2007 June 27 Wednesday
Call For Web-Based Proto-Campaigns Against Amnesty Politicians

Mickey Kaus says we need to create proto-campaigns against pro-immigration amnesty politicians to scare them to switch positions (and ParaPundit adds that we should defeat some of them too)

What They Understand: Hot Air has a video plan of action for Republicans who want to do something more than phone or email their Senators. It's simple but could be high-impact. ...

P.S.: The ad says,

"Money seems to be the one thing our politicians understand."

That's a good shot at the pro-comprehensive business lobbyists. But actually, the prospect of political defeat is the thing politicians most understand. (The money helps them avoid the defeat.) That means the most effective thing that could be done to pressure pro-comprehensive Senators is to start organizing actual campaigns against them--primary challenges, but also general election challenges to Republicans from anti-comprehensive Dems, and vice-versa. It's easy to organize on the Web, and by organizing now you might get your Senator to change his or her vote. Once the vote is cast it's too late. ...

P.P.S.: According to WaPo, Sen. Lindsey Graham now insists he won't vote for an immigration bill that doesn't add a (phony) "touchback" provision forcing illegals to leave the country briefly in order to get their Z visas.** This is a hilariously fresh get-tough posture for Graham, whose precious Grand Bargain somehow failed to include this essential element. But it's also a sign of fear. What's he scared of? Maybe this. ...

Update: Mark Krikorian suggested I'm skeptical of the Hot Air plan (to demand refunds of RNC contributions). I'm not. It's a good idea. It's legitimate--but it could really screw them up! I just think the politician's ur-fear--fear of losing office--could also be triggered quickly by relatively easy, Web-based proto-campaigns. If Graham's worried, others can be made to worry. ...

I think Mickey is right. A search on Lindsey Graham on YouTube ought to turn up a bunch of anti-Graham amateur ads excoriating him for his position on immigration. Well, some YouTube entries for Lindsey Graham immigration look promising. MIckey points to this anti-Graham ad.

Which immigration amnesty proponents in the Imperial Senate are up for reelection in 2008? We need to start targeting them now.

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John S Bolton said at June 28, 2007 1:04 AM:

With a bill as underhanded as S1639, public attention, as shown in messages to Senators, will erode support every day that
the clay pigeon flies.

adrian said at June 28, 2007 1:59 AM:

Ted Nugent has a one page solution to the whole problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjFiHENNf9Q

Bob Badour said at June 28, 2007 6:46 AM:

The web has a permanence that could prove useful. Don't just target Senators up for re-election next year: Target all of them. And target keywords people might search for three and five years from now when researching candidates.

If one starts today, one may get enough in-bound links etc. to permanently keep the politician's own campaign pages out of the top search positions by the time they come up for re-election. Then every journalist and voter doing research will find the right message first and frame the re-election debate correctly.

Kurt9 said at June 28, 2007 9:17 AM:


The bill just died. It is unlikely to resurrected before 2009.

As you are no doubt aware, several bills such as the immigration bill have come into existance and been voted on with minimal time for public debate. This has all been within the current legislature (110). The reason for this is the fact that the democrats have maintained the senority system in congress. This means that bills are crafted in back room sessions with Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, and Henry Waxman; with little debate and public input.

You will remember that the first thing the republicans did when they took majority in both house in 1994 was to eliminate their senority system.

I believe a useful thing is to contact democratic representatives and senators (if you live in a democratic district) and urge them to reconsider and abolish their senority system. Couch the discussion in traditional democratic language such as restoring the democrats as the "party of the people", etc. A senority system where bills are crafted in back rooms is hardly the hallmark of the party that is supposed to be accoutable to the people.

tommy said at June 28, 2007 9:21 AM:

The following Republicans voted for the final cloture:


They all need to be purged.

Dragon Horse said at June 28, 2007 9:40 AM:



Its over...now we have to focus on enforcing the laws we already have on the books.

tommy said at June 28, 2007 9:54 AM:

Throw Brownback on that list also.

That makes 13 Banana Republicans. What an appropriate number.

Ned said at June 28, 2007 10:27 AM:

Brownback got religion at the last minute and voted Nay. Here's the vote summary:

Alphabetical by Senator Name
Akaka (D-HI), Yea
Alexander (R-TN), Nay
Allard (R-CO), Nay
Barrasso (R-WY), Nay
Baucus (D-MT), Nay
Bayh (D-IN), Nay
Bennett (R-UT), Yea
Biden (D-DE), Yea
Bingaman (D-NM), Nay
Bond (R-MO), Nay
Boxer (D-CA), Yea
Brown (D-OH), Nay
Brownback (R-KS), Nay
Bunning (R-KY), Nay
Burr (R-NC), Nay
Byrd (D-WV), Nay
Cantwell (D-WA), Yea
Cardin (D-MD), Yea
Carper (D-DE), Yea
Casey (D-PA), Yea
Chambliss (R-GA), Nay
Clinton (D-NY), Yea
Coburn (R-OK), Nay
Cochran (R-MS), Nay
Coleman (R-MN), Nay
Collins (R-ME), Nay
Conrad (D-ND), Yea
Corker (R-TN), Nay
Cornyn (R-TX), Nay
Craig (R-ID), Yea
Crapo (R-ID), Nay
DeMint (R-SC), Nay
Dodd (D-CT), Yea
Dole (R-NC), Nay
Domenici (R-NM), Nay
Dorgan (D-ND), Nay
Durbin (D-IL), Yea
Ensign (R-NV), Nay
Enzi (R-WY), Nay
Feingold (D-WI), Yea
Feinstein (D-CA), Yea
Graham (R-SC), Yea
Grassley (R-IA), Nay
Gregg (R-NH), Yea
Hagel (R-NE), Yea
Harkin (D-IA), Nay
Hatch (R-UT), Nay
Hutchison (R-TX), Nay
Inhofe (R-OK), Nay
Inouye (D-HI), Yea
Isakson (R-GA), Nay
Johnson (D-SD), Not Voting
Kennedy (D-MA), Yea
Kerry (D-MA), Yea
Klobuchar (D-MN), Yea
Kohl (D-WI), Yea
Kyl (R-AZ), Yea
Landrieu (D-LA), Nay
Lautenberg (D-NJ), Yea
Leahy (D-VT), Yea
Levin (D-MI), Yea
Lieberman (ID-CT), Yea
Lincoln (D-AR), Yea
Lott (R-MS), Yea
Lugar (R-IN), Yea
Martinez (R-FL), Yea
McCain (R-AZ), Yea
McCaskill (D-MO), Nay
McConnell (R-KY), Nay
Menendez (D-NJ), Yea
Mikulski (D-MD), Yea
Murkowski (R-AK), Nay
Murray (D-WA), Yea
Nelson (D-FL), Yea
Nelson (D-NE), Nay
Obama (D-IL), Yea
Pryor (D-AR), Nay
Reed (D-RI), Yea
Reid (D-NV), Yea
Roberts (R-KS), Nay
Rockefeller (D-WV), Nay
Salazar (D-CO), Yea
Sanders (I-VT), Nay
Schumer (D-NY), Yea
Sessions (R-AL), Nay
Shelby (R-AL), Nay
Smith (R-OR), Nay
Snowe (R-ME), Yea
Specter (R-PA), Yea
Stabenow (D-MI), Nay
Stevens (R-AK), Nay
Sununu (R-NH), Nay
Tester (D-MT), Nay
Thune (R-SD), Nay
Vitter (R-LA), Nay
Voinovich (R-OH), Nay
Warner (R-VA), Nay
Webb (D-VA), Nay
Whitehouse (D-RI), Yea
Wyden (D

tommy said at June 28, 2007 12:36 PM:

Brownback got religion at the last minute and voted Nay. Here's the vote summary

No. No. Brownback just realized the cloture was lost and switched his vote at the last minute like a weasel. He needs to be thrown out of office. A reader of Malkin suggests calling him "Senator Switchback."

political forums said at June 29, 2007 12:08 AM:

Well on the one hand, this may be an effective tactic to get more Republicans to vote against an earned path to citizenship or amnesty, whichever you prefer. On the other hand though, it will probably drive Latinos into the Democratic camp. One wonders if the border fence can proceed now that the immigration bill has been defeated.

tommy said at June 29, 2007 12:37 AM:

it will probably drive Latinos into the Democratic camp. One wonders if the border fence can proceed now that the immigration bill has been defeated.

Latinos are already overwhelmingly in the Democratic camp and have been forever.

Randall Parker said at June 29, 2007 6:21 PM:

I agree with tommy. The Republicans never had a chance to woo the Latino vote without becoming just another welfare state party.

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