2007 September 10 Monday
Dictatorships Beat Down Muslim Radical Groups In Middle East

Police state dictatorship, not democracy, is the way that Middle Eastern countries have suppressed their Muslim revolutionaries.

Neighborhoods like this, teaming with devout Muslims, may have been considered fertile ground for Al Qaeda's goal of building a global movement. But six years after 9/11, Osama bin Laden's group appears to have attracted few loyal followers here. In fact, the militants who once reigned in Imbaba are all but invisible.

What has happened in Egypt represents an overlooked success story in much of the Arab world. While Muslim anger toward the US and its Arab allies has soared in the post-9/11 war on terrorism, and the Iraq war has been a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda, there is little chance militant Islamists can seize power power in any of the region's established states.

But this has come at a price. The Egyptian story is one of how an effective, often brutal, security establishment has pushed militant Islamists to the fringes.

Well, if a society develops a large Muslim population with radicals who believe the literal texts of Islam then such a society either has to suppress these radicals in ways that the American Civil Liberties Union would find evil or such a society has to submit to the will of the most fundamentalist Muslims. To Western societies that are letting in substantial numbers of Muslim immigrants I ask which of these two paths are you planning to take.

Western democracies aren't up to using the tactics that worked in Egypt. Try to imagine the British government rounding up lots of young Muslim men because they all attend a mosque whose leader preaches that all non-believers should be forced to submit.

The role of government repression also can't be discounted in controlling these movements. In the 1990s, the government made thousands of arrests, sometimes rounding up men because of the mosque they prayed at or because they wore long beards. Also, there have been credible reports of torture of militants in Egyptian prisons.

The reason we in the West can get away with avoiding such tactics is that Muslims in the West are still relatively few in number. But in the longer run if Muslims in Western countries win the battle of the womb they will become so numerous that Western democracies will either cease to be liberal or cease to be democracies or both.

The chief threat the Muslims pose is demographic. They aren't going to field massive armies and march into Europe. They are too poor, technologically backward, and unorganized to pull off such a feat. No Muslim nation is going to fire off nuclear weapons in our direction because the leaders of Muslim countries are not suicidal. Leaders of Muslim nations aren't going to turn over nuclear weapons to terrorist groups for a similar reason. If the nukes ever get used and traced back to country of origin then that would become a country to evacuate as fast as you can manage.

Since the chief threat posed by Islam is demographic our top response should be to keep Muslims out of Western countries. People in the war party who oppose an end to Muslim immigration to the West are part of the problem and not part of the solution as they fancy themselves to be.

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dchamil said at September 11, 2007 1:29 AM:

Yes indeed, the way to keep from fighting them over here is to keep them out of "over here." We need a heavy dose of religious discrimination against Muslims in the matter of admission to this country. Islam is a "cloak-and-dagger" religion -- a dagger pointed at the world using the cloak of a religion.

John S Bolton said at September 12, 2007 3:08 AM:

An Islamic population is clearly not compatible with a society in which advancement of civilization can take place, yet our smartest and most educated continue to express enthusiasm over demographic Islamization, and smear as driven by racial hatred those who have doubts or warnings to express on this process. Since those who know the most are least likely to be acting from ignorance, it follows that they do anticipate the collapse into tyranny which follows demographic Islamization, but RELISH the prospect. One assumes that one has values and loyalties in common with the governments' scholars, but this needs to be continually double-checked, when among them, is high representation of 'smash the rich', destroy-successful-societies malicious types in league with Islamic expansion into the precincts of civilization.

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