2007 June 15 Friday
Bush Helped Islamic Fundamentalists Come To Power

Pressure from George W. Bush forced an election that brought Islamic fundamentalists to power in the Palestinian territories. Now that Hamas is wiping out (i.e. killing in street executions) Fatah members in the Gaza Strip Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post points out that Bush's push for democracy created the conditions that allowed Hamas to take over.

Five years ago this month, President Bush stood in the Rose Garden and laid out a vision for the Middle East that included Israel and a state called Palestine living together in peace. "I call on the Palestinian people to elect new leaders, leaders not compromised by terror," the president declared.

Some people might see Bush's statement as in pursuit of a noble cause. But no. If one has a realistic view of human nature then seeing the probable result is not hard to do. Therefore Bush is either irresponsible or he is deluded. If he is deluded then the costs of delusions about human nature are once again demonstrated just as the costs have been demonstrated in Iraq and elsewhere.

The first step toward peace was really a first step toward civil war and Islamic theocracy.

The takeover this week of the Gaza Strip by the Hamas militant group dedicated to the elimination of Israel demonstrates how much that vision has failed to materialize, in part because of actions taken by the administration. The United States championed Israel's departure from the Gaza Strip as a first step toward peace and then pressed both Israelis and Palestinians to schedule legislative elections, which Hamas unexpectedly won. Now Hamas is the unchallenged power in Gaza.

Democracy brings Islamic fundamentalists to power in the Middle East. Western style freedoms and individual rights are not the unversal aspirations of all humanity.

In the Middle East people have different values and loyalties. Democracy does not bring peace between Sunnis and Shias. Democracy does not liberate women. Democracy does not increase Muslim tolerance of Christians, Baha'i, Zoroastrians, Druze, or Yezidi.

Pseudo-conservatives who embrace liberal delusions about human nature pursue policies that cause the same sorts of damage that liberal policies cause. The same idiotic assumptions about human nature that brought us the debacle in Iraq and the empowering of Hamas in Gaza are bringing us yet another illegal alien amnesty. We need to oppose the idiocy and call it for what it is.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2007 June 15 10:52 PM  Democracy Failure

John S Bolton said at June 16, 2007 1:43 AM:

They clearly don't want to see the existence of lasting hostiles, not least because
that would refute their valorization of openness and anti-discrimination.
If there exist enduringly hostile populations, openness to them is not good,
and anti-discrimination regarding them is also questionable.
Since there is probably no event which could make them realize this,
should the possibility that a parasite manipulation of mentality
is operating, to push them towards forcing others to be open,
be entertained?
If an infectious agent, depending utterly on transmission for its reproduction in new hosts, could
get you to do one and only one thing, wouldn't it be to push you to try to get others to be open to transmission?
The administration is 'something there is that doesn't like a wall'
that would want even Israel's to be brought low.
Gaza was democratically open to terrorist domination, and will probably be cleaned out by
a walled-off society.
The principles involved are contradicted so thoroughly though, that what shines through
is the impulse to transmit damage.

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