2008 September 06 Saturday
Ron Guhname On Starr County Texas Demographics

The Inductivist finds a county in Texas that shows us a slice of America's demographic future.

Starr County, Texas: America's future: Iím in the process of putting together a U.S. county-level data set, and I ran across the most Hispanic county Iíve ever seen. Starr county, on the U.S-Mexico border in southern Texas, is 97.4% Hispanic. Looking at the county website, Starr looks like a nice enough place.

But thereís two little problems. The Census says that 90.7% speak Spanish at home. Sounds something like Mexico to me. And only 6.9% of Starrís residents have a bachelorís degree. I donít know the number, but I wouldnít be surprised to see if Mexicoís graduation rate is in the same ballpark.

To understand what this portends for the future see my posts: Texas Has Lowest High School Graduation Rates, Immigrants Do Not Improve Academically In Later Generations, Grim Demographics Of Texas And California, Perfect Storm In Demographics To Shrink American Middle Class, and Whites Become Minority In America In 2042.

What we are leaving behind: Smarter States More Livable Places.

We need to learn how to live in the Third World. Any thoughts?

Update: Half Sigma says smart people are more libertarian. So the dumbing down of America will further marginalize the libertarians. We will become less free as a result.

In a previous blog post, I analyzed data from the General Social Survey, and discovered that smarter people are more libertarian on all issues, both economic and social.

Itís the less intelligent people who are more easily swayed by the notion that if thereís a problem, than something needs to be done about it. The idea that nothing needs to be done about a problem is a more abstract idea which requires higher intelligence.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2008 September 06 11:17 AM  Immigration Societal Decay

JBS said at September 6, 2008 1:36 PM:

As I have said before, eject California from the Union and allow South Texas to secede.

On a side not, I wonder if one of the reasons the elites are oblivious to all the chaos lower class Hispanic immigration is causing is because the effects of low IQ immigration (compared to other states) are largely concentrated in California and Texas rather than the East coast beltway Axis of Evil.

The anti-illegal immigration movement only started to really take off once Hispanic immigration moved out of its traditional regional zone of the Southwest and started to spread to the rest of the country.

As immigration spreads, the backlash will be greater and hopefully we can shut the door.

m said at September 6, 2008 2:50 PM:

"Half Sigma says smart people are more libertarian."
And libertarians have been among the loudest voices promoting open borders and if that's "smart" I'd truly hate to see "stupid".

Sorry Randall,but it seems the great dumb down has already happened.

Marc said at September 7, 2008 8:51 AM:

Interestingly, Starr County residents are whiter than the average Mexican. They are around 60% European descent based on DNA studies. Other studies put the European countribtution to the Mexican gene pool at around 45%, although those Mexican states that traditionally were the largest contributors of Mexican immigrants to the U.S. were more European than average.

I think there's reason to be hopeful that Mexican-American underachievement is due more to culture than genes. Mexican-Americans (born in the U.S., I believe, not recent immigrants) have shown increases in IQ, according to Inductivist, so that they now average around 95. They ought to be beating the pants off blacks in most measures, not running neck and neck with them. Changing culture is at least possible. Changing genes, at this early stage in the game, is not.

Randall Parker said at September 7, 2008 9:34 AM:


IQ 95: What's the evidence for this?

I am skeptical because all the other measures are not good. Mexican immigrants do not improve academically over generations (and a more recent study found the same results - and I ought to have linked to it before losing the link). We also have the long time ethnically Mexican residents of New Mexico as an example of a long term presence in the US. The per capita income of New Mexico does not inspire hope.

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