2007 November 27 Tuesday
Muslim Immigrants Riot To Remind French Of Bad Immigration Policy

The French might want to have an argument or perhaps complain. But right now "It's being-hit-on-the-head lessons in here."

VILLIERS-LE-BEL, France, Nov. 27 — Dodging rocks and projectiles, the police lined the streets of this tense suburb Tuesday where angry youths have vowed to seek revenge for the deaths of two teenagers who died in a weekend collision with a police car.

Police union officials warned that the violence was escalating into urban guerrilla warfare, with shotguns aimed at officers — a rare sight in the last major outbreak of suburban unrest, in 2005.

More than 80 have been injured so far — four of them as a result of gunfire — and the rage was still simmering Tuesday afternoon. Inside the city hall of Villiers-le-Bel, a group of visiting mayors appealed for calm while police officers dodged rocks outside.

But will the natives of France learn from this lesson?

The Muslim kids have turned to rifles as weapons.

Officials in Paris last night warned that rioters in the suburb of Villiers-le-Bel were armed with hunting rifles and air rifles as clashes with police continued to escalate.

More than 70 police officers were injured on Monday night, three of them seriously, in clashes with rioters armed with molotov cocktails and firecrackers. One officer was shot in the shoulder with an air rifle.

An "ethnically diverse population" probably features Muslims from northern Africa and also black Muslims from sub-Saharan Africa.

The government's initial response to the riots was deliberately restrained for fear of fanning the unrest in the suburbs, which have an ethnically diverse population. However, the reaction appeared to change after the violence intensified on Monday night.

The French fear the riots will spread to many other French cities.

Despite the apparent lull, fears remained high that the riots might erupt once again and spread to other poor and troubled suburbs of French cities, just as they did in November 2005. There were car burnings in several cities last night and an attempted arson attack on a library in a poor district of Toulouse, in south-west France. President Nicolas Sarkozy, who was returning from a visit to China last night, will hold an emergency security meeting today.

Last time around Nicolas Sarkozy called the violent males "gangrene" but since then has failed to cure the disease.

The 2005 unrest, also sparked by the deaths of two youths, spread from a nearby suburb of Paris to other cities and continued for three weeks, during which more than 10,000 cars were set ablaze and 300 buildings firebombed.

Mr Sarkozy was heavily criticised at the time after he called for crime-ridden neighbourhoods to be "cleaned with a power hose" and described violent elements as "gangrene" and "rabble".

The demographic situation in France spells eventual disaster.

Six Socialist mayors, including the mayor of Villiers-le-Bel, launched an appeal for calm, asking for parents to keep their children indoors after dark. But they gave warning that the violence could spread.

Forty per cent of Villiers-le-Bel's population of 27,000 are under 25 and 40 per cent of them are unemployed.

Separationism is the answer.

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tommy said at November 27, 2007 6:56 PM:

Once again, this just goes to show you that these primitive people are too stupid to ever be reasoned with by white Europeans. I mean, two people riding an unlicensed motorcycle, not wearing helmets, and crashing head-first into a police cruiser sounds like something you might hear about on America's Dumbest Criminals. In France, it's an excuse for immigrants and their native-born descendants to act like savages. Third World to the First World: even when we're idiots, you're still to blame.

kurt9 said at November 27, 2007 7:15 PM:


I believe you said it best when you described as "nature's way of saying that muslim immigration is bad".

Wolf-Dog said at November 28, 2007 12:11 AM:

By 2025, these Muslim minorities in Europe will start threatening to become the majority in important parts of Europe, because already 25 % of all infants in France are Muslim, even though only 10 % of the French population is Muslim. In many other EU countries, if you take into account the new born infant Muslims, then there are similar future demographic projections.

Thus, by 2025 (or before) it is guaranteed that the current unrest will become a civil war in Europe. But at the same time, by 2025, the emerging Islamic superpower (which might include both Saudi Arabia and Iran, as well as Pakistan) will be armed thousands of nukes because they will have the technology.

On the other hand, given the fear of becoming impoverished without a future, the white majority in Europe and North America will desperately agree with any extreme measures the government can to offer, including draconian fascism. Here is an interesting article that says that in a recent survey, two thirds of the undergraduates at New York University said that they would sell and give up their right to vote next year just for one year's tuition fee. And half of these students said that they would forever give up their right to vote in exchange for one million dollars. Thus during desperate times, it is not inconceivable that civilized nations can willingly elect a dictator as during the 1930s:


black sea said at November 28, 2007 4:42 AM:

Anyone genuinely interested in this crisis should read Theodore Dalrymple's prescient essay, Barbarians at the Gates of Paris, published in 2002. As a sample from the text:

"No one should underestimate the danger that this failure poses, not only for France but also for the world. The inhabitants of the cités are exceptionally well armed. When the professional robbers among them raid a bank or an armored car delivering cash, they do so with bazookas and rocket launchers, and dress in paramilitary uniforms. From time to time, the police discover whole arsenals of Kalashnikovs in the cités. There is a vigorous informal trade between France and post-communist Eastern Europe: workshops in underground garages in the cités change the serial numbers of stolen luxury cars prior to export to the East, in exchange for sophisticated weaponry."

I suppose we've all read that in these latest riots, the police are now facing more powerful weapons than in the previouss round of violence, and the rioters are showing a more concerted effort to kill, rather than simple to battle, the police.

Anon said at November 28, 2007 9:02 AM:

Gangrenous limbs need to be amputated. It is necessary for the health of the patient. I am actually surprised that the French authorities haven't been cracking heads, dishing out beatings and shooting these savages. These people need to be removed from the West, by force if necessary, and sent back to whatever dump they come from as quickly as possible. I can say from personal experience that the police in France are the kinds of people you don't want to tangle with, or at least they used to be. Has the rot and infection of liberalism/leftism/PC and attack on whites in France (and the rest of the West and here too in the US!) spread this far? If so, this we are truly in a bad way, real bad. There have been plenty of reports of injured cops, but how about dead rioters, which I can honestly say I am hoping for and in large numbers. If these "riots" and they are not really riots, but actually unconventional warfare/urban combat, do not convince the elites and other idiots that are running the West into the ground that Africans and muslims are totally incompatible with the West and our way of life, then what will? A nuclear explosion in Paris, London, Antwerp or God forbid, NYC? Probably not even then.
Wolf-Dog talks of some kind of facist future that whites will grasp onto. If some kind of facist movement comes into existence that will ensure the survival of whites and our way of life that also expells the animals that our wrecking our societies then we had better grasp it because "democracy" (and what we have isn't democracy) is killing us, literally. "Democracy" today is simply the word that explains the process of white disenfranchisement, depopulation and destruction in our own lands. My advice to the French (and to us here in America as we have our own populations that are incompatible with any kind of normal society) is to learn a little about urban warfare and get familiar with firearms ASAP. Your enemy is and will not hesitate to use them. The Serbs knew how to deal with muslims and look what we did to them. We could learn a thing or two.

Trolim said at November 28, 2007 9:46 AM:

I can't say that I'm a fan of facism, but that will be the consequence of the muslim uprising in Europe. I don't have any special insight into European character, but:
1. The muslims just can't stop themselves from nakedly grabbing for power. They'll probably start trouble earlier than they should (for their interests).
2. The Europeans are bending over backwards perpetually, never doing quite enough for the muslims to 'get it'.
3. Muslims will exceed European tolerance someplace. How much will the Euros tolerate?
4. The reaction will be in direct proportion to how far the Europeans let things go. If multiculturalism had never been imagined, Muslims in Europe would be safe. If the reaction happened now, mass deportation of hardcore elements. If things go on for a few more years that deportation gets more comprehensive. If another generation? Death camps and totalitarian states.

That's just my projection though.

Wolf-Dog said at November 28, 2007 2:19 PM:

Anon:"These people need to be removed from the West, by force if necessary, and sent back to whatever dump they come from as quickly as possible."

A very important complication in your suggestion, is the fact that the majority of the French Muslims are already born in France, to existing French citizens, as I pointed out above. Now it will be very difficult to legislate in order to remove native people from citizenship, although I am not saying that this is impossible. It is just difficult to do that. If the situation gets very violent in 10-15 years, it is possible that each citizen will be interviewed to determine loyalty to France, and perhaps citizenship will become a renewable contract based on good behavior. This is possible. Also the voting rights will also be more "gradual" in the future, so that there will be several classes of citizens after the year 2020. I am not talking about France only, but most countries in the world.

Anon said at November 28, 2007 3:00 PM:

Calling these savages "citizens" is a misnomer as they are "citizens" in name only. They are and will forever be interlopers, parasites, an invading army or occupation troops(and you can believe certain parts of Europe and the US are occupied by hostile groups). Would they consider themselves citizens of France or America? The longer the French (and us) wait, the harder it will be. You used the word "legislate." If the French and others have to rely on that, then they and we have already lost. See my criticism of "democracy" above. Think about how many here in the US want to end the immigration madness that is wrecking America. How far has that gotten with our "legislature" and the legislative process? And as an added bonus we get to finance our own disenfranchisement.

Wolf-Dog said at November 28, 2007 3:19 PM:

"You used the word "legislate." If the French and others have to rely on that, then they and we have already lost. "

Whatever is done, will be done by legislation and with precision. Innocent people (such as secular people who managed to get assimilated in the Western culture) should not be punished. Hence an interview system (with brain scans and drug assisted polygraph interrogations) will be legislated, and those who pass this difficult computerized interview, will not have to worry about losing their citizenship. There are certainly ex-Muslim Americans and Europeans who are extremely assimilated, and these people must not be punished. The ones who fail the polygraph interview, can be trashed, and you can deport them in their case.

Anon said at November 28, 2007 4:09 PM:

"Whatever is done, will be done by legislation and with precision. Innocent people (such as secular people who managed to get assimilated in the Western culture) should not be punished. Hence an interview system (with brain scans and drug assisted polygraph interrogations) will be legislated..."

Wolf Dog,
How far do you think that is going to get with the elites, both right and left, that we have in charge of our respective nations? Spitzer wanted to give illegals driver's licenses and Hillary did to, but they have been forced to back off, thankfully. Amnesty almost passed, but it was defeated, thank God for that too. But our elites and yes, our legislature, they will be at it again and soon. How long until they sneak this shit through the back door? I leave it to you to decide how much our legislature represents the interests of whites, especially the middle and working class whites. I don't share your optimism that the process will be done in a precise manner. We could have screened the muslim lunatics out who prepetrated 9-11 without fancy technology, but that didn't happen because we didn't want to make anyone feel "unwelcome." As I said our elites both left and right want to change America into a 3rd world nation. The only leglislation I see coming out of it is making happen as quickly and easily as possible.

Engineer-Poet said at November 29, 2007 7:56 AM:

I'd like to remind people that the <blockquote> ... </blockquote> structure is one of the best ways to make clear that the enclosed text is from another author, and makes things much easier on readers.

Rob said at November 29, 2007 11:38 AM:

As I understand it, Black Africans and Arabs in regions colonized by the French thought it perfectly okay to drive out foreigners by force and terror. Surely they can have no objections to being driven out of France?

How well-armed are the white French?

Anon said at November 29, 2007 12:33 PM:

How well-armed are the white French? Don't know. Probably not as well as the average American or Finn is, or could be especially in a state not run by liberals. I am pretty sure that they can get shotguns and hunting rifles though, but I imagine the "licensing" process is difficult. Oddly enough I think the French can get silencers pretty cheaply and without much of a hassle, because many in the country don't want to hear gunshots during hunting season. A hunting rifle in a good caliber with a silencer can be put to good use when hunting 2 legged targets. Snipers have an effect far beyond the actual number of people the wound or kill.
For self-defense and riots, it is hard to beat a shotgun for close encounters. But the rioting muslims and Africans have military grade weaponry like AKs and the like. Used intelligently, a bunch of motivated Gauls with shotguns and hunting rifles could more than hold their own against a bunch of savages, even in an urban area. I don't know what the criminal underground is like in France, but if muslims and Africans can buy AKs from arms trafficers, I'd imagine Frenchmen could as well, after all the sellers want to make money, unless those AKs are being brought specifically in for muslim/black use as part of a plan. If any French people haven't approached their local illegal arms dealer, now might be the time before all the good stuff gets snapped up and prices go through the roof.

L said at November 29, 2007 1:22 PM:

The plan is to allow tens of millions of illegal immigrants in, cause and uprising with them, and then take away civil liberties and firearm rights and disarm the citizenry to impose a dictatorship (though it will not be called a dictatorship). It looks like a setup to me.

Wolf-Dog said at November 29, 2007 10:10 PM:
"The plan is to allow tens of millions of illegal immigrants in, cause and uprising with them, and then take away civil liberties and firearm rights and disarm the citizenry to impose a dictatorship (though it will not be called a dictatorship). It looks like a setup to me."

This is possible. Before the Nazis came to power, Joseph Goebbels noticed that the emerging "Bavarian Soviet Republic" (a true Bolshevik, Stalinist state within the state, inside Germany) was executing many middle class independently minded Germans in order to make Germany like the Soviet Union) was brutally gaining ground, and Goebbels successfully advertised in Germany that these German Bolsheviks were the same as the Russian Bolsheviks and that Russia was getting ready to invade Germany and do unto all Germans what these German Bolsheviks were trying to do in Bavaria. And finally the Nazis did come to power by election, not by means of a military coup. The paranoia that Russia was about to invade the weakened Germany just after World War I, and what the Bolsheviks might do to Germans, helped the Nazis to power. It was not just simple antisemitism that the Nazis used to come to power, less than 0.75 % of the German population was Jewish.

mike said at December 3, 2007 12:52 PM:

The Middle East is running out of oil, but the West isn't running out of wheat. The Muslim world is incapable of feeding itself, and depends on the West to subsidise its overpopulation.

The phrase 'bitting the hand that feeds you' comes to mind.

mike said at December 3, 2007 1:07 PM:

sorry, 'biting the hand that feeds you'.

some guy said at April 9, 2008 11:45 AM:

Hell all of you filthy pig eating sons of whores. There is nothing your violent, wretched, disgusting, morally bankrupt minds can do against the Muslims. They will be the future rulers of all of you, and there is nothing your lust for blood of little girls can do about it. Kapeesh? Muslims are not obsessed with security like you, in the average muslim country, the push is towards technology and advancement. It is your white secular countries, that in typical fashion, feel the insatiable need to kill kill kill. The police in france got exactly what they deserved. You like to talk big, but the trailer park is as far as all of you will get. As for the serbs, serbia is weaker and more pathetically small than it ever was, all that at the hands of 4000 mujahideen volunteers against 150,000 serbs. The russians sent in 2 million in afghanistan, and it was shattered into 19 pieces, leaving afghanistan in tact. Shall I go on. Talk big, make a lot of machines, kill a lot of children, but the end result is always the same. History repeats itself, and the fall of constantinople is no different. I dare you to show this message mr. administrator.

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