2009 July 23 Thursday
Democrats Represent Most Wealthy Districts

As representatives of the upper class some Congressional Democrats feel obliged to vote against tax increases.

Friday, two freshmen representatives -- Dina Titus, from suburban Las Vegas, and Colorado's Jared Polis, representing Boulder, Vail and some of the tonier suburbs of Denver -- joined Republicans to vote against Mr. Obama's top-priority health-care overhaul when it faced a vote in their House Education and Labor Committee. One reason was a one-percentage point-surtax on couples earning between $350,000 and $500,000 -- gradually increasing to 5.4 percentage points on earnings more than $1 million -- to pay for it.

The rich have thoroughly thrown in their lots with the poor. Not only does the upper class support the importation of a large and growing Hispanic lower class but the rich have even decided to vote for the Democrats.

Of the 25 richest districts, 14 are represented by Democrats, according to Congressional Quarterly. In 1995, Democrats represented just five of those districts.

Between the growing lower class minorities, the upper class and the SWPLs the Democrats dominate demographically. The upper class seem like the least stable part of this coalition. Will the wealthy people in the Democratic Party submit meekly to marginal tax rates over 50%? If so, why?

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Steve Johnson said at July 27, 2009 1:29 AM:

1) The wealthy are higher IQ and have been more effectively propagandized by the education establishment. They both retain more of what they've been taught and have been through higher quality propaganda instruction institutions.
2) Over time more and more wealthy people owe their wealth to government. Law, media, finance, and the auto industry are all now government bureaus. Advertising is theoretically free but look at the product. There's a massive influence there somehow. What free sources of wealth are there? Technology? You mean the industry that the government has a specific program to kill any native employment?
3) The threshold for high taxes will likely go down over time to prevent new private wealth formation. Already existing wealth / sources of wealth will inevitably be dealt with in time. Most recently, Wall Street has been turned into a fully tamed animal. Still lots of money there but now everyone knows that if you're not connected you're vulnerable.

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