2007 September 02 Sunday
Iraq War Costing At Least $4 Billion Per Week

You can bet that some of the Iraq war cost is buried in the $460 billion regular defense budget too.

President Bush is expected to ask Congress sometime in September for an additional $50 billion in Iraq outlays on top of the $147 billion in supplemental spending he proposed for Iraq and Afghanistan in February. That's separate from the $460 billion in regular defense spending for fiscal year 2008.

These current costs do not include the cost of lost lives or the medical care, nursing, and subsidized living for those who come back missing body parts.

We have no vital interest at stake in Iraq. If we leave our national interest will not be harmed. In fact, we'll be more secure, not less.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2007 September 02 03:08 PM  Mideast Iraq Costs


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