2007 August 25 Saturday
Crime Worsens In South Africa

An article in the Christian Science Monitor observes how crime has gotten much worse in South Africa since the end of apartheid.

Unemployment is running around 25 percent.

Thus the big cities such as Johannesburg have become seedbeds for robbery and violent hijacking, making crime South Africa's biggest problem. Sometimes it is the work of individuals; sometimes the work of organized gangs. One black editor, while in no way supporting the old apartheid regime, remarks wryly: "There was no city crime or unemployment in the old days. If you were a black without a [residence] pass and a letter from your boss saying you had a job, the police would run you out of town. Today, whether you are black or white, you take your life in your hands if you walk downtown at night."

Organizations that can afford extreme security measures use them.

In Johannesburg, homes and offices lie protected behind high walls topped with electrified wire. Security cameras and steel gates are common. The building housing British Airways is guarded by dogs and security officers with automatic weapons, dressed like members of a SWAT team. At the US consulate-general, where the threat may be from terrorism, as well as local crime, even Embassy-owned cars must negotiate hydraulically operated pylons, then a caged area where security officers check with mirrors under the car and open hoods and trunks, before permitting access.

Hijackings are so frequent that some car owners have the registration numbers of their vehicles painted on the roofs of their cars so police helicopters can better trace them. Says one diplomat: "A kid who might have to work 20 years to buy a car, says, 'The heck with that, I'll just go out and hijack one.' "

Overall crime keeps going up.

South African authorities were hoping to achieve a drop in crime in the 12 months ending in March this year of between seven and 10 per cent. Instead, recent figures show that murders increased by 2.4 per cent (to 19,202), bank robberies by 118 per cent, residential robberies by 24 per cent, car hijackings by six per cent, drug-related crimes by 8.2 per cent and commercial crimes by 12.6 per cent. The number of rapes (52,617) and attempted murders (20,142) decreased.

The official statistics are probably cooked to make the crime rates look lower than they really are. This article mentions that claim below. I've also heard the same claim from a South African white who tells me that statistics releases that used to happen very quickly are now delayed for months and years. He says the statistics in question are easy to prepare and he knows how it is done.

There were no figures for the number of foreigners targeted. Opposition parties claim that the true figures may, in fact, be much higher.

"Given that 32 per cent of all crimes are not reported to the police, we know that the crime rates are unacceptable," a spokesman for the Democratic Alliance party said. He added that, with a murder rate of 40.5 per 100,000 people, the number of killings in South Africa was eight times the world average.

Cape Town has the highest murder rate in South Africa.

The murder rate in Cape Town has dropped substantially from a high four years ago and has stabilised in recent years - but the city is still the murder capital of South Africa, says a study by the City of Cape Town.

The study has revealed that at the end of 2006 the murder rate was 57.3 per 100 000 of the population, down from 84.4 per 100 000 people in the 2002/03 period.

To put that in contrast to a really safe place In 2005 North Dakota's murder rate was 1.1 per 100,000.. For the entire United States the murder rate was 5.6 per 100,000 in 2005. Though in Washington DC the murder rate was 35.4 per 100,000. Why do you suppose that is?

In Johannesburg minibus taxi cab drivers literally fight over customers. (people who steal customers are obviously thieves)

"We have been fighting for two weeks and they won't listen," said the man, his 23 years in the business showing on his tired face. "They steal our customers."

His employees mostly use wooden bats to make their point, he said, but would resort to hitmen with guns if needed.

"This is a war. In wars, everyone uses mercenaries."

In Gauteng massive roadblocks and search operations by police are reminiscent of Baghdad.

The police conducted 7750 roadblocks, 6029 cordon and search operations, 75 869 vehicle patrols and 79 881 foot patrols throughout the province in an effort to improve visibility.

Mr Cachalia said this resulted in a total of 672 168 vehicles being searched. This represents an additional 106 921 vehicles or an increase of 18.9 percent when compared to the same period in 2006, he said.

About 1.4 million people were searched, which is an increase of over 280 000 people who were searched during the same period last year.

Other conditions are decaying in South Africa.

Raw sewage flowing into Lake Chrissie is threatening to turn South Africa's largest natural freshwater body into a massive cesspool.

Environmentalists claim that for seven years, local authorities ignored their pleas to upgrade water treatment facilities; officials only took action, they say, when local revenue was affected by the closure of tourism routes such as biking trails, as a result of pollution.

But Zimbabwe is much worse.

Patients are turned away either because nurses and doctors are on strike or the nurse on duty couldn't make it to work because there was no transport from her home.

This might sound "mischievous" but a crippling fuel shortage means that there is no transport to work. In this southern Africa nation, it is understandable if workers either come to work three hours late or never turn up.

As a spin off of the economic crisis, patients are being diagnosed with various ailments and told to buy themselves medication from expensive, privately owned pharmacies beyond the reach of most Zimbabweans.

The younger generation whites are leaving.

"We used Statistics SA's mid-year population estimates, which they get from the national census and comparing the figures we estimate that around an average 800 000 white South Africans have emigrated from 1995 until 2005. We put the number at no less than 500 000 and no more than 1,2-million."

The institute first published this figure in 2006. Although media reports at the time suggested white South Africans could have been under-counted in the 2001 census, Cronje said a major shrinkage in the white population led to that conclusion.

"The major gap was shown mostly in white men aged between 25 and 35 years old. This kind of pattern is usually shown in countries where there was a war and young men were killed. We don't have anything like that, so the assumption is that emigration was the cause."

An Afrikaaner farmer immigrant to New Zealand says the bottom for South Africa lies 30 to 40 years in the future.

``Kiwis argue with me about my Afrikaans rural culture and heritage, and I tell them we are very proud of our music, our food, our conservatism, our history. ``I say to the white Kiwis: what is your culture? And they have no answers.'' He says South Africa and Zimbabwe are pretty much finished as productive economies and are only surviving on foreign aid. ``The 2010 soccer world cup will open the eyes of the world to the mess there. The foreign visitors will be robbed and ripped off in every way imaginable. Then they will realise that white South Africa was not so bad. ``When they accept (like Angola, Mozambique, Zambia) that they can't recover without the white man's help, they will start importing white advisers. But first they have to hit the bottom and that will take 30-40 years.'

The demographic outlook for South Africa is worse than the reported net out migration of whites suggests. Those whites who are leaving are both younger and more technically competent than those who stay behind. When the older white white managers, engineers, and technicians retire the next generation won't be there to take over. Even worse, racial preferences laws will make it hard for the younger generation whites to take over anyway. So the competence shortage will intensify and components of the economy that now work will cease to do so.

I am curious to know the trend of average age of workers in various professions in South Africa. My guess is average age is rising, especially among the more competent. In which occupations will the loss of competency cause the biggest disruptions to the economy? I'm thinking the legal system and police need competence the most. Without security and the ability to enforce contracts all other sectors of the economy will suffer.

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tommy said at August 25, 2007 2:09 PM:

Things are so bad in South Africa that many people run red lights at intersections for fear of being carjacked.

Irish Savant said at August 25, 2007 3:51 PM:

There are large numbers of white South Africans in ireland who are recognised for their work ethic and capabilities. They tell me that anyone who could would leave, but it's not feasible for most to liquidate their assets. So the result is that - as the post suggests - the younger generation are leaving. This will take many years to take full effect, but all my informants say it will be in 10 to 15 years, not 30 to 40.

Big Bill said at August 26, 2007 2:22 AM:

Self-defense has reached new heights in South Africa. Some years ago, I saw a news article about car flamethrowers that let you "light up" hijackers. Now that South Africa has decided to disarm white folks -- probably as first step to exterminating them -- these are about as extreme as they can get. Check this video out:


Also, remember the South African white women who came up with the vagina dentata? It hit the news 2-3 years ago. A sheath that can be placed in their vagina and will snap shut on the penis of any interloper. Only a hospital can take it off. Here is their home page: http://www.rapestop.net/

Imagine how degraded a life the poor white people live when the answer to exterminationist impulses on the part of the Bantu is not to get a gun, but to make these passive agressive efforts to stop crime. If you are hauled downtown for any reason, let along killing someone, you will be raped (male or female) in your group cell for hours, perhaps days, before you can be released. Always keep your papers with you, and always have the name of a good attorney with connections.

The Bantu are losing all respect and fear for white folks the way the Nazis lost their respect and fear for Jews in the 1930s after the anti-Jewish laws were passed. After a decade or two of creeping degradation, white folks in SA will be looked on with nothing but disgust, much like the NAzis looked on Jews, until it will finally seem like nothing more than common sense to butcher them.

Black Sea said at August 26, 2007 4:31 AM:

Considering the deplorable conditions in S. Africa, I was shocked to read the other day that it is the 7th most popular destination for Britains emigrating from the UK. According to this article in the Telegraph: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/global/main.jhtml?xml=/global/2007/08/23/noindex/nemigrate123.xml
S. Africa lies between New Zealand and France in terms of popularity for UK emigrants. All I can say is things must be REALLY bad in the UK for anyone even to consider relocating to S. Africa.

Dragon Horse said at August 26, 2007 3:54 PM:

homicide rates in Jamaica hovers around between 30 to 40 murders per 100,000 population, where the African American homicide rate was about 20 per 1,000 at the same time period.

Since Randall wants to compare Washington DC to N.Dakota because of blacks.

I figure I should include other black population or the black American average, Washington D.C. is not the norm it is far above average, but still high I admit

HellKaiserRyo said at August 26, 2007 9:40 PM:

Is the crime the result of class warfare against the haves and have nots? Or is it simply blacks against whites with little regard for socioeconomic status?

Ned said at August 27, 2007 6:59 AM:

According to NationMaster, South Africa has the second highest rate of murder in the world - second only to Columbia (http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/cri_mur_percap-crime-murders-per-capita).

karl brown said at September 4, 2007 5:02 AM:

Its sad how things are in south africa!! i come from england and wait for the day my wife who is South African agrees that our kids should not grow up in a place that has no respect for human life and dignity! and a government who says that crime is the whites still trying to be racist and cling on to the good old days!! the metro police are no more than crinimal traffic wardens who disregard the law they are payed to up hold! the SAPS not much better but i have seen a few good ones trying to do a good job!the Home Affirs is just a piss take were Affirmitive action has done really well in putting the right qualified pepole in postions of public service!! but then this is Africa! and you only have to look at the rest of Africa to see that south africa has to burn and go thourgh the motions of killing and rape before it can even think of getting better!!! strange thing is when it does go up in smoke! it will be the whites who will probably be asked to come and restore peace and democracy just like the rest of Africa

Roger said at June 11, 2008 1:52 AM:

"The official statistics are probably cooked to make the crime rates look lower than they really are. This article mentions that claim below. I've also heard the same claim from a South African white who tells me that statistics releases that used to happen very quickly are now delayed for months and years. He says the statistics in question are easy to prepare and he knows how it is done."

Okay let's get some balance here. Given that South Africa records hordes of meaningless, trivial offences in comparison to it's peers such as Colombia, it's likely that crime, in fact, is EXTREMELY well reported.

As for the claims by the South African that he knows the stats are cooked and how - he's lying.

Roger said at June 11, 2008 1:54 AM:

Violence has also decreased markedly since 1994.

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