2008 June 17 Tuesday
Bush Administration To Let In Bulgarians Without Visas

Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies has a blog on immigration news. It has good stuff. He reports on a dumb Bush Administration policy change to allow poor Bulgarians to vist the US without a visa.

DHS announced today that the process leading to visa-free access to the United States has been started for, I kid you not, Bulgaria. Michael Chertoff said "I look forward to the day when we greet the first visa-free travelers from Bulgaria on our soil."

I don't. First of all, we still don't have a fully implemented entry-exit system, so we don't know whether a visitor actually left when he was supposed to which means we don't know how many visa overstayers there are. A fully functioning exit-tracking system should be a prerequisite to a visa-waiver program, so that you can remove from the program any country whose people aren't leaving on time. And believe me, Bulgarians wouldn't leave; the country has a lower per capita income than Mexico or Turkey.

Mexico has a much lower per capita income than the United States and we know millions of Mexicans flood into the US illegally. Bulgarians will do the same. We have enough people already. Poor immigrants will make most of us poorer, not richer and not safer. This is a dumb policy.

Another post of his cites an example of how automation can reduce the need for low skilled and low paid workers in the restaurant industry.

Who says we need mass immigration because there's no way to automate the service sector? CNN has a piece on a restaurant in Germany where you order and pay at tabletop touch-screens and the food is delivered down spiral rails from the kitchen above. (The BBC's story is here, and the restaurant's home page is here.)

More automation will come to all industries and lift our living standards. The rate of automation will be faster if we stop letting in low skilled workers because reducing the supply of low skilled workers will drive up their wages and therefore increase the incentives for automation. Therefore our living standards will rise faster if we stop letting in 8th grade drop-outs.

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Kenelm Digby said at June 18, 2008 4:09 AM:

Bulgarians are only 'on the cusp' of being White
There seems to be a great deal of Turk/Arab blood in their national phenotype - the same goes with Albanians.
Curiously, non-Gypsy Romanians appear to be very White.

Wolf-Dog said at June 18, 2008 12:22 PM:

Kenelm Digby: The Bulgarians are NOT Turks, and they are NOT Muslims. Bulgarians feel strong affinity for the Russian culture, just like the Serbians. The Bosnians, Albanians, Kosovans, etc, who are Muslims, do view themselves as Turks from the Ottoman times, but Bulgarians do not feel any affinity for Turkey.

In any case, letting in hard working immigrants who are educable, does not hurt America. Obama said that he wants to start an "Apollo Project" for energy, but his stated amount of $15 billion per year, is simply too low. We need $100 billion per year, or at least $50 billion per year.

patman said at June 20, 2008 8:15 PM:

Actual Bulgarians (not Gypsies) are no less White than Greeks or southern Italians. I think there is quite a bit of Levantine influence on the phenotype and genes of all three groups, going back to the Neolithic.

aldi said at June 22, 2008 12:59 PM:


One of the highest intelectual capacity in Europe
Probably the best educational system in Europe /a lot of international students including English, German, etc./
Many members in the Club of the Intelectuals in Paris /if you know something about that club, mexicans probably don't/
Many people in the list of the most influential people in the world
Most of the professors in University of Sofia are among the best in their fields /proven in many publications/
The first state and empire with solid bureaucratic machine in Europe/together with the French empire/
Curiously for some, the origin of the russian culture including their alphabet comes from Bulgaria
The fastest growing economy before World War II stopped by imposing the Communism to people who are not intrinsically related to such ideas
The problems in Bulgaria started after this artificial People's republic
Unfortunately the first governments just after the fall of the communism failed which is the reason for the more difficult recovering unlike other countries /chech republic/
Sorry, but I cannot recall something that relates turkish and bulgarians - probably there isn't such thing.
The inventor of the computer comes from Bulgaria - John Atanasov
Currently difficult economic situation doesn't mean ... /many people know what/

Matt said at July 14, 2008 4:10 PM:

Most Bulgarians don't want to come to the U.S. anymore. The U.S. has gone down in quality, while the Bulgarian economy has been growing. Even poor Bulgarians would rather go to Western Europe where one can makre more money and get a better quality of life than in the U.S.
Bulgarians are much whiter than the average American - almost 50% minorities.

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