2007 October 15 Monday
People Around The World Want Less Immigration

Audacious Epigone reports on a new Pew Research Center survey on global attitudes that found out of 48 countries polled in 45 the majority favors greater restrictions on immigration.

Pew recently released the results of an interesting survey on international attitudes toward free trade, immigration, and democracy. It's worth taking a look at.

The bottom line comes in two parts: Firstly, nations overwhelmingly like being able to trade with other nations and favor free market economies over those that are centrally-planned. Pew is a trustworthy source, but in spite of this it strains credulity to see that, of the 47 nations polled, support for free trade (59%) was the very lowest in the United States.

I counted 48 in their charts. But that included the Palestinian Territories that are not exactly a country. They are not exactly part of some other country either. The Palestinian Territories, Japan, and South Korea were the 3 places that lacked a simple majority in favor of greater immigration restriction. But the rest of the world had very large majorities in favor of immigration restriction. See the second chart for the details.

These results aren't surprising. Most people prefer to live around their own kind and do not want their countries changed by large influxes that remake the demographics of a society into something alien to the existing inhabitants.

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