2009 January 05 Monday
Profiting From The Rapture And Sustainable Disaster Survival

Thread drift on Megan McArdle's blog led me to post this as a logical response to what other posters were saying: The Rapture is a profit opportunity for those left behind.

To profit from the Rapture make sure you are not a believer. Otherwise you'll go up with the Rapture and your inheritors will reap all the profit.

I see some Rapture investment angles:

1) Do not own homes in fundamentalist neighborhoods because housing prices will drop when all those believer homes come on the market in estate sales.

2) Believer mortgages are similarly a bad investment bet.

3) Get into cash before the Rapture so you can buy up businesses and housing of departed believers that will sell for cheap in estate sales.

As for how to profit from societal collapse: I think the people who are focusing in guns and canned food are not thinking sustainably. Look, if utilities are going to collapse you ought to be thinking about a country home with solar panels and near a creek with a dam for hydroelectric power.

Think about how to sustain flows when the flows have stopped for everyone else. Now, I'm not saying pairs of 50 cals and lots of ammo aren't useful. You've got to be ready to repel direct assaults on the greenhouses you are going to sustainably grow food once TSHTF. But dogs are more sustainable for routine guard duty since you can trap rabbits and other small game to feed them and the dogs can reproduce.

Dogs are more sustainable. Dogs, solar panels, and small scale hydroelectric are what you need.

This is practical advice. If you want more disaster fare then also read Jason Bradford on survival in Mendocino County once nuclear war cuts off Middle Eastern oil. Mind you, his premise is flawed since a cut-off of Middle Eastern oil will not stop the flow of trucks to refill grocery stores in Ukiah or Willets. The amount of energy cut needed to strangle US agriculture and food distribution would need to be a lot larger than that. Precisely because we waste so much we have a large buffer of cuttable energy usage before we'd see collapse of essential infrastructure.

But disasters are good fun as numerous disaster movies demonstrate.

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In a Bunker said at January 6, 2009 6:08 AM:

"Precisely because we waste so much we have a large buffer of cuttable energy usage before we'd see collapse of essential infrastructure."

Probably true, but I'm not betting on it...This nation is 3 meals away from a meltdown. The savages that live here will go bonkers because cell phones and welfare checks are a RIGHT and if they don't get them then well, you know what will happen. People should be prepping not for the Rapture but for purely earthly shit...But that article was right, don't neglect the firearms. Most of us won't need the dual .50s, but basic stuff is good to have around.

Ray said at January 6, 2009 7:35 PM:

I'm a devout Christian myself, but I think most of my brethren miss the mark when it comes to the Rapture. The Rapture is Zyklon B or some similar method of mass execution. I suppose being killed by the gas would be preferable to the tribulations that follow, but the end of the world is not likely to be fun, and any profit gained would not last. Perhaps it would be better if all of us, believers, and non-believers, concentrated on saving western civilization? Christianity needs a reformation that will bring it into the forefront of the effort to save the west. Many Christians believe in a cartoonish religion that misses the true power behind the teachings of Jesus.

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