2009 May 23 Saturday
Imperial County California 26.9% Unemployment

An LA Times story about the long term lasting harm from California's budget crisis (they claim less educational spending will decrease intellectual capital - I'm skeptical) includes a link to a flash control with California's unemployment rate by county by month since January 2007. Well, Imperial County in Calfornia's southeastern corner (right on the border with Mexico and Arizona) has an eye-popping depression-level unemployment rate of 26.9%! You might think that the recession has hit that county especially hard. But if we back up the time line to January 2007 when the overall state unemployment rate was 5.4% Imperial's unemployment rate was already 15.3%.

What might account for that disaster? Oh, I'm sure you can guess. According to Wikipedia 72.2% of the population are Hispanic and 65.7% speak Spanish. That's not a recipe for economic success in America. But it is a recipe for America's economic future and the ascendance of the Democratic Party. In 1972 62.1% of its electorate voted Republican. It dropped below 50% starting in 1992 (38.5% and the Republican Party in Imperial County is basically road kill at this point. Well, the Democrats have won a great victory there. With a large Hispanic population and 26.1% unemployment the Democrats can count on the voters of Imperial County. This is the Democratic Party's future for America. The Democratic Party reminds me of the scheming of Dagny Taggart's brother James to use political machinations to make their railroad do better in business. Problem was, his machinations contributed to the collapse of the country. His victory over other railroads had a very pyrrhic quality.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2009 May 23 09:50 AM  Immigration Economics

James Bowery said at May 23, 2009 1:02 PM:

they claim less educational spending will decrease intellectual capital

Do they take into account the damage to intellectual capital caused by schools?

The schools have been teaching that races don't differ in IQ and that IQ isn't relevant anyway. Moreover, they have been teaching that it is ok for Hispanics to be self-interested as Hispanics while it is not ok for whites to be self-interested as whites.

How much economic damage has this denial of simple racial reality, alone, done?

miles said at May 23, 2009 1:54 PM:

yup, thats exactly it Randall..............Im glad someone else sees this. The Dems might be winning the country this way, but what a screwed up, POOR country it will end up being in 40 years.

Peronsal note: In my state, illgals have been caught doing seemingly rather harmless stuff like seigning creeks with nets for cheap food that feed into our resivoirs. It seems harmless until one realizes that entire sections of these creeks get "fished out" this way, and will take years to build back up the fish stock therein. The wardens catch them and give them tickets, but how do you deal with a guy with no I.D., no money, no habla Anglais, and who ISN'T going to show up for court or pay the fine (and who probably doesn't have a checking account). They are all over the lake. We are inviting in a lot of the Salvadorian types that are 4 ft. 10 to 5 ft. 3 inches tall, and really "slow" if you know what I mean. There average IQ is probably between 80 and 85. W-T-F can these people do in a recession when not very much building is going on, and many are maintaining their own laws? "Straight-to-Welfare", thats where, and when their women get a taste of that, why would they ever leave. Its like we are manufacturing another underclass here.

If there ever really -was- an Atlantis in antiquity, I wouldn't expect Neanderthals would find much useful employment there. I further wouldn't expect Outback Abroriginals (IQ's in the high 70s) to fit into Finland or Switzerland's economy very well either. We are making a huge mess, that even SWPLS will be suprised at.

Aki_Izayoi said at May 23, 2009 3:27 PM:

Big deal, Sweden has an unofficial unemployment rate of 25%. Too many people on "sick-leave" and "early-retirement" and "labor market political activities."

Anon said at May 24, 2009 8:55 AM:

---Big deal, Sweden has an unofficial unemployment rate of 25%. Too many people on "sick-leave" and "early-retirement" and "labor market political activities."---

Yeah, what could go wrong? Idiot.

A.Prole said at May 25, 2009 3:09 AM:

Yes, AkiIzayoi is an idiot.
Until very recently Sweden was a homogenous soviety with a god quality population, with a good standard of living and civilty.
Sweden is (or was)rich enough to fund early retirement and sick leave in cases where it's justified - Isn't this a good feature of a society rather a bad feature?
- The situation in California is completely and absolutely different.

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