2008 July 27 Sunday
Obama Brother Living In Shenzhen China

Barack Obama's half-brother Mark Ndesandjo lives in Shenzhen China and helps Chinese exporters with web site design and communications.

BARACK Obama’s half-brother has been helping to promote cheap Chinese exports in a low-profile business career while the Democratic senator has been winning worldwide fame in his race for the White House.

He has gone to extraordinary lengths to avoid public attention and his family links remain unknown to most of his acquaintances in Shenzhen, a border boomtown in southern China where he has lived since 2002.

Mark Ndesandjo is the son of Barack Obama’s late father and his third wife, an American woman named Ruth Nidesand who runs the up-market Maduri kindergarten in Nairobi.

Ndesandjo disappointed Obama by not feeling African enough. But Ndesandjo is living the international life that probably gives him insights about the world Obama only pretends to have. Living in the future world superpower China gives Ndesandjo a perspective that is more relevant to the future than anything Obama can get out of a fast trip thru the Middle East and Europe. Once Obama gets into the White House maybe Ndesandjo can give him tips on China relations. Though in light of America's huge trade deficit with China Ndesandjo's work boosting China's exports are going to put him and Obama on opposition sides of disputes.

Ndesandjo has a Chinese girlfriend in her 20s. How stereotypical.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2008 July 27 04:15 PM  Politics American Presidency

catpaw said at July 27, 2008 4:53 PM:

Harvard, Kennedy, CIA. The whole family is on the payroll? Nothing like friends in the White House. That's all Obama is, a CIA hood.

Dragon Horse said at July 27, 2008 5:55 PM:

Stereotypical? LOL

His brother is half white. Any marriage he would have would be interracial would it not? LOL

Isn't he your kind of people:

"Ndesandjo, who had an elite education in the United States, collecting a degree from Brown University, a masters in physics from Stanford and an MBA from Emory". Sounds like Barack Sr. produced some bright kids.

His girlfriend may be younger but I bet she is also highly educated...I would bet money she went to Beijing University (Beida), Jiaotong, FUdan, Cinghua (Tsinghua), Shaghai International University...etc

Randall sounds like he has some "hateration" in his writing. LOL


Randall Parker said at July 27, 2008 6:50 PM:

Dragon Horse,

You did a pretty good job of misunderstanding me. Was it intentional? Probably not. You were just in a hurry to disagree.

Okay, the stereotype: The ratio of male to female in both white-East Asian and black-East Asian relationships is very high. It is especially high in black-East Asian relationships. Did you bother to click on that link? Actually the comment was a bit of a joke for those who are politically incorrect. It is only a stereotype for those who are familiar with the research on inter-racial mating or who have lived in the right areas to see the patterns.

Why would someone who has a master in physics from Stanford (as compared to a masters in some watered down ethnic studies program or sociology) not be my kind of people? Or why would someone who works in high tech on the Pac Rim not be my kind of people? I like that the guy didn't want to do the whole ethnic identity thing with Africa the way Obama did. He's sharp enough to know he can do well without using his race as a lever to get racial preferences.

You've been reading me for years. Yet you obviously do not understand how I think.

Bob Badour said at July 27, 2008 8:16 PM:

Of course not. It is so much simpler for DH to be a racist and to project his racism onto you than to actually exert any critical thought.

blah said at July 28, 2008 12:39 AM:

Hmmm. I'm sure Mr. Ndesandjo is smart. However, an MS is not usually a terminal degree in physics at Stanford -- it is usually awarded only if you
drop out of the physics PhD program. See:

http://www.stanford.edu/dept/physics/academics/XJ_grad_degree.html The department does not offer a separate program for the M.S. degree, but this degree may be awarded for a portion of the Ph.D. degree work.

He has one paper out that I can see on Google Scholar, in Physica B:

blah said at July 28, 2008 12:42 AM:

Also, Randall, while it's your blog...people like Dragon Horse just try to disrupt conversations rather than engage in them. How profitable is it to discuss issues with people who neither share your premises, nor show any intention of meeting you half way?

Dragon Horse said at July 28, 2008 7:54 AM:

Jesus, Randall you are a hyper-sensative sort, I was joking around, which is why I used the word "hateration". You take yourself way too seriously. I wrote "LOL" twice, in my initial post, for a reason..

Also I clicked on the link and I have read that article well over a year ago. I question Sailers conclusions, mainly because he is an old white male Babyboomer, who seems like he was never "cool". I was born on the tail end of Gen X, right before Gen Y, so my experience is a little different. Marriage is a higher bar than dating and I think if you could track dating patterns the rate of "interraction" between different groups would be different than what Sailer has come up with and the later the generation of the population sampled the more this would be true, especially since a majority of blacks (and an increasing number of whites) don't marry. People also wait later to marry than they used to, so his trends are more accurate for "his generation". Marriage I find to be a poor indicator of who is with who in 2008. If Sailer spent much time with folks of "my generation" who were not hyper-nerder he would see different trends. A more accurate sample would not be census marriage stats but dating surveys or better yet, race of the parents of child born. Problem with the last one is that often fathers aren't listed by single mothers and many states don't keep the race of the parents...just the child. (sigh)

As far as your joke, could it be it wasn't funny?

As far as "your type of people" I was implying just that..."he is your type of people" meaning the only type of people you seem to respect...people who have degrees from top schools in hard science fields (and nonMuslim). LOL

I see human relationships a bit more complicated than just racial, sorry. Reality is that the gap in interracial dating that you mentioned is not purley a function of "race" as it is contact and socio-economic differences. 40 years ago there were nearly no marriages between blacks and whites in AMerica and even if it was legal there would have been nearly none, because there was little social interaction. East Asians in this country tend to be more educated and live at a higher socio-economic group than blacks so you would expect less intermarriage. Most of the blacks I know who are married to Asian are military or ex-military and they are married to Koreans and Filipinos.

Really though if you go and survey blacks in Japan or China, I would bet every single black male has an Asian girlfriend (if they wanted one)...every African I met in Shanghai went to Fudan University and was dating a Chinese woman. Every black man I knew in Japan (who was not in the military) was dating a Japanese woman. Obama's brother didn't break a stereotype; he just lives in China, he is highly educated, owns a business, and that makes it highly probable he will have a Chinese girlfriend. Not exactly hard to find, especially not in Shenzhen...cosmopoitian CHinese women are way more likely to date out than a rural traditional rice field chick in some place like Henan. Out of 500 million + women, if he can't get one then he has some problem or doesn't want one.


You calling someone racist is comedy all by itself. LOL Maybe one day you will get a standup routine.

Dragon Horse said at July 28, 2008 8:02 AM:

Actually Randall...on first take I thought you were making fun of Obama's brother because he girlfriend was significantly younger than him (which is also a stereotype of Asians women dating nonAsian men) until I clicked the link and realized that you were hyping Sailer again.


I think Randall can speak for himself and defend his arguments just fine, which is the only reason I post here. If it was an echo camber (as you seem to want) what's the point? Mutual Cheer-leading? My how intellectually stimulating! (NOT!) Randall is a very intelligent guy...only issue I have is his off and on use of mental gynastics and a small pool of source material to come to his conclusions. I come here to here another side, but it is definately not the only side I pay attention to.

Garbage said at July 28, 2008 8:09 AM:

Dragon Horse,
You're an idiot. How's that for "mutual cheerleading?" Now go be a whiny black somewhere else.

Dragon Horse said at July 28, 2008 8:55 AM:

Its funny how at the slightest hint of office (although none was intended) people on here start playing the race card and making racial insults. LOL You guys sound like a bunch of left wing blacks, Hispanics, Jews...is this paleoconservatism...right wing white name calling? The "R" word came out quick as lightening...faster than Jesse Jackson can rhyme. Not very politically in-correct, well I guess it is, only in that white people are doing it. Guess it is true we become what we hate. I thought you guys were made of harder stuff...take a tip from Randall and man-up.

Randall is spot on here too...

"He's sharp enough to know he can do well without using his race as a lever to get racial preferences."

He must have learned from the example of various white (especially Southerns) over the last 230 years and thought better of it. Somehow I don't think Barack Obama woke up every morning and thought "how can I maximize all my enormous racial preferences today..." Could be wrong though. LOL

So Randall if he came to the U.S. started the same business he might get racial preference and not even know it...just because he marked "black or multiple races" on a government form and I'm pretty sure you would discount any of his achievements. He is in China and he gets no racial preference, because he is not a citizen. Minority groups (recognized by the government in CHina) do get various preferences though. I've never heard a Han Chinese Mainlanders cry over it though. Must be a genetic IQ difference, like everything else. haha


Just wanted to say...you have a fitting name, but I would have picked "trash". :-)

Bob Badour said at July 28, 2008 9:30 AM:


What's so comedic? Do you project your racism onto me too?

kurt9 said at July 28, 2008 10:01 AM:

What is obscene about this article is that Mark very clearly did not want to be identified or receive any media publicity. The fact that Mark has studiously avoided calling any attention to himself makes it clear that he wanted his privacy respected. A desire that this media hound showed zero regard for.

Steve Sailor identified Mark about 6 months ago and specifically did not publish any personal information in order to respect Mark's privacy. This article makes it clear that the media has no respect for privacy or propriety at all. This is simply another example of why anyone with any amount of decency and respect should utterly despise the mainstream media.

I have to say that I really wish it was Mark, rather than Barack, that was running for president. If Mark was the candidate, I would vote for him in a heartbeat.

Dragon Horse said at July 28, 2008 11:16 AM:


Your the only one projecting...pseudo-intellectual vomit. Yes, I will indulge your "race-fantasy" wet dream...I'm so racist, I hate everyone equally like the Drill Sergeant in Full Metal Jacket. LOL I will take that up with my white uncle, my 5 black/white cousins, my Japanese wife, and my Taiwanese American best friend. LOL Ni shi zhen fengzi, hai you bendan...zoukai he bu shuo goa shi'r. hahaha...if you have some Chinese friends who read Mandarin pinyin ask them what I said...I won't hold my breath waiting for you to sqeeze that diversity out of your crack.

I bet if I put you in a room with just my close personal aquantances and family you would sweet bullets and run out screaming...or maybe not, maybe you will smile in our face and go write your nonsense on the net...yeah the latter is most likely.


I agree the media is disrespectful...but do you really think it is an ideological thing or a media culture thing. Have you see Faux...I mean Fox News lately???


Something for you. A detailed interview Obama had with an Israeli paper last week.


Bob Badour said at July 28, 2008 3:15 PM:

Dragon Horse,

Exactly what nonsense?

Dragon Horse said at July 28, 2008 5:31 PM:

Exactly what racism? First comes first.

LOL Give it a rest Bobby.

I bet I single handedly doubled Randall's hits for today. :-)

Bob Badour said at July 28, 2008 7:11 PM:

With all due respect, Dragon Horse, your post above sounds as if you and the folks you love and respect are so filled with hatred that you suggest I should fear physical violence from you and from them.

You didn't specifically spell out what about me drives your hatred, and I do suspect my race drives at least part of your hatred. You did attribute your hatred to what you called my "nonsense on the net". If you could point to said nonsense, perhaps we could decipher what exactly I have written that drives your hatred.

Randall Parker said at July 28, 2008 7:14 PM:


I know a genius who stopped short of a Ph.D. in physics at Stanford because he lost interest. Mind you, he's unusual by a number of measures and collected a bunch of degrees in tough subjects including a Ph.D. in one of them. Not sure why Obama's brother stopped early. Could have been intellectual limitations. Could have been a decision not to pursue a physics career.

As for Dragon Horse's comments: I do not mind his disagreements or his moral posturing as much as I mind his long-windedness. Whenever he writes a several paragraph comment I read it and think he could have distilled the essence down to a paragraph. If he's smart enough to know what he's talking about he ought to be smart enough to be concise.

Dragon Horse,

Your "LOL" usage is usually dismissive and a way to disagree while posturing as knowing better than whoever you disagree with.

Single-handidly doubling my hits: Nope.


Unfortunately for America Barack can probably get elected. But a guy like Mark couldn't. Heck, I have no chance of higher office because I'm conservative but non-religious. There are combinations of beliefs that pretty much rule you out.

Bob Badour said at July 28, 2008 7:26 PM:

You actually read the long-winded ones? I don't anymore. At most, I read the first line or two and the last line or two.

Stephen said at July 28, 2008 8:59 PM:

group hug??

Stephen said at July 28, 2008 9:02 PM:

oh, but before the hug, I need to say that I find "LOL" grating.

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