2007 June 29 Friday
Terrorist Car Bombs Foiled In London

Muslims in Britain are kind enough to remind us once again why we should abolish Muslim immigration to the West.

Police have confirmed they are now investigating the discovery of two car bombs in the West End of London.

Police said the second device had been found in a Mercedes hours after the car was given a parking ticket in Cockspur Street and towed to Park Lane.

Another Mercedes, with a bomb made up of 60 litres of petrol, gas cylinders and nails, had been found outside a nightclub in Haymarket at 0130 BST.

As demonstrated recently with their horrible proposal on immigration reform, America's Imperial Senate does not place much importance on border security or on controlling who gets to live in America. But if we do not want to live in Jihadist front line battle cities like London has become we need to force the Imperial Senators to stop pretending that all the peoples of the world would make good American citizens.

Can you say Jihad?

The discovery of two bombs, doubling the available forensic evidence available to the police, strengthened speculation among counterterrorism experts that the devices based on a simple technology but capable of causing great harm were the work of a cell with links to jihadist groups keen to signal their continued commitment to extremism.

Separationism is the answer. France shows on a smaller scale what we could do: Pay Muslims to go back where they came from. Go home. Yes, pay Muslims to leave.. Of course, the illegal immigrants ought to get rounded up and booted out with no pay. But legal resident and citizen Muslims could be offered buy-outs like corporations do when downsizing.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2007 June 29 09:59 PM  Immigration Terrorism

John S Bolton said at June 29, 2007 11:50 PM:

Is that 'Imperial Senators' as in one law for all the world,
'In order that all the world should be taxed'?
Re-emigrants would need a medical insurance policy, to go on their own. Policy could exploit the extended family loyalties of the moslem immigrants, and their hugely higher crime rates in some countries, by taking time off a sentence for each relative brought out with an
amnestied criminal.
All of this requires considerable discrimination, of the exact kind which is anathema to the liberal project,
and such that one can tell from this that anti-discrimination, taken as value above freedom-from-aggression, really serves as a cover for the valuing of freedom-for-aggression.
The government is to provide justice to citizens ,not a necessarily lie-infested anti-discrimination regime for all the world.

Wolf-Dog said at June 30, 2007 3:55 AM:

Randall Parker: It's too late to pay the Muslims to leave. In the future the Al Qaeda will get thousands of weapons of mass destruction, and will demand unconditional surrender from Europe. Once 1,000 hydrogen bombs are assembled component-wise in all the major towns and villages in Europe in the year 2025, then Europe will surrender. Very soon, Pakistan's secular government will fall, and the pro-Western Saudi monarchy will also fall. Ultimately the Islamic block will get hundreds of nukes and genetically engineered viruses, and Europe will surrender. The question is: what will America do? Thinking that trying to make the Muslims leave by means of financial incentives, will be as inefficient as thinking that invading Iraq would be successful in the long run.

Kenelm Digby said at June 30, 2007 6:36 AM:

At the risk of being a bore, I will repeat (ad nauseam) my considered opinion on this subject - which when held up to scrutiny actually resembles real-life better than any other proposition I've come across.

"The elites of the White (for now at any rate) western nations would much sooner pay for indigenous Whites to go away, and keep the Pakistanis".

This no joke or paranoid exaggeration - it's deadly earnest.

John S Bolton said at June 30, 2007 9:22 AM:

Although there is anti-caucasianism aplenty among such elements,
power-greed is enormously more important a motivation for them.
Courting disasters is an efficient way of accumulating power.
Islamic terrorists prefer untraceable low-tech approaches for a reason.

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