2007 November 13 Tuesday
Number Of Poorest In South Africa Doubles

The end of apartheid sped up the rate of change in South Africa.

The number of South Africans living on less than $1 a day has more than doubled in a decade since shortly after the end of apartheid.

The South African Institute of Race Relations survey said 4.2m people were living on $1 a day in 2005.

This is up from 1.9m in 1996, two years after the first all-race elections.

White flight is draining South Africa of skilled managers and technical workers. Poor people who previously would have been managed by more able bosses are managed by less skilled bosses when they have a job. Crime is causing a lot of damage for those who stay. More resources get spent on security, shifting money away from more productive uses. Plus, lots of transactions aren't even attempted because the risks are too great. Want to leave home and go shopping? Well, the risks of getting robbed or beaten or killed reduce the willingness to go shopping or make sales calls or repair visits.

The criminals are so brazen that some even attack nuclear facilities.

A brazen attack by four gunmen on the Pelindaba nuclear facility has left a senior emergency officer seriously injured.

Anton Gerber, Necsa emergency services operational officer spoke to the Pretoria News from his hospital bed hours after the attack.

He was shot in the chest when the gunmen stormed the facility's emergency response control room in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Criminals stage organized assaults.

INITIAL reports that criminals had gained access to South Africa’s high-security Pelindaba nuclear facility west of Pretoria were alarming in their own right.

But today’s bombshell revelation by authorities that the incident was a planned and co-ordinated “military-style” attack aimed at seizing the institution’s computers is cause for grave concern.

Rob Wilson writes to South African newspaper The Star about direct experience with crime.

I was held up at gunpoint leaving work one evening last month and was relieved of my laptop and passport.

I am a senior executive in a professional consultancy business. Besides the personal trauma, the direct loss of foreign earnings to South Africa has been calculated as being R2-million, excluding my personal costs. This happens many times, every day.

Since the incident, three of my direct colleagues or their families have been attacked, robbed and assaulted.

In one incident, a colleague's wife had her rings bitten off her finger; in another, two elderly people were tied up with wire and beaten.

In the third, the wife was hijacked, her body found in the burnt-out car in the veld.

The leading candidate to succeed Thabo Mbeki as president is under suspicion for bribery.

Jacob Zuma, the leading contender to be South Africa’s next president, was dealt a blow when the Supreme Court cleared the way for him to be prosecuted for corruption.

Mr Zuma, the deputy leader of the ruling African National Congress (ANC), was sacked as deputy president in 2005 after his financial adviser, Schabir Schaik, was convicted of fraud and bribery in connection with an arms deal.

The current president of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki, is trying to block the corruption investigation that might reach the likely next president.

Britain's Serious Fraud Office is investigating BAE over the £75m it alone paid in "commissions", some of which made it into the pocket of the then defence minister, Joe Modise, and one of his senior advisors, Fana Hlongwane, who is believed to have received about £3m according to an SFO request to the South Africans for assistance.

That help has not been forthcoming. Instead, Mbeki has quashed investigations by the South African parliament, the auditor general and the director of public prosecutions into the links between senior ANC officials, the party and the arms companies.

If South Africa had contracted with Russian arms makers then the Russian government would have made sure that corruption investigations never would have started up in Russia about bribes in arms deals. Will the South African leaders learn to deal with suppliers from more corrupt societies in the future?

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Wolf-Dog said at November 14, 2007 5:44 AM:

Although it is true that the departure of the Europeans from South Africa caused a shortage of skilled and able people to run the country, we cannot blame everything on the Black Africans. When the Apartheid laws were in force, the education and training of Blacks was not encouraged by the Whites, and in fact, the whole purpose of the education system engineered for the Black South Africans was to teach them that equality with the Whites was not for them. Once Apartheid was abolished, the freedom to rule the country and also the formerly forbidden rights to start businesses was given to the Black majority, but they had very little education and training to do that.

On the other hand given the huge natural resources of South Africa, it seems that there is enough room over there both for the Blacks and the Whites, but given the human nature, there will not be any peace.

TJ said at November 14, 2007 5:51 AM:

Black South Africans(as well as whites, coloureds, asians) were better off under apartheid. Just another example of black failure. It used to be a nice place but they really fucked it up, big time and SA is now on its way to becoming a cesspool like the rest of subsaharan Africa. The press is totally ignoring this mess and the leftists and liberals that wanted to end apartheid are strangely silent. Anti-apartheid activists like that complete asshole JM Coetzee have left the country to "pursue other opportunities." I wonder why? SA is a warning to all white people of what happens when violent, savage low IQ Africans take over. Lord knows why the leftist scum that infests the US would want that here(we already have little versions of SA in New Orleans, Detroit, etc...). And dumb fucks say that there is no difference in intelligence of the races.

Wolf-Dogs said at November 14, 2007 12:18 PM:

"Black South Africans(as well as whites, coloureds, asians) were better off under apartheid. "
"we already have little versions of SA in New Orleans, Detroit, etc."

I agree that economically the Black South Africans were certainly better off under Apartheid. But despite this, as the ancient proverb says: "Even when they put the nightingale bird in a golden cage, it still says 'I want my freedom!' ". And I believe that this golden cage was not exactly the heaven that the Devil chose not to serve, in order to rule in hell (as Milton wrote).

But in any case, the Black Americans in Detroit were brought to America by Jimmy Carter's ancestors who needed cheap labor, long after the British rule ended here. When these Blacks are no longer needed, they are no longer wanted here. But one observation I have to make is that from the small sample of half a dozen European-Educated Black African students and two Black professors that I have met in the top American universities (they were not born in the United States) I speculate that the IQ of the Blacks is potentially higher than the Black Americans. In fact, some of them were surprisingly intelligent (in math and physics, at the undergraduate and doctoral level). The question is why? Perhaps if these people are educated in a better way than in their ghettos in America, perhaps they will do a lot better. It is not enough to bus them to White high schools. I have not seen just one American Black mathematics or phyiscs student (born in the U.S. )in those top schools.

dchamil said at November 14, 2007 2:55 PM:

Zimbabwe is facing starvation under Mugabe's rule, due to the expropriation of white farmers and other black incompetence. The Republic of South Africa is headed down the same road, as others have noted.

Savant said at November 16, 2007 12:42 PM:

Wolf-dog says "some of them [blacks] were surprisingly intelligent (in math and physics, at the undergraduate and doctoral level" There's nothing surprising in this. There are huge numbers of blacks more intelligent than huge numbers of whites. It's just that IN GENERAL they are on the left of the histogram - on average they're less intelligent. I dont know why everyone gets their knickers in a twist over this. I'm perfectly ok admitting that Ashkenazi Jews are more intelligent than my own white ethnic group.

Wolf-Dog said at November 16, 2007 1:06 PM:

The comparison I made above, was not between Blacks and Whites. I was comparing American-born Black students and the European (or African) born Blacks who were educated outside America.

Alex said at November 16, 2007 2:01 PM:

Yep, that's very much what Shoher says from a different perspective http://samsonblinded.org/blog/apartheid-is-politically-correct.htm

Wolf-Dog said at November 17, 2007 5:19 AM:

OK, but returning back to the case of Europe and North America, are you predicting that a new Apartheid will be declared in UK and the United States after a political turmoil in 20 years, some Black actors such as Denzel Washington or Will Smith would be forbidden to appear in future movies due to Apartheid laws?

The issue is that in UK many of the immigrants are not Blacks but considerably higher IQ Muslims who are starting a religious war, not a race war.

I am worried that we are digressing from the main topic: although this specific blog is about employment in UK, we are also covering another issue elsewhere in the same Parapundit web site: is this war a race war or a religious war? The danger is that very soon we will forget the fact that we are in a religious war and suddenly get involved in a race war between North and South.

I mentioned this before, but let me once again remind you that it was the Nazi philosopher Alfred Rosenberg who wrote in his memoirs before his execution after the Nuremberg trials, that "had Nazism started 50 years later, then due to the high non-white immigration in UK, France and US, the other western countries would have actually joined Nazi Germany." Of course, 50 years ago there were very few non-Whites in Europe and even in Germany there was no a race problem when Nazism started (at that time Alfred Rosenberg and his gang originally used race as a pretext to divert attention from their ambitions to gain power.) But now that the situation has changed and many whites feel threatened by the increased non-European population, there is a danger that this war against Islam will soon morph itself into a race war between north and south.

I would like to know your predictions about what kind of new legislation will materialize in the future... Will there be a new kind of Apartheid in the United States? After all, until the 1960s, various segregation laws existed here.

Furthermore, in the future, one man one vote type democracy might be abolished also, if the population of the non-Europeans increases. Any comments about what you see in the crystal ball in the year 2027

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