2009 March 30 Monday
Brazil Builds Walls Around Rio Slums

Gotta keep the undesirables from spreading out in Brazil.

RIO DE JANEIRO, March 28 (Reuters) - The government of Rio de Janeiro is building concrete walls to prevent sprawling slums from spreading farther into the picturesque hills of this world-famous tourist destination, an official said on Saturday.

Construction has begun in two favelas, or shantytowns, in the southern districts of Rio de Janeiro, a government spokeswoman told Reuters. One of the two is Morro Dona Marta, which police occupied in November to control crime and violence caused mostly by rival drug gangs.

That's one way to control urban sprawl. It illustrates how the rule of law isn't sufficient to maintain control. Physical barriers are needed.

Some people complain about Mexico as a failed state. But Brazil does Mexico a favor by being worse. Thankfully though for Brazil, El Salvador has an even bigger murder problem.

According to the latest statistics available from the UN, the murder rate in Mexico in 2006 was 10.97 per 100,000 people, with a total of 11,558 homicides that year. Assuming 6,000 people were killed in 2008 because of the drug violence compared to a conservative estimate of 1,500 in 2006, this rate would have risen to around 15 last year, all other factors being equal. Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela and Guatemala all have higher rates, according to various sources including the UN and the World Health Organization, while in Latin America the list is headed by El Salvador with, in 2006, a whopping 58 murders per 100,000 people.

But there's hope. The Broken Windows concept of law enforcement is getting tried out in Rio. Hey, get down there and see it quick before it becomes as law-abiding as Germany.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Checking car registrations in Rio de Janeiro is a thankless task.

So far this morning, transit official Roberto Barbosa has been verbally abused by drivers and chewed out by pedestrians. An entire busload of commuters screamed invectives as they rode past.

Mr. Barbosa, his colleagues, and hundreds of other city and state officials are the sharp ends of a new push to transform a city famous for its "anything goes" outlook into a metropolis where laws have meaning again.

"We Cariocas are famous and proud of our informality, but it had become illegality, too," Zuenir Ventura, a popular columnist and author, says of Rio's decline into one of the world's most crime-ridden cities. "There was no respect for public places, no respect for noise levels, no respect for traffic laws, no respect for rules of any kind."

But the police in Brazil contribute to the murder rate.

In relation to the death squads (esquadrões da morte), Alston says that these extermination groups are formed by police and others with the objective of killing, mainly for financial gain. "Such groups sometimes justify their actions as an illegal tool of 'combating crime'. In cases where the groups are being contracted for money, the contractors sometimes integrate other criminal organizations, such as traffickers or corrupt politicians who feel threatened and are looking to dominate that threat, gain advantages over the other rival group, or to take revenge."

According to the report, data from the Public Ministry of Pernambuco indicates that approximately 70% of the assassinations in Pernambuco are carried out by death squads.

"One CPI (Parliamentary Inquiry Commission) of the national congress found that the majority of extermination groups are made up of government agents (police and prison agents) and that 80% of the crimes committed by these extermination groups involve police or ex-police," it added.

America's immigration law enforcement ought to be pursued far more aggressively to remove foreign criminals from our society. I do not want America to become more like Brazil or Mexico.

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jsbolton said at April 2, 2009 4:53 PM:

good walls make good neighbors

hawcaw said at February 12, 2015 2:09 AM:

"good walls make good neighbors"-- This one is absolutely rich!!! Hilarious... Hahaha..

hawcaw said at February 12, 2015 2:12 AM:

"good walls make good neighbors"-- This one is absolutely rich!!! Hilarious... Hahaha..

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