2009 February 16 Monday
Muslim TV Network Founder Arrested For Wife Beheading

A Muslim guy who founded a Muslim TV network in the United States in order to raise the image of Muslims in the US has been arrested for beheading his estranged wife.

The estranged wife of a Muslim television executive feared for her life after filing for divorce last month from her abusive husband, her attorney said — and was then found beheaded Thursday in his upstate New York television studio.

Aasiya Z. Hassan, 37, was found dead on Thursday at the offices of Bridges TV in Orchard Park, N.Y., near Buffalo. Her husband, Muzzammil Hassan, 44, has been charged with second-degree murder.

Stereotypes exist, by and large, because they have a basis in reality.

He raised money for his TV network in Saudi Arabia.

Muzzammil Hassan, the man who started a TV operation to improve the image of Islam, and then beheaded his wife, turns out to be something of an international man of mystery. Dan Riehl has been researching his background, and discovered that, despite claims he was raising money in America, he raised money for his TV operation in Saudi Arabia.

You know that old saying: You can take the wife-beheader out of the Middle East. But you can't take the Middle East out of the wife-beheader. What is the difference between the bulk of non-Muslim domestic violence and honor killing? Phyllis Chesler outlines the unique characteristics of honor killing. See table 1 at that link.

How much of this behavior is due to Islam and how much is due to consanguineous (cousin) marriage? Either way, we are importing a culture that condones it.

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Bob Badour said at February 17, 2009 6:26 AM:
Mohammed Elmasry, of the Canadian Islamic Congress, also dismissed the problem. "I don't want the public to think that this is an Islamic issue or an immigrant issue. It is a teenager issue," he said.

Elmasry is a fucking pig. Or is that a pig fucker? I can never remember which.

What kind of disgusting pig would blame a teenage victim instead of the vermin who tortured and murdered her?

zylonet said at February 17, 2009 7:33 AM:

Another question: how much of the problem is due to differences in genetic dispositions?

Wolf-Dog said at February 17, 2009 7:38 AM:

By the year 2020, if 25 % of Europe becomes Muslim, then it is conceivable that in various Muslim enclaves in UK, France, Holland and Belgium, special autonomous Sharia Law zones will be established legally. Islamic Sharia Courts (ISC) will rule such Autonomous European Islamic Zones (AEIZ). Thus in the AEIZ regions, the ISC institutions will probably approve legal decapitations (LD). 2020 is just 11.78 years away.

As one of the commentators in this web wrote said a few days ago, "Appeasement is like feeding a crocodile, hoping that it will eat you last."

el cid said at February 17, 2009 5:27 PM:

"Another question: how much of the problem is due to differences in genetic dispositions?"

This is an interesting question. In Europe, stories are piling up about acts of brutal violence committed by Muslim immigrants. I just read about a Lebanese kid kicking in the face of a German policeman. I wonder if it is not just something in Muslim culture that causes them to do this but some genetic predisposition - perhaps linked to the scarce resources in the deserts in which their ancestors evolved? - towards vicious and explosive violence?

Dragon Horse said at February 18, 2009 12:03 PM:

We have to remember that honor killings are not particularly a Muslims phenomenon, they are a Middle Eastern and South Asian phenomenon, that exist despite religious differences. There are thousands of honor killings and honor based violent acts among Hindus, Sikhs, and Christian in from Turkey to Bangladesh...truly barbaric.

Bob Badour said at February 18, 2009 7:16 PM:

Exactly, how many Christian honor killings?

Certainly there are thousands in total because there are thousands of Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims killed in honor killings.

I agree: barbaric.

Randall Parker said at February 18, 2009 9:22 PM:

Dragon Horse,

How many Christian honor killings? I never come across reports about them.

Dragon Horse said at February 19, 2009 5:27 AM:


I'm not sure how many in total, because I've never seen it broken out by religion, but I do know that they exist because I have read about them more than once.


"Faten Habash's murder was unusual because she came from the Christian minority in the Palestinian territories. Her desire to marry a young Muslim, Samer Hamis, so infuriated her family that the couple decided to elope to Jordan.

Faten's father enlisted the family priest to stop his daughter on the grounds that, even though she was 22, all women are legally regarded as minors under the authority of their male relatives. The Palestinian authorities returned Faten to her home where she was beaten and her pelvis broken as she was either thrown from a window or jumped trying to escape. She spent six weeks in hospital. She sought protection under an ancient Bedouin formula for resolving disputes, known as Tanebeh. Abu Dahouq, a lawyer for the Dawakuk tribe, negotiated with the Habash family. "


Almost all the Christian honor killings I can think of involve Arab Christians.

I think there are many things that supersede religion. These things almost always have to do with the father or oldest brother not wanting the daughter to date or marry someone not of their faith or caste. With Hindus it is often caste. Obviously Muslims don't want their daughters marrying Christians (even if sons can marry Christian women without the woman having to convert at least the children will be Muslim by tradition). My understanding is Hindu children get the father's caste status, so a higher caste woman marrying a lower caste man is a no-no. Also just marrying someone who is not preapproved by the father is a no-no in many of these situations (such as the Egyptian girls killed in America by their father...one of them was "seeing" a Muslim boy" but the father did not believe it proper, so he shot her and her sister to death.

Dragon Horse said at February 19, 2009 5:34 AM:

Another one from Eygpt:

Christian kills a Muslim...


"Earlier on in the week I reported on the case of Mariam Atef Khilla an Egyptian Coptic Christian who had converted to Islam three years earlier and married a Muslim man. Her brother Rami Atef Khella tried to convince her unsuccessfully to divorce her Muslim husband . When she refused Rami Atef Khella broke into her Cairo apartment and sprayed his sister and her family with gun-fire.In the resulting carnage Ahmed Saleh, Mariam's husband was killed."

As I said, I don't care who does it, it is barbaric. If your daughter won't follow your rules, fine. Kick her out, but don't murder her or send your other kids to murder her. These cultures make women to be objects of male (including brothers) status and pride...they are also used as bargaining chips between families...so when the woman disobeys she makes the males of her home lose face, thereby weakening their status and potential to make alliances or gain tangible assets from another family (usually in a poverty situation this is very important)...yeah I get that, but this is not 2009BCE either.

Bob Badour said at February 19, 2009 12:15 PM:

Dragon Horse,

You left out the best part of the Faten Habash murder:

The Bedouin mediator says the Habashes have dishonoured his tribe by breaching the pledge that Faten would not be harmed. "The crime is not against the girl, the crime is against our family," said Mr Abu Dahouq.

Don't ever get ass-raped by a Bedouin, or he'll have you thrown in jail for offending his camel by getting shit on his stick.

Looking for prevalence numbers, what I find is: Even among arab christian cults, the incidence is rare enough to make the one or two incidents entirely remarkable, and of course, the neighbouring muslims milks those incidents for every drop of propaganda value.

Dragon Horse said at February 20, 2009 10:05 AM:

What is your explanation for Hindu Honor killings?

Bob Badour said at February 20, 2009 5:01 PM:

The same as it is for muslim and sikh honor killings.

Randall Parker said at February 20, 2009 6:51 PM:

Dragon Horse,

People who smoke 1 pack a day get cancer too. So smoking 3 packs a day isn't worse. This kind of logic make sense to you?

Or how about this: women commit crime too. So it isn't like being a man makes you more likely to commit crime. This kind of logic make sense to you?

Dragon Horse said at February 22, 2009 5:41 PM:


No, that logic does not.

What does make sense is that there is a preexisting cultural ideology that stretches from the Middle East to at least Bangladesh among Caucasians in those areas that historically has objectified women as a source or symbol of family honor.

Islam or whatever else is just a relatively new ideology that is used to justify such behavior. I'm not arguing that Muslims don't do this, I pointed out that they do. My point is that this behavior does not seem to be found (at least in any significance) in Western Europe, Sub-Sahara Africa (outside of Muslim related areas, who obviously had contact with Arabs or Berbers at some point) or in East or Southeast Asia...honor killings to my knowledge are not common in Muslims in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, etc). Honor killings are also (to my knowledge) common in Muslims in indigenous to Southeastern Europe (not counting Turkey).

Now, if you have a fairly continuous land area that has a firm history of inter-activity and trade, which you do between most Semitic and Indo-Aryan areas and all of those people have a fairly high (I realize that is objective) rate of such behavior and neighboring people who may or may not share the same religion do not...well...the simplest answer is this is something deeper than religion.

I know you are all in a hurry to find a new reason to hate Muslims, but some time you got to give it a rest. Muslims did not invent honor killing nor are they the only people who do it.

Randall Parker said at February 22, 2009 5:51 PM:

Dragon Horse,

You are attacking a strawman version of my position. I brought up consanguineous marriage as a possible explanation and culture too.

However, Islam is basically the codification of a desert warrior tribe leader's view of morality and culture. That desert shaped Islam. Then Islam's spread carried that desert tribe's culture and moral code even into areas geographically dissimilar. We've gotten millions of Middle Eastern Christian immigrants with few (any?) cases of murder of daughters by fathers. Why is that? I think Christianity embodies a different view of morality.

Ash said at February 23, 2009 11:57 AM:

"Honor" killings are very much a Muslim phenomenon, albeit it does happen among the Sikh & Hindus communities, the occurance is rare. Denial is not going to help the spread of such depravity and lack of respect for human life!

An “honor” killing is a structured phenomenon and cannot be linked with domestic violence or crimes of passion. The murder is generally planned by a village council of tribal men. Approval is given, how it is to be carried out, the killer is nominated, usually a younger brother and the time scale for its commission. It has the above all else, the approval and acceptance from the wider community. It is a cold blooded, first degree murder! It should now be considered a hate crime for its misogynist makeup.

In the UK, one in eight of “honor” killings have been carried out by contract killers. Thanks to multiculturalism, the misogynist laws of Sharia have been applied and some cases were afforded the “cultural defense”. For example, the so called father or murderer of Heshu Jonas- Turkish Kurd, had his sentence reduced on that ground!

In the Islamic world as the crime generally happens within the family it falls under “morals”. It is determined –and overseen by the mullahs- under Islamic Sharia where the defense of “honor” practically exonerates the murderer. The punishment is often so minimal as to render it not only meaningless but also apologetic. Islam sanctions violence against women and children thereby providing the moral basis for the general lack of respect for the basic fundamental human rights of women and children in Islamic societies.

Violence against women fall outside the orthodoxy and teachings of Christianity and the murderer, certainly would not have the support of his community!

Finally, it is cultural alright; a culture which has been incorporated into Islamic Sharia law and has spread since its inception from the ME to Pakistan to Iran and now to the Western World. As such, it would seem to be another time honored Islamic tradition!

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