2009 June 13 Saturday
Obama Administration Suckers For China On Energy Tech

This is what a sucker sounds like.

BONN, Germany China wants the United States to deliver top of the line technology as part of a new global warming agreement, the chief U.S. climate negotiator said Thursday.

Jonathan Pershing, who was part of a U.S. delegation that returned this week from Beijing, said the Chinese are looking to the U.S. for ideas and technology to retool its high-carbon industry.

"They want from us technology, and we want from them action," Pershing said on the sidelines of U.N. climate talks. "There's room for agreement there."

The Chinese could already buy technology. They are only negotiating for technology with the Obama Administration because they do not want to pay for it and they think the Obamanauts are foolish enough to think that giving it away in exchange for a climate deal will yield a better result than making them pay for it. In reality China's leaders are not going to impose large costs on their economy to cut CO2 emissions. Anything they do in exchange for technology will be steps they would have taken anyway. Take for example a bigger Chinese nuclear power program. They are scaling it up already because their air has become barely breathable and their coal reserves will run out eventually.

The Chinese hold plenty of US dollar debt they could use to buy cleaner energy technology from the United States.

China is the largest U.S. creditor, holding $767.9 billion of U.S. debt as of March, according to Treasury Department figures. Japan is second with $686.7 billion. Brazil holds $126.6 billion, while Russia has $138.4 billion.

In April alone the US trade deficit with China was $16.8 billion out of a total of $29.2 billion.

The deficit with China, which often causes tensions between the two nations, widened by 7.3% to $16.8bn.

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Ginger said at June 13, 2009 10:16 PM:

OT. My response to one of Roissey's posts (where he quotes you):

"Greg has speculated that people will become more loyal to family. So the world will become more like the Middle East."

I don't see how that can be without really increasing the levels of inbreeding.

Perhaps "soft polygamy" (which would make more people in any given society more related to one another) will be enough to make members of society more family oriented, but I would think it would be more like the way sentiment is in sub-Saharan Africa rather than the Middle East. One would need more intense inbreeding (i.e. quite high consanguinity rates) to wind up like the Middle East.

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