2008 August 06 Wednesday
Muslim Holiday Replaces Labor Day In Tennessee Plant

Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies reports that a union in Tennessee has replaced Labor Day with the Muslim Eid al Fitr as a holiday.

The union at Tyson's Shelbyville, Tenn., chicken plant has negotiated a new contract that adds Eid al Fitr as a paid holiday for all employees, and drops Labor Day. A few observations: First, just complaining about illegal immigration won't do — this change was made to accommodate Somali and other Muslim (legally admitted) refugees, sought out by Tyson (and other meatpackers) as an alternative to illegal Hispanic workers.

Second, this is just another example of the conflict between mass immigration and modern society, specifically in this case, modern elites' unwillingness to require newcomers to conform to our ways, and instead conforming to theirs. And finally, the irony of a labor union dispensing with Labor Day just underlines my contention that the unspoken motto of the Left is immigration uber alles — there's no interest or constituency that the Left won't abandon if it conflicts with open borders.

Are we ruled by wimps, pussies, and fools? It sometimes seems that way. An earlier era America wouldn't have put up with this b.s.

Our problem with immigration is not just restricted to illegal immigration. Legal immigration can be just as destructive as illegal immigration. But most destructive of all: the beliefs that make this sort of nonsense possible.

It is not too late to turn back the clock. Spain is now paying some immigrants to leave.

In Spain, where legal immigrants alone make up nearly 9 percent of the population, Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero surprised many at the start of his second term this spring by directing an about-face of his administration's previously lenient immigration policies.

In June, just three years after authorizing a mass legalization of 750,000 undocumented workers, Mr. Zapatero expressed support for the EU's Return Directive – a policy that allows member states to hold undocumented migrants, including minors, for up to 18 months, and, if deported, bans them from returning.

Faced with a 10.7 percent unemployment rate, Zapatero's new labor minister has announced a plan that would pay jobless immigrants to return to their home countries.

This is not an original idea.

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M said at August 6, 2008 10:15 PM:

My aunt works in human resourses at another factory in Tennessee. She has interviewed a couple of HISPANIC women who came from the Shelbyville Tyson plant. The Somalis intimidate and sometimes beat the Mexicans there, so a lot of the Mexicans are looking for work elsewhere. They dont attempt this with the larger whites (somehow they sense that in a still predominately white country, that this is a bad idea). However, look at the behavior that we are importing?

Shelbyville used to have a proud municpal hospital that was pretty much forced out of business (bought out by a conglomerate) by the illegal Somalis and Mexicans. They'd just show up in the Emergency room, even for colds and flus--get free medicine and the usual rigamorole that accompanies state welfare/healthcare on the public dime. I wonder how much big companies like TriStar/Medline, Columbia, HCA and the like have been secretely happy that little rural hospitals ran by counties strain and end up selling out to them under the tsunami of illegals who are 'non-paying' clients?

Shelbyville Tennessee, a quaint lovely town with a river running through it, was about as lily-white a place as you would ever see in 1990. There were little factories and plentiful jobs there, and agriculture on the outskirts. Now a few plants remain, and the place is full of Mexicans and Somalis. The second generation Somalis (SUPRISE!) are either headscarf-wearing Muslims in culture and dress (you ought to see the clothes they wear!) or they "assimilate" to hip-hop norms and act as "wannabe" rap-chic poseurs. Take your pick, either way, Shelbyville loses.

The sick, sad, PATHETIC part to all of this, is (of course) that the people of Shelbyville never got to vote on any of this. They didn't get to vote on the Mexicans, the Somalis, or NAFTA. The once prospering little town isn't quite so optimsistic anymore. I wonder why?

beowulf said at August 7, 2008 12:58 AM:

I don't blame Muslims, I blame the union. What the hell kind of idiot union negotiates away a federal holiday?!? This isn't Veterans Day or Columbus Day (i.e. holidays only government employees gets off), this is a real holiday, everybody gets Labor Day off. At the very least, they could have traded Labor Day for a floating religious holiday. I'd trade Labor Day to get off for Good Friday.

Bob Badour said at August 7, 2008 7:38 AM:


The union merely reflects its members. In this case, its members -- or at least a majority of its members -- are Muslim.

Adam said at August 7, 2008 1:33 PM:

Also, a note, Eid is like the Muslim equivalent to Christmas, Labor day was a "day off" work the working man, created by the unions themselves, back when people didn't get time off (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labor_Day) from their jobs normally. In the modern world employees have far greater rights, and are more able to exercise these rights, and petition for the redress of grievances than 120 years ago when the holiday was created. The holiday no longer holds any symbolic meaning (few realize what it stands for), while Eid holds a very symbolic meaning for Muslims, just Christmas is for Christians and Chanukah is for Jews (although in the case of the latter, giving all eight days off can be very disruptive to the work cycle).

black sea said at August 7, 2008 10:50 PM:

This article, originally published in the mainstream press (Atlanta Journal and Constitution), highlights some of the profound difficulties associated with integrating immigrants and refugees from countries such as Somalia into contemporary America:


One of the more memorable quotes about Somali refugees resettled into the Atlanta area: "Do not assume they can open a door just because it has a doorknob."

This was said -- not an opponent of this resettlement -- but rather, by "Sasha Chanoff, who coordinates the classes for the International Organization for Migration."

She went on to say, in a published report:

"How does one begin to teach the relevance of time and dates and schedules? What about sensitizing people to the nuances of shopping and cooking and eating, when they won't recognize food in the supermarkets? How does one prevent children from sticking a finger into an electric socket or garbage disposal, falling down stairs, scalding themselves with a faucet or straying into the road?"


Lord Vader said at August 8, 2008 6:45 AM:

Immigrants seek aid to flee Spanish economy crisis (Reuters)


The number of immigrants seeking government aid to leave Spain has doubled in 2008 as unemployment soars following the collapse of a decade-long economic boom, official data show.

Spain's Socialist government received 2,100 requests up to July from immigrants who say they cannot afford to return home, compared with 1,184 during all of last year, and this year's funds for the subsidy scheme are exhausted.

"We've already spent our budget because there's a flood of requests during the economic crisis," said a spokeswoman for Spain's department of immigration and emigration.

Over 4 million immigrants, mostly from Latin America and eastern Europe, have flocked to Spain since around 2000 looking for work in construction and jobs like cleaning and child care.

They are among the first workers to be laid off as building firms go bankrupt and companies and households cut back staff in a country teetering on the brink of recession.

A total of 457,000 workers have lost their jobs over the last 12 months, giving Spain the highest unemployment rate in the European Union as the end of its housing boom coincides with the global credit crisis and inflation at a 13-year high.

Spain has some 5 million immigrants, about 11 percent of the population, and unemployment is rising three times faster among immigrants than in the wider workforce, increasing 69 percent in the past year to 266,458 registered jobless, government data show.

Bolivians, Argentines, Colombians and Ecuadoreans are leaving Spain in the greatest numbers, the government said.

The travel subsidy scheme, with a 1.7 million euro budget, is only one government programme to encourage immigrants to leave Spain rather than join the ranks of jobless which swelled to a 10-year high of 2.43 million in June.

The government has also said it wants to tighten requirements for family reunification to restrict immigrant flows.

More than 100,000 immigrants are expected to leave Spain from September onwards, taking advantage of a separate programme to pay jobless immigrants the equivalent of two years unemployment benefit if they go home.

The travel subsidy scheme is operated by Spanish non-profit groups and gives each immigrant between 50 and 400 euros ($77.50 and $620) to journey home, plus 400 to 1400 euros per family.

Groups such as the International Organization for Migration, the Spanish Red Cross and the Spanish Catholic Commission Association for Immigration say they have more than 2,000 immigrants on waiting lists seeking funds to return home. (Reporting by Andrew Hay; editing by Tim Pearce)

Average said at August 8, 2008 9:51 AM:

Perhaps someday these muslims could be sent back to whatever islamic nation they are from so they can celebrate Eid in their own lands.

black sea: One of the more memorable quotes about Somali refugees resettled into the Atlanta area: "Do not assume they can open a door just because it has a doorknob."

If I didn't laugh, I'd cry.

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