2007 June 10 Sunday
Latin American Immigrants Big Welfare State Users

Coming from the folks at the Center for Immigration Studies, here is one reason (there are others) why libertarian advocacy for high immigration is a huge mistake. Mexican and other Latin American immigrants are big welfare state users.

  • 51% of all Mexican immigrant households use at least one major welfare program and 28% use more than one program.
    – 40% use food assistance, 35% use Medicaid, 6% use cash assistance.

  • 45% of all Latin American immigrant households use at least one welfare program and 24% use more than one program.
    – 32% use food assistance, 31% use Medicaid, 6% use cash assistance.

  • 20% of native households use at least one welfare program and 11% multiple programs.
    – 11% use food assistance, 15% use Medicaid, 5% use cash assistance.

Karl Rove, George W. Bush, and some of the Republican supporters of immigration amnesty think that giving immigrants amnesty will turn them into Republicans! An amazingly deluded theory. The 1986 amnesty did not create a huge Hispanic Republican horde. Hello? Karl Rove? How do you explain that? Or, rather, how do you ignore that? Ignoring evidence is more the Bush Administration's style. Bush's crowd looks down on the "reality based community".

It makes sense that the last immigration amnesty didn't turn Mexican and other lower IQ Amerind immigrants (see the section on chapter 12 Amerindians here) into Republicans. People who use welfare state benefits tend to vote for the Democrats. A group that makes extensive use of the welfare state is a group that will vote for liberal Democrats who will tell them their poverty is not due to any shortcomings in their ability or character.

Turning illegals into legals via amnesty will further increase their already high level of welfare program usage.

  • Among Mexican and Latin American households, welfare use is somewhat higher for households headed by legal, as opposed to illegal, immigrants. Thus legalization will likely increase welfare costs still further.

  • 90% of Mexican and Latin American households have at least one worker. Their heavy welfare use reflects their low education levels and resulting low incomes – and not an unwillingness to work.
    – 61% of all Mexican immigrants have not graduated high school.
    – 48% of all Latin American immigrants have not graduated high school.

Of course the liberal nostrum for this state of affairs is education, education, education. That's supposed to be the cure-all. But it does not work. Their scholastic performance does not improve much in the second generation and after the second generation does not improve at all. See the table in the update at that link. So of course they are going to remain low skilled and low income and big welfare state users.

  • There is a common but mistaken belief that welfare programs are only for those who don’t work. Actually, the welfare system is designed to provide low-wage workers, or more often their children, things like food assistance and health care.

  • It is the presence of their U.S.-born children coupled with their low education levels that explains why so many immigrant households use the welfare system.

  • Most recently arrived immigrants are barred from using welfare programs and this would likely apply to those legalized by the Senate bill – however this is not true in every state, nor does not apply to all programs. Most important, the bar does not apply to the U.S.-born children of immigrants, who are immediately eligible.

How to save money and roll back the welfare state? Ship the illegal aliens back home.

  • There are an estimated 1.4 million households headed by illegal aliens using at least one major welfare program. If even half these families returned to their home countries, the savings for taxpayers could be substantial.

The American Chamber of Commerce and other facets of the cheap labor lobby would rather we pay more in taxes to support low skilled and low IQ illegal aliens so that they can get cheap labor for themselves. They want larger private profits by shifting more costs onto the taxpaying public. Congressional representatives and Senators who buy their arguments are fools.

Some claim that we either must give the illegals amnesty or allow them to stay here as illegals. The term "benign neglect" gets used to describe the latter option. But mass deportations are relatively easy to do and would yield a large net benefit for American citizens in the current generation and even larger benefits for future generations.

Some might object that I'm bringing up very ugly subjects by bringing up IQ differences. Leftists will shout "racism!". Well, I agree with "Katie's Dad" that if we can not speak honestly about group average differences in behavior and IQ then we can't maintain the Republic. The conventional conservatives have gone along with the lying myths of the Left and the result has been disastrous. We need more honesty and more frank discussion on immigration. We also need more than half measures. Time to stop immigration and deport the illegals.

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Dareano said at June 10, 2007 8:10 PM:

Libertarians are retarded. They should be burned at the stake* while copies of Atlas Shrugged should feed the flames.

*Since all libertarians are autistic, I'm going to have to point out that I'm only joking.

Anon said at June 11, 2007 6:53 PM:

At the very least, the fairtax proposal (see wikipedia) would allow Uncle Sam to get some of the money back that the illegal immigrants are costing us. I think the fairtax thing would make a lot of sense in other areas too.

Mark said at June 11, 2007 7:15 PM:

What's Wrong with Importing Agricultural Products?

A short summary:
Rather than importing Mexicans to produce food here, why not leave the Mexicans in Mexico, let them grow food there, and import the food.

Sounds good to me.

Ned said at June 12, 2007 6:40 AM:

AS The Inductivist points out, Mexican-Americans (and Latin Americans in general) also have a high rate of assault and violent crime (http://inductivist.blogspot.com/).

Paul K. said at June 12, 2007 1:38 PM:

"Karl Rove, George W. Bush, and some of the Republican supporters of immigration amnesty think that giving immigrants amnesty will turn them into Republicans! An amazingly deluded theory."

I don't think Bush, Rove, or McCain care whether the Mexicans become Republicans or not. They can't be doing this for that reason--they can't be that dumb. It makes no sense to alienate, even DESTROY, your own base in search of an insignificant increase in the vote from what is still a relatively minority. No, some other mania possesses them. Perhaps some day we'll find what what goes on in Bush's mind, what strange connections he makes in his febrile brain, what chimera he is chasing. He'll fascinate psycho-historians for decades, like Nixon or Hitler. Have we ever before had a president like this? We've had presidents who were equally diastrous, such as FDR and LBJ, but they were competent and consistent in their goals. I can't think of anyone else who operated at such cross-purposes. Of course, we've never had a true neocon administration before.

Birch Barlow said at June 12, 2007 7:07 PM:

The only thing I can think is that the Bushies are as hot for $3/hr toilet cleaners as much as some asiaphiles such as myself are for pretty-faced 5'7"+ Asian females with 1300+ SATs and a strong work ethic. As disgusting as some may perceive the latter, at least there's something to it besides cheap dirty labor (big f*****g deal...anybody can do virtually any form of unskilled labor if the price is right). Unabashed greed is the only rational (if disgusting) motive I can see in Bush and his "conservative" allies in being so favorably disposed towards poor Mexican peasants.

I also think some kind of weirdo religious crap* is going on. Fundie religiosity almost always has a fetish for the losers of the world, as well as for loser lifestyles. I believe Bush's fundie religious beliefs, in addition (and perhaps as a cover for) greed, well explain Bush's nuttiness.

Moral of the story: make sure presidential candidates don't put religion first, at least not in the shutting-off all debate kind of way (God says the poor are noble, thus anything bad said about the poor must be classist, racist, xenophobic, etc-- PERIOD, end of discussion--God says so.) What gets me is that almost all of our presidents, and other politicians as well, have called themselves Christian, but it seems only recently that LBJ, Carter, and Bushie types have come to dominate politics.

*This is not intended to be a slam against Christianity, but against the unquestioned and unconditional beliefs that seem all to often come with strong or fundamentalist religious beliefs. Lawrence Auster, for example, is quite religious in his tone, but he isn't an unquestioning dogmatic zombie like all too many religious/spiritual types seem to be.

Kenelm Digby said at June 13, 2007 4:33 AM:

Also, don't forget that the Bush family, notably the groomed young rising star George P. Bush, is linked by blood to Mexico.
You can never underestimate how such a blood-link will induce blind loyalty and fanaticism.

Jim said at June 14, 2007 11:45 AM:

"Of course, we've never had a true neocon administration before."

what would Wildrow Wilson be in today's vernacular, if not a neo-con. (i think they called themselves 'communists' in his day)

WWI, income tax, federal reserve, backing communist russia, messing up europe with the treaty of versailles, league of nations... Bush isn't nearly as effective as promoting the cause of war for the benefit of international bankers as Wilson was!

'War is the Health of the state,'
Randolph Bourne

RJ Vaupel said at June 15, 2007 10:31 PM:

I can't believe how many Americans are blind and can't see that what President Bush is doing with the S 1348 is fixing the immigration problems that this country has been suffering for years. The bill is not an amnesty bill as many of you are calling it over and over. Amnesty is forgiveness for past offenses. The bill that Bush is supporting is not forgiving the wrongdoers; the bill imposes several fines, starting with $1500 per undocumented immigrant and each member of his family to obtain the visa Z. All the proceeds of this visa will go to secure the border. We are talking about billions here. Do the math. Then after 5 years they can opt to apply for the permanent residence, but they will have to pay another fine of $5,000 each. After that, they would be scheduled to return to their country of origin to receive the green card. Once they receive the green card, they would have to wait another 5 years to apply for citizenship. This bill also makes the undocumented immigrants to pay not only present and future taxes, but also past taxes. They also will have to learn English and they have to prove that they have a stable job in the US. All these immigrants will come out of the shadows and those who don't qualify meaning that don't have a stable job or for other reason would have to go back. The visa z holders will receive a biometric card as the only way of identification and there will be a reliable system to verify eligibility to work. After these immigrants receive the biometric card, employers who keep hiring anyone who is not authorized to work will be sanctioned with fines that can go up to $50,000. This bill is correcting the mistakes of the 1986 Reagan's amnesty (That one was an amnesty). Some naives argue that they can solve the immigration problem by deporting the millions of undocumented immigrants like Eisenhower did with his "operation wetbacks" I'm not kidding that was the official name of the soviet model mass deportation that Eisenhower did not only with undocumented immigrants, but also with American citizens that had Mexican looks and last names. He actually deported 80,000 people and about 500,000 left the country voluntarily because of fear. The problem is that even if anyone is so crazy to try a mass deportation, it will be impossible to accomplish due to the number now is more than 20 million people. 20 million people who are contributing to the economy of this country. Even if some of them are using welfare. Hispanics themselves are projected to have $992 billion in purchasing power by 2009 at an 8.2 percent growth rate. Even without a fair tax, that is a lot of money in sales taxes. Also, immigrants are the only way to solve the mess of social security. I bet many of you are baby boomers and the rate of working people per retiree is going down dramatically and you need immigrants to alleviate that problem. Also the construction industry, the hospitality sector named hotels and restaurants, and many other sectors need the labor that immigrants are providing to this country. Is not about cheap labor, they are being paid very well, not only because they have the best work ethics, but also because other Americans don't want to do the jobs they are taking. Guess what.. they are pushing us up in the ladder of success as other immigrants have done it in the past.

Bob Badour said at June 16, 2007 7:36 AM:
Guess what.. they are pushing us up in the ladder of success as other immigrants have done it in the past.

Bullshit. Do you have even a single statistic to back your absurd nonsense?

John B said at May 19, 2010 6:39 PM:

Now that it's May, 2010 with unemployment near 10% and probably closer to 17% if you count the unemployed who have given-up looking and the underemployed, I bet there's many youthful Americans who would be doing the jobs these illegals are doing if they weren't doing them. With the exception of possibly agricultural work. However, agricultural work is only a small percentage of the jobs they perform. Illegal aliens are reducing the chances for our teenagers, college students and other Americans to find entry level work. The kind of jobs that are stepping stone's to better employment eventually. Illegal aliens don't give these jobs up because they hang on to them as career employment and then go on to have larger than average families that the taxpayer then has to subsidize because they're low-wage jobs and not enough to raise 3-4 children on. Americans have much lower welfare use because these low-wage jobs are typically what you do BEFORE you get married and have children. But illegal aliens are terrible at getting educated or skilled. 50% of their children dropout of High School and much of the rest barely graduate and go no further. They have a 45% illegitimacy rate, putting these single mother's on the welfare rolls. They put a strain on our criminal justice and prison systems. There's a high propensity for gang membership for the children of illegal aliens. They're a disaster. Since they do low-wage jobs for life, they never pay any federal income taxes, but make bountiful use of the welfare system. After their U.S.-born citizen children get to the end of their lives and draw Social Security benefits, most of them will have been a net drain on the system. We should start enforcing our immigration laws before this population get's even larger.

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