2008 January 27 Sunday
Ethnic Cleansing And Population Growth In Kenya

One month ago Kenya had an election. In some circles elections are held to be a sort of universal balm or cure for what ails a society. Terrorism? Elections will cure it. Poverty? Just need elections. Corruption? Elections will throw the bums out. Well, in reality elections sometimes tear a society apart into warring tribes.

NAKURU, Kenya Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, may seem calm, but anarchy reigns just two hours away.

In Nakuru, furious mobs rule the streets, burning homes, brutalizing people and expelling anyone not in their ethnic group, all with complete impunity.

On Saturday, hundreds of men prowled a section of the city with six-foot iron bars, poisoned swords, clubs, knives and crude circumcision tools. Boys carried gladiator-style shields and women strutted around with sharpened sticks.

The police were nowhere to be found.

The "international community" ought to consider a partition of Kenya. But partition is anathema. It is an acknowledgment that we can't all just get along. If ethnic groups aren't compatible in Iraq or Kenya, heck, they might not be compatible in Brixton or in the suburbs of Paris. So deny that one with venomous vehemence.

In large area of Kenya - including Nairobi - ethnic cleansing is turning ethnically mixed neighborhoods into ethnically pure neighborhoods. This is happening at a faster pace than what we've seen in Baghdad. Without American troops dying to prevent it the ethnic cleansing plays out much more rapidly..

Nakuru, the biggest town in the beautiful Rift Valley, is the scene of a mass migration now moving in two directions. Luos are headed west, Kikuyus are headed east, and packed buses with mattresses strapped on top pass one another in the road, with the bewildered children of the two ethnic groups staring out the windows at one another.

Some UN-organized mission could go into Kenya and move the ethnic groups away from each other with trucks.

Part of Kenya's problem is that population growth increases competition between ethnic groups for limited resources.

In only 80 years, Kenya's population has jumped from 2.9 million to 37 million. Had America grown at the same rate since 1928, when it had 120 million people, it would now have 1.56 billion citizens.

Kenya belongs to a group of some 40 countries that have extremely high population growth - rates of increase that I call "demographic armament." In a typical nation of this group, every 1,000 males aged 40 to 44 are succeeded by at least 2,500 boys aged 0 to 4. In Kenya there are 4,190 such boys.

Most of the world's population growth is occurring in countries that generate little or no new technology or science. They are firmly in the column "Part Of The Problem" and in no way in the column "Part Of The Solution". So the Problem is becoming bigger. Oh, and you might want to go see any endangered species you've ever wanted to see now because all those hungry human mouths are doing to devastate the remaining wild habitats. Good bye other species.

A Christian Science Monitor reporter says if a Democrat wins the US presidency then US policy might shift toward more support for population growth control.

If a Democratic president enters the White House about a year from now, some experts in family planning anticipate a boon for mankind: a greater effort by the United States government to restrain world population growth.

As it is, when a baby born today enters kindergarten, the number of people in the world will have grown by more than 300 million. That's on top of the 6.7 billion individuals alive today. That four-year population-growth projection is comparable to the 303 million people now living in the US the third most populous nation in the world after China and India.

I think Barack Hussein Obama would have a hard time convincing himself that Kenya's most pressing issue is birth control. He's got a big need to feel ethnically authentic and politically correct on race. So how's he going to admit that more Kenyans is a bad thing? That's like saying that more Kenyans are not a blessing and not valuable resources. Why would that be? He won't like some of the obvious answers to that question.

So could Hillary bring herself to make a serious effort at birth control in Africa? On the one hand, she can win points with her feminist supporters by supporting a woman's right to an abortion. On the other hand, if she tries really hard she opens herself up to charges of racism since birth control for the poor people of the world ends up focusing on non-white peoples. What, we need fewer non-white people? Heresy! "The inquisition, lets begin. The inquisition, look out sin."

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Bob Badour said at January 27, 2008 9:20 AM:

Instead of abortions, Hillary could focus on condoms and make it an issue to save the lives of non-whites from the HIV-Aids epidemic. If she is at all uncertain how to proceed, I am sure her hubby can give her lessons on how to slip something like that past an unwary defender.

Stewart W. said at January 27, 2008 10:44 AM:

For both B. Hussain Obama and Hillary Clinton, the solution to the problem avoids all of the pitfalls above. They simply need to bring millions of these victims out of Kenya, and into the United States. They could resettle them in Maine, the Dakotas, Montana, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Kansas. Voila! They demonstrate their supreme moral excellence, divert the media's attention away from the real problems, and give those troublesome "patriot"-types something to do at home. Besides, none of those states has an early primary, and they don't have enough delegates to make any difference anyway. Win-win!

Marc said at January 27, 2008 2:31 PM:

I don't think either Hillary or Obama would have problems promoting birth control in the developing world. It's pretty well-accepted among lefties that access to birth control is a fundamental human right. Also, falling birth rates would be a sign that such countries are developing, and developmentalism, for lack of a better word, is the reigning ideology of the day.

Ned said at January 27, 2008 3:05 PM:

In countries ranked by population growth, Kenya stands at a rather modest #23, kind of in the middle of the pack for Africa. The grand prize for #1 goes to Liberia, which has recently had its own problems. In fact, the top 36 countries are all in Africa or Asia, and you have to drop down to #47 (Belize) before you find one in the Western hemisphere (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_population_growth_rate). It is an interesting academic exercise to debate how much the explosive population growth in these countries contributes to the generally wretched conditions that exist there (poverty, disease, corruption, endless warfare, etc.), but in the end it doesn't really matter. Population growth of this magnitude cannot persist forever and eventually will be contained, principally by some combination of warfare, disease and famine. Democracy is no cure-all and may make matters worse. For example, the totalitarian government of China has been far more effective than that of democratic India in controlling population growth. And feel-good foreign aid from the industrialized nations isn't going to fix this mess. Birth control is cheap now, and even third world countries can afford it, but if the governments and leading political, religious and social figures aren't going to get behind it, it's not going to happen. Also, please don't expect the UN to do anything about it either, unless you want the UN "peace keepers" to use the locals for their prostitution rings.

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