2007 August 26 Sunday
As Test Scores Fall Virginia Counties Move Against Illegal Aliens

Rapid growth of illegal alien populations is driving down school test scores in some Virginia counties.

The Fairfax County school system for the first time failed to meet academic goals under the No Child Left Behind Act, largely because many students with limited English skills struggled on reading tests that were given in response to a federal order, according to school officials and scores released yesterday.

Several other well-regarded Northern Virginia systems, including those in Alexandria and in Loudoun, Prince William and Arlington counties, also fell short of target scores on last spring's Standards of Learning tests. The number of Northern Virginia schools that did not make the grade nearly doubled, rising from 76 in 2006 to 146 this year.

The immigrant population growth has been substantial as whites head toward minority status.

Fueled by an explosion of jobs attracting immigrants to the nation's suburbs, the percentage of minorities has dramatically increased in six local counties -- including Prince William, where the share of minorities grew from 35 percent in 2000 to 48 percent in 2006, according to census estimates to be released today.

Virginia counties have begun passing laws to deny public services to illegals.

Resolutions to deny a potentially wide range of public services to illegal immigrants have thrust two northern Virginia counties into America's immigration debate. The measures passed in July in Prince William and Loudoun counties join a flurry of recent efforts by local governments across the United States that believe the federal government has not done enough to stop illegal immigration.

But while other jurisdictions have focused largely on landlords and employers who knowingly rent to and hire illegal immigrants, the Virginia resolutions take a more direct approach. The National Association of Counties says the two counties are the first it knows of to pass measures aimed at denying services.efforts.

When the people of California passed an initiative to do this a liberal-packed federal court threw out the will of the people and told them they have to be good sheeple victims. So the white flight out of California accelerated.

A Virginia state legislator wants to basically replicate the Loudon and Prince William laws as a state law.

A delegate from Prince William County said this week that he will introduce a bill that would cut off state funding to local governments that fail to check the immigration status of residents who get public assistance.

Del. Jeffrey M. Frederick (R) said the legislation would toughen a 2005 Virginia law that forbids local governments to provide some social services to illegal immigrants. He plans to call for every county, city and town to prove its compliance with the law by adopting policies similar to those proposed in Prince William and Loudoun County, which voted this summer to deny services to illegal immigrants and step up law enforcement efforts against them.

Anne Arundel County is also making anti-illegal moves.

Anne Arundel County, the latest Washington area jurisdiction to take a new and public position against illegal immigration, has announced that businesses with county contracts will be required to sign affidavits attesting that they do not employ workers who are in the country illegally.

Spotsylvania County and other Virginia counties are looking to follow suit.

SPOTSYLVANIA -- Officials in this booming county voted unanimously yesterday to find out how many people here are illegal immigrants and determine what services can be denied to undocumented residents.

"We should find out exactly what is going on in our county," said Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors Chairman Chris Yakabouski, who proposed the action.

Counties all over the United States are going to copy the actions of these Virginia counties. State and local government actions against illegal aliens boost the pressures on the Congress and the Executive branch to deport illegals and to stop more from entering illegally.

This seems like a good time to develop labor-saving devices for jobs done by low skilled manual laborers. The supply of low skilled labor is at least going to grow more slowly and might even shrink for a while.

Update: The most effective and fastest way to round up all the illegal aliens would be to get local police involved. Toward that end, attempts to get the Virginia state police to enter a federal program to be able to catch illegals for deportation could make a big difference.

An anti-illegal immigrant group is circulating a petition aimed at pressuring Virginia agencies, including the state police, to enter a controversial program with federal authorities to speed the deportation of illegal immigrants. Under the program, called 287(g), the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, trains local law enforcement to initiate deportation proceedings for criminal illegal aliens.

State and local police ought to be able to pick up illegals and turn them over to ICE for deportation.

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Ned said at August 27, 2007 6:57 AM:

Anne Arundel county is in Maryland - between Baltimore and Washington.

Hal K said at August 27, 2007 8:10 AM:

This reminds me of an article about the Alexandria, VA school system's "Talented and Gifted" (TAG) program:

"To allay parental anxieties, Superintendent Rebecca Perry has said that the students at the top of the regular classes -- i.e., the white kids who didn't get into TAG -- will help to "challenge, mentor and coach" the students struggling with the SOL material."

Labels Aren't What Kids Need

They cut back on the TAG program and now expect the kids who don't make it into the program to help with the teaching.

Anon said at August 27, 2007 10:45 AM:

From what I understand, ICE has a "habit" of releasing illegals. Illegals know the Federal gov't is toothless. If a state deports illegals, I have no doubt that would certainly cause many illegals to leave that state voluntarily. As far as I can see, there are no legal barriers to prevent a state from deporting illegals (are there?). Round them up and ship them south and then submit the bill to the Federal gov't for "services rendered" which they won't do anyway.
Building an internment camp for illegals to be held in before deportation would be useful as well. Many of these illegals are violent criminals or pedophiles and need to be held to protect American citizens from rape, assault, robbery, murder or being killed while these illegals latinos drive drunk. They will not return for a schedule hearing in court(the idea that they would is beyond idiotic, but it seems to be standard practice). An internmnet camp will also scare the hell out of anyone else thinking of hanging out in a particular state. Once word gets out down south of the border that say, Iowa plays tough, then illegals will steer clear.
As a side note, why do the families of those killed by illegals never seem to sue the state/fed gov't when when of their family members is dragged to death by a drunk illegal mexican who has a laundry list of seriosu offenses to his name? put the hurt on someone's wallet and you'll see some action. I can't believe this hasn't been done yet. The potential payout could be huge. Not to mention that this nation's traitors in "public service" across the country get what is coming to them.

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