2007 September 13 Thursday
NAFTA Mexican Trucker Program In USA To Stop

Congress has passed legislation with veto-proof margins to end the program to allow Mexican truckers to deliver goods from Mexico to destinations across America.

Both the House and Senate have passed by overwhelming margins legislation that would kill a Transportation Department trial granting access to up to 100 Mexican trucking companies. (Canadian trucks have enjoyed the run of the country since 1982.) The 75-23 Senate vote, on an amendment to a transportation funding bill by Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., came late Tuesday night. The House passed a similar measure 411-3 in May.

Ever since Bush and his allies in Congress tried to pass a huge immigration amnesty back in May and June 2007 the backlash has scared Congress critters. This lopsided vote is yet another sign that Congress was scared by the overwhelming opposition to elite desires to import a replacement population.

The excuse for opposing the program was safety but everyone knows it was about class warfare.

Only a few Mexican trucks ever made it through Texas ports of entry before Congress nixed the program, according to Tom Wade, president of the Logistics and Manufacturing Association — Port Laredo.

Teamsters and other truck drivers oppose the Mexican trucker program, saying safety concerns and competition from lower paid drivers in Mexico will hurt economy.

“It’s all a big smokescreen to protect Teamsters,” Wade said about this week’s decision to nix the program. “This was a test to go through and check safety. These guys were going to be under the microscope.”

The supporters of Mexican truckers are forgetting to mention that they want cheaper labor and hence they support bringing in Mexican truckers to displace American truckers from jobs. This battle is about labor costs and sovereignty. Does citizenship in the US provide privileges? Should citizens have property rights in their citizenship? Or should elites be able to strip any economic value out of citizenship in order to achieve short term advantages in the form of greater profits? They certainly want to do that.

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Okie Driver said at September 14, 2007 10:38 AM:

Maybe we could outsourse Wade or hire a Mexican. After all, it would be saving money and increasing efficiency, and that is the most important thing above all. I'm sure he wouldn't mind making the sacrifice for the greater economic good.

CJ said at September 29, 2007 4:09 PM:

Maybe someday we can all work at McD's!!!

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