2007 December 18 Tuesday
Congress Cuts Border Fence Depth

The House of Representatives follows the US Senate in scaling back the scale of the border fence getting built along parts of the US border with Mexico. Unless we apply constant pressure our elites will continue to act contrary to our best interests.

Congress last night passed a giant new spending bill that undermines current plans for a U.S.-Mexico border fence, allowing the Homeland Security Department to build a single-tier barrier rather than the two-tier version that has worked in California.

The spending bill, written by Democrats and passed 253-154 with mostly their votes, surrenders to President Bush's budget demands, meeting his spending limit with a $515 billion bill to fund most of the federal government and setting up votes to pay for the Iraq war. But Democrats reached his goal in part by slashing his defense and foreign-aid priorities to pay for added domestic spending.

The fence has to be less formidable to allow easier illegal crossings.

The 2006 Secure Fence Act specifically called for "two layers of reinforced fencing" and listed five specific sections of border where it should be installed. The new spending bill removes the two-tier requirement and the list of locations.

The fence is still getting built. Future Congresses will come under considerable pressure to upgrade and expand its length. The outcome of future elections matter for immigration law enforcement. Pay attention to what the candidates say. Make your views known.

The biggest immigration battle currently raging is in the Republican Party for nomination for the Presidency. If a hard line immigration restrictionist takes the lead in the Republican primary then Hillary will have to move rightward on immigration. So which of the Republican mediocrities wins the early primaries will help set the tone for the wider election.

It has finally dawned on Jim Gilchrist that Mike Huckabee isn't really tough on illegal immigration.

Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist says he will have to reconsider his endorsement of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee after learning the Republican presidential candidate favors allowing illegal aliens to wait only days to receive documents allowing re-entry into the U.S.

Why is Gilchrist reconsidering his support for Huckabee? Because Huckabee wants the illegals to leave in order to apply for legal work permits and to return a mere days or weeks after they leave.

HUCKABEE: Well, I don't think there's an inconsistency. When I said a pathway, I didn't say what the pathway was.

I now believe that the only thing the American people are going to accept and, frankly, the only thing that really makes sense is a pathway that sends people back to the starting point.

But this idea of the waiting years no, I don't agree with that. In fact, look, if we can get a credit card application done within hours, if we can get passports done within days, if we can transact business over the Internet any place in the world within seconds, do a background check instantaneously it's our government that has failed and is dysfunctional.

It shouldn't take years to get a work permit to come here and pick lettuce. So part of the plan that I have is that we seal the borders. You don't have amnesty and sanctuary cities. You do have a pathway that gets you back home.

But that pathway to get back here legally doesn't take years. It would take days, maybe weeks, and then people could come back in the workforce.

So this heart throb of many fundamentalist Christian Republicans wants to end the illegal alien problem by rapidly turning all the illegal aliens into legal aliens with work permits.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2007 December 18 10:10 PM  Immigration Border Control

RP said at December 18, 2007 11:42 PM:

In 1994 the Congress passed the Clinton Crime Bill containing a lot of gun restrictions that ranged from useless to draconian. The Democrats were thrown out that fall. Say what you want about HillaryCare, but in the fall of 94 I saw men handing out NRA membership apps and voter registration apps in the parking lots of half the hardware stores and Walmarts I visited. Men who hadn't voted in 20 years turned up at the polls. I don't know how much effect it had on the Senate, but the Crime Bill overturned the House. Don't ask me, ask Bill Clinton. He says the same thing. I barely heard mention of HillaryCare and I worked in health care at the time.

This isn't quite as stupid, but it's pretty close. Wait until next fall when nothing has been done about immigration and Republican challengers can say their opponents voted to scale back the border fence.

HellKaiserRyo said at December 19, 2007 12:59 AM:

What would a liberal president do about the border? I do not know, but everyone is worried about health care now.

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