2007 June 24 Sunday
Hispanics Displacing Black Workers In Georgia

Steven Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies has a new report out showing native less skilled workers in Georgia are getting driven out of the labor market by immigrants.

  • Between 2000 and 2006 the share of less-educated native-born adults (ages 18 to 64) in Georgia holding a job declined from 71 percent to 66 percent. (Less-educated is defined as having no education beyond high school.)
  • Had employment rates for natives been the same in 2006 as they were in 2000, then 186,000 more less-educated native-born adults and teenagers would have been working. The number of less-educated immigrants holding a job increased by 218,000.
  • Less-educated blacks in Georgia have seen a somewhat larger decline in employment, from 66 percent holding a job in 2000 to just 60 percent in 2006.
  • There are nearly 800,000 less-educated native-born adults in Georgia not working. There are likely between 250,000 and 350,000 less-educated illegal aliens holding jobs in the state.

Remember when market advocates used to argue that a rising tide lifts all boats? They can't pretend to make that argument any more. Fewer natives are working and while living standards for the upper classes rose rapidly the wages for those at the bottom stopped rising.

  • Wages and salary for less-educated adults in Georgia have stagnated. Over the entire six-year time period of the study, real annual wages for less-educated adults grew by just 1 percent. If there was a labor shortage, wages should be rising fast.

Think about what that means. Fewer work. Those who work do not get paid any more. So the total number of dollars flowing to lower skilled blacks has declined. A rising tide of Hispanic immigrants sinks black boats.

  • Native-born teenagers (15 to 17 years of age) have also seen a dramatic decline in employment. Between 2000 and 2006 the share of native-born teenagers holding a job declined from 22 percent to 11 percent in the state.
  • There are about 300,000 native-born teenagers not working in Georgia.
  • Immigrants (legal and illegal) increased their share of all less-educated workers in Georgia, from 7 percent in 2000 to 19 percent by 2006. Other research indicates that at least half of this growth was from illegal immigrants.

These results demonstrate just how unfair and foolish our elites are to let in so many lower IQ immigrants who will do manual labor for cheap. The predominately black workers who are getting out-competed by Mexicans and El Salvadorans do not have some other place to run to. The Hispanic illegal alien deluge is speading across the Old South. Blacks are already pouring out of California back to the Old South. Where are the blacks supposed to go next?

Also, as my grandmother used to say "Idle hands are the devil's workshop". Our foolish immigration policy is producing a growing legion of idle hands.

The people in Georgia had best start approving bonds to build more prisons. The Hispanics (especially starting in the second generation) commit crimes at 2 to 3 times the white crime rate. Plus, idle blacks will commit more crimes. You people in Georgia need to protect yourselves from at least some of the problems that our traitorous elites have inflicted upon us.

What else you should do and rather more quickly: Contact your Senators and tell them you are opposed to immigration amnesty.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2007 June 24 12:47 PM  Immigration Labor Market

fwood1 said at June 24, 2007 3:03 PM:

"Blacks are already pouring out of California back to the Old South. Where are the blacks supposed to go next?"
Has there really been a noticeable gain in the black population of Southern states, or are blacks dispersing throughout the country? Could the decline in black birth rates help mask the effect of population transfers?

John S Bolton said at June 25, 2007 12:06 AM:

A more general explanation would be the decline in teenage
labor force participation, being
concentrated in disadvantaged minority populations.
The WSJ of June 18 07, p.A2, gives data on this trend which tracks the surges of
low-quality immigration associated with amnesties
and executive branch civil disobedience, regarding
immigration law enforcement.
The growth in employment of illegals has got accomodated
largely by displacing teenagers from the workforce.
This is why neither unions nor minimum wages can
be superior to immigration restriction;
the teenagers need to come in well under adult wages,
to get their chance, most often.

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