeping us mostly safe. It would be helpful if black people saw this need the same way. Though with people like Henry Louis "Skip" Gates preaching a different view to them (with President Obama backing him up and pissing off most Americans in the process) I'm thinking the job of police just got harder and our safety will decline as a result.

Crowley said he cut Gates more slack than he'd cut most people.

"He was arrested after following me outside the house," Crowley said on the radio, "continuing the tirade even after being warned multiple times, probably a few more times than the average person would have gotten."

Read the police report. You will get the whole deal if you just read the police report.

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Paper Bag Test said at July 26, 2009 6:45 PM:

Gates was only behaving the way "intelligent" blacks behave. Little wonder when other blacks who aren't Harvard Professors behave like animals. A dangerous people, no two ways about it. Blacks should be avoided whenever possible. You'll have much less hassle and much less of a chance of being attacked, killed, raped, etc...

Grim said at July 26, 2009 9:42 PM:

I read everything about this incident and while I don't much like police being able to arrest for words... Gates is clearly a racist bastard. If he was a white man then no one, and I mean no one, would have anything to do with him... let alone having the support of the President of the United States.

American is done with different rules for different people. It's time for a new civil rights act that abolishes all preference, exceptions, and differentially treatment on the basis of race or national origin! A black president is proof positive we no longer race based preferences.

Americans very strongly support equal rights for all and generally vote for the end of preferences when they are given a chance.
If congress was to pass such an act any veto by Obama would lead to his total defeat in 2012. Lets finish Martian Luther King's dream.

muffler said at July 27, 2009 12:51 PM:

Paper Bag is obviously off his meds and Grim maybe you might want to think as to why you think Martin Luther King's dream of a man achievements being rewarded regardless of the color of his skin should be "finished". I think Gates's actions have more to do with his personality then it has to do with being black. Color and temprament don't go hand in hand.

Let's say everyone in this argument was white and after a long trip you had to jimmie your way into your house. Then the police show up and demand ID which you provide, but you are a bit upset about it. Then the police get upset by you being upset because they had a rough day too. Things escalate and the police arrest you on your own property for something they know they will have to drop the charges on. Sorry, but this isn't right under any circumstance. The term "to serve and protect" seems to have been lost. Once you are identified as the owner of the house, unless you strike the officer or have something illegal in plain view the police should leave. I am not one who thinks that I should have to be subserviant to police officers on my own property because they have a gun and public provided authority if I have done nothing wrong.

I personally think Gates was not courteous and also think Crowley over reacted. The real truth is the Police are supposed to be trained to not over react. That actually is what makes their job so damn difficult. Both sides meet the fail critria.

Paper Bag Test said at July 27, 2009 6:02 PM:

How silly of me. I forgot we must never mention the failures and sociopathic behavior of blacks, no matter how well "educated" or "intelligent" they happen to be. Gates sure as hell thinks it has to do with race. You really should look into the good Professor's scholarship as well, especially the Signifying Monkey...Of course blaming the cops or "long trips" is easier.

muffler said at July 28, 2009 6:18 AM:

Paper Bag:

You have to judge each particular moment in light of the facts. Clearly your see blacks as sociopaths and failures in a broad paint brush and were decided about the situation way before it probably even happened. In this entire even the only thing I see as racist are people who use broad brush definitions to describe hundreds of millions of people and the word monkey in the same paragraph.


MlR said at July 28, 2009 4:05 PM:

I'm not white"

Believe me - I'm not a racist, like those white people.

Paper Bag Test said at July 28, 2009 4:44 PM:

--Clearly your see blacks as sociopaths and failures in a broad paint brush and were decided about the situation way before it probably even happened.--

Wow, you're quick!

PS So does Jesse Jackson:

"There is nothing more painful to me ... than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved."

D Garfinkel said at July 30, 2009 11:37 PM:

The problem with this incident is that none of us were there. And it is very easy for any of you to judge the behavior of this officer without actually hearing what happened. After all, it is just one man's word against another's. The incident inside the house was not taped. But pretend for a minute that the incident came down just as Crowley said. Crowley claims that Gates started screaming at him almost the second he saw a police officer at the door. And called him a rogue cop. And a racist. And he refused to show ID at first. To me, as Colin Powell said the other night, if Gates had simply shown his Id displaying his address instead of his Harvard ID which showed no address, the whole incident would have likely ended quickly. Frankly, I cannot even imagine behaving this way if a cop asked me for ID in my own home or anywhere else. But that's just me. Maybe I'm just a big wimp. And I am white so don't really understand what it is like to be black in America. Fair enough. But who says that every black person would have behaved like that, even if they had been racially profiled many times?
Perhaps all of you know exactly how you would have behaved if you were Gates in that situation. I guess if you were white, you would have calmly showed your ID and thanked the cop for doing his job. And if you were black, you would have felt violated and perhaps lost your temper in a big way. And, of course, many of you seem to think that if the cop saw a white person standing in the house, he wouldn't have even bothered to ask for ID, just would have assumed that the white guy couldn't possibly have been an intruder. But you don't know that as a fact.
Now, of course, it is possible that the incident didn't happen at all like Crowley said, that he simply lied and exagerrated. Perhaps Crowley called Gates the N word, and behaved badly from the start. But Gates has yet to claim this. So I have yet to hear one convincing thing to show that this was racially based at all (except that in his report Crowley said he was told that it was two black men breaking in and this was not in the 911 call. Gates didn't know anything about this report and still apparently screamed racism immmediately...I think. You mean, after the way this whole thing went down, it isn't possible he was upset and he thought he heard "black men"? Maybe he is just a racist. The point is that there is apparently no evidence that during the incident Crowley acted "racially". Ever.

Now I certainly see the argument that screaming at a cop shouldn't be grounds for arrest. Fair enough. As we sit calmly at our computers, it does seem that Crowley should have defused things by simply leaving once he finally was convinced there was no robbery, etc. Although I do have to wonder how many cops would be able to tolerate being screamed at and called a rogue and a racist, and stay calm and rational. Some I guess. So Crowley was perhaps wrong in arresting him. Police officers should control themselves. So should we all when someone screams nasty things at us. I do get that point.

But I still can't see the "racism" in all this. To be honest, Gates is the one screaming racism, while offering very little proof that makes sense to me. I must sound like a raving right wing talk show host or something but I am trying to understand what everyone is talking about.

The "teaching point" to me is that it is virtually impossible for Americans to have a rational conversation about race. Even the president screwed this one up. We have a long way to go!

So why all the racial venom about this incident? Kind of weird really.

Engineer-Poet said at July 31, 2009 8:23 AM:

The venom comes from the threat to the established order.  Gates' behavior has come dangerously close to cancelling his Race Card, and may yet do so if this issue remains live.  Once Gates can no longer flash the Race Card to Blame Anyone But Me Free, it's a very short step to the end of his career as well as those of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and thousands of diversity consultants and affirmative-action program managers.  The entire race-hustling industry may collapse.

I think the reactions over this, plus the Ricci decision, may have spelled the end of it anyway.  The WH meeting over beer is just a holding action, delaying the inevitable strategic retreat.

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