2008 September 03 Wednesday
Minneapolis Bridge Repair Happening Fast

The Minneapolis Minnesota bridge which collapsed on August 1, 2007 will get repaired rapidly because of high motivation to get it fixed.

Florida Rep. John Mica, the highest-ranking Republican on the U.S. House of Representatives Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, toured the bridge reconstruction on Wednesday and hailed it as a model for federal projects.

"It normally takes at least seven to eight years to undertake an infrastructure project of this magnitude, but the new I-35 bridge was contracted to be designed and completed in 437 days," he said.

Mica said following that pattern in other projects could dramatically lower costs. "This will be our goal in the next highway bill, which is scheduled for renewal in 2009," he said.

I wonder what percentage of the money spent on bridge repair and replacement goes to staffers who do studies and conduct hearings on what ought to get fixed and how it ought to get fixed. Some people say America can't keep up its infrastructure any more. I'm not worried about our ability to afford it as much as I'm worried that the populace will just lower its standards and let things become more decayed than they ought to be. Bureaucracies can spend years planning with big staffs because people do not expect fast repairs.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2008 September 03 10:32 PM  Economics Transportation

clayton said at September 4, 2008 8:26 AM:

One thing to make note on this bridge that I will be driving on soon, very soon by the looks of it: environmental impact study and community impact. A pre existing (well formerly existing) location and the sheer trauma of the collapse got things moving in a hurry. Not that people wanted to pay for it when a 6 cent gas tax was introduced to pay for all the ailing bridges in MN. 2 have been closed or reduced to 1 lane of traffic due to the deterioration of the bridges. Oh yeah, the contractor gets a bonus for completing the bridge early, so they initially put in 20 hour days to get the thing off the ground, and have only recently scaled back the days.

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