2007 June 23 Saturday
Immigration Bill Not Tough On Law Enforcement

Senator Jeff Sessions (R AL) says the Senate immigration amnesty bill (now S.1639) will not decrease illegal immigration by much even with the $4.4 billion in funding for what is supposed to be increased immigration enforcement.

WASHINGTON— U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) made the following comments regarding the $4.4 billion included in the immigration bill Sen. Reid reintroduced yesterday:

“If we assume that the Administration and the bill’s drafters were serious about their commitment to enforcement, the recent promises of guaranteed funding are unnecessary.

“The only significance of the promised funding is to effectively say ‘we’re going to fund what we already promised to fund.’ The $4.4 billion will not build additional miles of fencing, provide any new technology, hire additional agents or acquire more detention beds than already promised by the President and included in the bill’s provisions that trigger amnesty.

“Let me emphasize that this money will do nothing more than fund the enforcement trigger in the bill, which was already a solemn promise to the American people. The real problem is that the enforcement trigger does not go far enough. It will not adequately secure the border or restore the rule of law.

“The trigger remains very weak. It does not ensure – and the mandatory spending does not provide for – construction of the 700 miles of fencing already authorized by current law. The immigration bill only provides for construction of a total of 370 miles. A mere 87 miles of fencing exist today on our 2,000 mile southern border. Likewise, current law requires 43,000 detention spaces by the end of fiscal year 2007, but the bill’s enforcement trigger provides for only 31,500. The trigger does not require completion of the U.S. VISIT exit system, which is absolutely critical to ensure that foreign workers and visitors do not overstay their visas. To assert that these enforcement items are an assurance to the American people is disingenuous.

“Most significantly, the $4.4 billion will do nothing to change CBO’s conclusion that the bill will only reduce illegal immigration by 13 percent. CBO assumed the bill’s enforcement items would be funded when it published its June 4th cost estimate. If the Senate bill is enacted, CBO projects an additional 8.7 million new illegal immigrants will be in the U.S. in 20 years. These new promises do nothing to prevent that.”

Congress has repeatedly pretended to adopt policies that will reduce illegal immigration. The fact that advocates of increased immigration are prominent supporters of this latest bill provides a strong indication that they are pretending and trying to deceive us yet again. Do not be deceived.

If Congress was serious about cutting illegal immigration they wouldn't let their amnesty trigger kick in till illegal crossings of the border dropped by 99%. But why have an illegal alien amnesty in the first place. We can and should deport all the illegal aliens. We should also reduce legal immigration and set high requirements on who gets to come to America.

Update: If you want to follow the shifts in voting positions by US Senators on whether to vote for cloture on this bill (and 60 votes for cloture would assure the bill's passage) then read Noam Askew's cloture vote counting page. The vote is probably coming on Tuesday. So you should call your Senators early Monday morning and tell them you are opposed to S. 1639. Also, check out the Numbers USA web site and follow their recommendations on how to oppose this bill. You can use their site to send faxes to your Senators.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2007 June 23 05:03 PM  Immigration Law Enforcement

John S Bolton said at June 23, 2007 9:54 PM:

This bill has something likely to kill it:
people are finding out what's in it.
S1639 incorporates the Dream act, which gives massive subsidies to illegals attending school.
Millions of relatives of illegals who now live outside the country would be brought in,
where they would then get free public education, an implicit insurance policy worth thousands a year for medical,
there could be millions of foreign criminals' children brought in a year for several years.
Some would say whatever you do don't blame the immigrant, but doesn't he have to have hostile
commitments against America, the majority and the net taxpayers thereof, in order to do that to us?

John S Bolton said at June 24, 2007 12:25 AM:

FAIR reports on the deceitful methods being used to
advance this nation-demolishing bill, S1639:
"Then, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced he would use a maneuver called a clay pigeon amendment - an amendment that combines all 22 amendments into one - to control the floor. Senator Reid, will offer the amendment, move to divide it back into 22 amendments, and have a vote on each. This will prevent anyone from objecting to each amendment as they are brought to the floor. Then, once the votes are taken, Senator Reid, will declare he has kept his end of the bargain and move to take the second cloture vote. By using the clay pigeon maneuver, amnesty proponents will control the floor, spin the debate, but claim to have given their opponents a fair process."

John S Bolton said at June 24, 2007 12:52 AM:

From NumbersUSA, reporting Sen. Sessions list of flaws of the legislation:
Social Security credits for work done while in the United States illegally will be granted to aliens who came to the U.S. on legal visas, but overstayed... and have been working in the U.S. for years,
plus other illegals.
My interpretation:
This means the legalized ,possibly by the millions, would become eligible for disability checks
from the US social security system.
Yet we were told that hale and hearty young immigrants would take care of our elderly,
while it turns out that those who assured of this, are stone silent
on a move to get these very same foreigners on to disability,
while probably laughing their faces off, that they can get the gullible
to work and pay for these immigrants instead.

Mark said at June 24, 2007 6:31 AM:

I really don't think this thing has a chance of passing in the House.

I am not sure that the Democrats are really serious about passing this thing either. Why pass on a compromise now when they will probably control the House, Senate, and Presidency in about 19 months?

I think the Democrats are playing a clever political game. They want the bill to stay on the front pages so that the last 26% of Bush supporters bail out on him. They also want the Latinos who can vote to be pissed off at the Republicans and vote Democratic in 08. They may want this bill to die, so that Bush can resurrect it, so they can kill it again, so that Bush can resurrect it again etc. while his poll numbers plunge to less than 20%.

m said at June 24, 2007 8:04 AM:

"I am not sure that the Democrats are really serious about passing this thing either."

Yes and no.The Dems would love to have all those new poverty votes,no doubt.

But notice how Kennedy's name has disappeared,it's now Bush's immigration bill and it's biggest proponents,as well as it's biggest opponents, are Republicans.
This bill is wildly unpopular,the Dems know it and would love nothing more than to see the GOP enter the '08 election cycle either split or with this rock around their necks driving enraged conservatives and independents away from the voting booths.

D Flinchum said at June 25, 2007 3:46 AM:

"Yet we were told that hale and hearty young immigrants would take care of our elderly, while it turns out that those who assured of this, are stone silent on a move to get these very same foreigners on to disability"

It's even worse than that, JSB.

RE: Social Security. GWB has already signed a totalization agreement with Mexico whereby citizens of Mexico who work in the US will be eligible for SS benefits. It doesn't need to pass both houses of Congress to take effect. Once he sends it to Congress, it will become law in 60 days unless one house votes against it. In other words, millions of workers from Mexico will be able to claim SS benefits without even being US citizens. The US has totalization agreements with a number of other countries but Mexico is by far the country that will have the largest number of workers making claims under totalization. I have assumed that GWB is simply waiting for the immigration bill to pass before he sends this to Congress.

Totalization agreements enable a citizen of a participating country who is working in another participating country to pay "SS" (or whatever it's called depending on the country) in only one of the countries. It would make sense for Mexican citizens to pay into US SS because not only is it more generous than the Mexican program, but it also allows the worker to qualify years sooner. It takes 10 years for a US citizen to qualify for SS. I believe it's over 20 years for a citizen of Mexico to qualify for Mexico's system; but working in the US, he can qualify in less time than it takes a US citizen to qualify. According to the Eagle Forum, it's less than 2 years.

The overwhelming majority of Mexican immigrants - especially illegal ones - tend to be low skilled with scant education. They will tend to contribute less to SS than they will receive later; and what they receive later will go much farther in Mexico than in the US. The US could see billions of dollars leaving the US in the form of SS payments, just as remitances do now. Good for Mexico, not so good for the US since the money won't be spent here. The relatively small amount that these workers pay into SS could end up costing the US - and future retirees - dearly. Forget about them "saving" SS.

Also, Mexico allows citizens to have dual citizenship. We may well see Mexican citizens who have US citizenship as well for the benefits (Medicare, etc) that are in the US but not Mexico, but who live - and spend - in Mexico.

One wonders how GWB squares all of this with his assertion that SS is in deep trouble now.

John S Bolton said at July 3, 2007 11:53 PM:

There is certainly a giant contradiction there, indicating dishonesty and concealled motives,
if we are to believe that SS is so delicate and endangered that it needs major changes;
with incredible giveaways to Mexican criminals being planned-for.

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