2009 January 18 Sunday
Condi Rice Helped Create Latest Gaza Battle

Many have written about the latest round of missiles and fighting between Israel and the Palestinians. This time Hamas rule Gaza Strip as a result of elections which were supposed to bring the miraculous healing balm of democracy to Arabia. If you are interested in the debate about Israel and Hamas then read Ross Douthat's overview and click thru and read Noah Millman's take. But what I find most interesting of all: Condi Rice and George W. Bush helped make this latest round of fighting inevitable.

Hamas never called for the elections that put them in power. That was the brainstorm of Secretary Rice and her staff, who had apparently decided they could steer Palestinians into supporting the more-compliant Mahmoud Abbas (the current president of the Palestinian authority) and his Fatah Party through a marketing campaign that was to counter Hamas's growing popularity all while ignoring continued Israeli settlement construction, land confiscation, and cantonization of the West Bank.

State Department staffers helped finance and supervise the Fatah campaign, down to the choice of backdrop color for the podium where Mr. Abbas was to proclaim victory. An adviser working for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) explained to incredulous staffers at the Embassy in Tel Aviv how he would finance and direct elements of the campaign, leaving no US fingerprints. USAID teams, meanwhile, struggled to implement projects for which Abbas could claim credit. Once the covert political program cemented Fatah in place, the militia Washington was building for Fatah warlord-wannabee Mohammed Dahlan would destroy Hamas militarily.

Their collective confidence was unbounded. But the Palestinians didn't get the memo. Rice was reportedly blindsided when she heard the news of Hamas's victory during her 5 a.m. treadmill workout. But that did not prevent a swift response.

Blindsided. Imagine that.

Condi supported economic blockade that Israel put into place in response to Hamas. Hamas therefore started shooting rockets into Israel. If Israel hadn't done the economic blockade would Hamas have conducted attacks anyway?

I've become convinced that a variety of stupidities just have to play themselves out. In many cases people only learn the hard way - or they do not learn at all. Democracy as the Middle East's panacea? How's that working out in Lebanon? Or how about Algeria where the religious party won and so the military decided to take over and civil war ensued?

The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians doesn't have a happy ending. There's no mutually acceptable compromise. On the level of demographic war the Israelis are losing and the Palestinians therefore think they've got time on their side. Within Israel Arabs are making more babies than Jews and among the Jews the smarter Ashkenazis are making fewer babies than the Jews who came from Arab countries. So the smarter Jews are a shrinking percentage of the people within the territories and Israel proper. The Israelis need to separate themselves from the Muslim Arabs (though perhaps not the Christian Arabs).

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2009 January 18 05:30 PM  MidEast Arabs Versus Israelis

Big Bill said at January 18, 2009 6:15 PM:

It was the Israelis and neocons that were pushing democracy as a cure-all just a few years ago. Natan Sharansky was a big exponent whose book they pushed all over the world selling democracy snake oil.

Read this (halfway down) for more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natan_Sharansky

In their view all of humanity are blank slates and can be impressed -- programmed -- like some kind of ducklings with the proper democratic intervention. Silly, of course. Modern variant of the last pseudo-scientific utopian stuff they were selling just a few years ago: the New Soviet Man.

Dragon Horse said at January 19, 2009 10:25 AM:

Christian Arabs support the Palestinians...well at least Christian Palestinians do. I know a couple...


I often here right wing dingbats here talk about how Muslims are intolerant and persecute Christians (the same as Jews) blah blah blah...and that is the reason "we" should side with Israel. Reality is that "some" Muslims do persecute Christians (and Jews) but this is obviously not universal. Palestinian Christians in the West Bank (not even under attack in Gaza) typically support Palestinians over Israelis and always have and the Jews tend to treat all Israeli the same regardless of religion.

Engineer-Poet said at January 19, 2009 12:03 PM:
Condi supported economic blockade that Israel put into place in response to Hamas. Hamas therefore started shooting rockets into Israel. If Israel hadn't done the economic blockade would Hamas have conducted attacks anyway?
Hamas was sending bombers into Israel long before the blockade.  Anything less than Israel's national suicide is a "provocation" to Hamas.
I often here right wing dingbats here talk about how Muslims are intolerant and persecute Christians (the same as Jews) blah blah blah...and that is the reason "we" should side with Israel. Reality is that "some" Muslims do persecute Christians (and Jews) but this is obviously not universal.
Christians are not actively suppressed (much) if they behave as proper dhimmis*, but any proper American would recognize that as persecution even if it not being actively resisted.

* One element of dhimmitude is the prohibition on self-defense, even against unprovoked attacks from Muslims.

Dragon Horse said at January 19, 2009 4:27 PM:

Above I meant that the Israelis tend to treat all the Arabs the same (if they were not Jews who automatically got citizenship and learned Hebrew quite quickly about 50 years ago) the same, regardless of religion. Palestinian Christians treated just like Muslims. Israelis see "Arab nonJews" and that is it. Now, Orthodox Christians in Israel was treated well (from what I have heard)...the point is "Arabs" regardless of religion are considered enemies.

Big Bill said at January 19, 2009 5:31 PM:

The future of Israel is really a race between the Arabs and the breeder Jews -- the ones that have 6, 8, 10 kids each. The Ashkenazi are dying out. They kept it going for a while after the Haskala, but are dying out, population-wise. They aren't even in the running.

You want to see some nasty attitudes? Go to the liberal Jewish Israeli press and read what the secular Ashkenazim have to say about the Hasidim and other black-hat Jews.

The Askenazim hate 'em worse than the nice gentile folks in Postville, Iowa hate 'em, and for exactly the same reasons fraud crookedness, scams, insularity, contempt of all others (including liberal Jews)-- but they (and the Arabs) breed like bunny rabbits, and that is all that matters.

Don said at January 19, 2009 6:42 PM:

Dragon Horse,

You're a bit of an ignoramus aren't you? Christians, like all other minorities, are uniformly treated better by Israelis than they are treated by Muslims Arabs. As Engineer Poet says dhimmitude is the reason the Christian Arabs are pro Palestinian. They are between a rock and a hardplace and the rock is pounding on their head. Rock = Muslim Arabs.

Here's some other facts for you to mull over:

Israel has many non Jews in the highest levels of the govt and Military (=Druze).

Everyone, including Muslim and Christian Arabs, Druse, Circassians, Maronite Christians(who speak arabic but do not consider themselves Arabs and typically detest Arab Christians), Armenians and so on are citizens of Israel. How many Jewish citizens are there in Gaza? Westbank? Jordan? Egypt? Syria? US occupied Iraq? Why is that?

Since being taken over by the predominantly Muslim PLO and [certainly] Hamas- there has been a massive decline of Christians in the West Bank and Gaza, while the Christian population in Israel, including the Christian Arab population is growing pretty steadily.

If you ever get to the Old City ask any Armenian (who are substantially less dhimmified than the Christian Arabs) in private where they want to live: Israel or Palestine. 95% they will say Israel.

Do some homework first before you state blatant nonsense.

Don said at January 19, 2009 6:47 PM:

Oh forgot, you mean enemies like Arab Muslim Bedouin, who serve in the IDF right? The same Bedouin that begged the Jews [and the British] for protection when the Syrian and Egyptian fellahin [= Palestinians] where slaughtering them for sport in the early part of the last century.

Mark said at January 19, 2009 7:05 PM:

Um... aren't most ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel Ashkenazim?

From la Wik:

Israel is home to the largest Haredi population, at least 600,000-800,000 (out of 5.4 million Israeli Jews).[10] The number of Haredi Jews in Israel is rising steeply. In 1992, out of a total of 1,500,000 Orthodox Jews world wide, about 550,000 were Haredi (half of them in Israel).[11] The vast majority of Haredi Jews are Ashkenazi.

Dragon Horse said at January 21, 2009 12:16 PM:


You can keep the insults, they won't make you right and in fact they tell me you are likely wrong and attempting to reinforce your weak argument with low brow gutter language.

Can I marry a Jew in Israel as a non-Jew?

Did Israel not ban Arab parties in the last month?

Are certain groups not banned from serving in the military??

Also if you can stay on topic, I never said Jews were not mistreated or even commented on how Jews were treated in other Arab nations.

What I said was that most Palestinian Christians side with Palestinian Muslims and they feel Israeli Jews treat them no different from other Palestinians. I stand by that. Whatever your reasoning is about how brainwashed slaves Arab Christians are don't change that fact. Since I"m not away of a way to quantify "brainwashing" I'm going to ignore that.

Armenians are not Arabs. Circassians as not Arabs.

Druze some times say they are Arabs, but in my experience usually not.

PLO is fairly secular and there were/are Christians serving in their party.

The point is not who treats who better, the point is that Palestinian Muslims do not treat Christians in a monolithic manner.

I do not care how Christians are treated by Jews in Israel, really. That has nothing to do with my belief that Israel is wrong.

It is like arguing that the Basque would not be as nice to Muslims as the ethnic Spaniard so Basque should not have a right to self determination. LOL

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