2007 October 09 Tuesday
More Killed In Baghdad By Private Security Company

This is not making America and American ideas more popular in Iraq.

BAGHDAD, Oct. 9 -- Two women were killed in central Baghdad on Tuesday, Iraqi police said, when private security company guards opened fire on their car after it approached a convoy the guards were protecting.

Iraqi Interior Ministry officials told The Washington Post that the security contractor was Dubai-based Unity Resources Group. The firm, founded by an Australian, is registered in Singapore and is run by several Australian nationals.

We can't win over the people in Iraq to see things the way we see things. We are in a very foreign land in a very foreign region of the world.

Meanwhile the Turks are thinking about chasing Kurdish separatists into Iraq.

ISTANBUL, Oct. 9 Turkey took a step toward a military operation in Iraq on Tuesday, as its top political and military leaders issued a statement allowing troops to cross the Iraq border to eliminate separatist Kurdish rebel camps in the northern region.

The Kurds want their own country. Who can blame them for that?

The Kurdish separatists are killing Turkish soldiers.

Mr. Erdogan is under pressure from Turkey's powerful armed forces and the opposition to take action against rebels of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) after they shot dead 13 soldiers on Sunday near the Iraqi border.

Iraq's government said that a recent security accord with Turkey was the best way for dealing with PKK attacks.

Turkish Defence Minister Vecdi Gonul said parliament would need to authorize any large-scale military operation -- a scenario most analysts say remains unlikely -- but he said such permission was not required for limited, "hot pursuit" raids.

Will the Turks gradually edge up what they do in Iraq and start with smaller hot pursuit incursions?

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2007 October 09 04:06 PM  Mideast Iraq Exit Debate

Roach said at October 11, 2007 7:28 AM:

It's a big enough problem that half-educated Spec 4s don't see the big picture and their mission and their entire unit's mission is, essentially, survive at all cost. But contractors are a problem because they don't have the bigger picture in mind. Their mission is to their client. So they brag about how no one's gotten killed under Blackwater protection, as if this proves they are not mucking up America's Iraq mission by creating dozens of pissed off Iraqis wherever they go.

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