2008 December 21 Sunday
Roissy On Infractions Against The Male Libido

Roissy says:

Relations between the sexes and divorce rates would markedly improve if men started putting their women in the doghouse more often for infractions against the male libido.

Are there cultures where men demand better performance from women in terms of keeping up their looks?

In the comments Michael Blowhard reacts to this line:

Why *do* so many American guys picture marriage as a matter of living up to the womanís demands? Dudez: Dontí be so lame. Qualify your woman. (I think Iím using that term correctly Ö) No reason not to be nice to your woman and enjoy making her feel good. But for godís sake, make her aware that she has a duty to live up to your standards ó and to contribute to your pleasures ó too.

Good advice. Make it clear early on in a relationship that if she porks out the relationship will be finished.

Though the guys who pork out as well aren't going to be in a position to negotiate. Also, once kids are in the scene the costs of a break-up includes the impact on the kids. So she thinks if you are conscientious she's got you by the balls. I hear Mick Jagger:

Too bad she's got you by the balls
You can't get free at all
She's got your name
She's got your number
You're screamin'
Like thunder
And you can't get away from it all

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loldongs said at December 21, 2008 2:42 PM:

A post like this shows why you are blogging all the time instead of getting laid.

miles said at December 22, 2008 6:11 PM:


Child support/alimony/split assets are the reasons men are willing to take so much grief from their wives. They financially have so much invested, that if they get divorced, they will be so much poorer that they think they cannot attract a new mate even as enticing as the old one. The kids of course, whom the men naturally love, will be taken away also. The kids will however, be placed on his insurance.

Our laws have tipped the scales to the women in marriages, and thus why so many men get treated so distastefully. If men could walk out the door and get joint custody (and owe no child support because he has the kids as much as she does), split the profit from the sale of the house (which still likely gives her more money than she put in), and keep his retirement package (he earned the damned money, not her).......................guys would take much much much MUCH less tripe from their wives. In fact, when a chick put on just ten pounds, the average man out there would tell her something like "Im not liking what Im seeing, and I bet the boys at the bars wont like it either when you are single next year if you dont get it off pronto-----Do I have to hide the ice cream and potato chips?". With our laws the way they are, thats not going to happen.

A man better really --KNOW-- who he is marrying beforehand if he wants a happy life these days. The cost of a marriage going bad is just prohibitive now. Its evil and unfair as all get out. Men are the victims of all these perverse laws.

libad said at December 29, 2008 3:05 PM:

The key is to marry ectomorphic women.

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