2007 May 20 Sunday
Time To Stop Senate Immigration Amnesty Bill

Have you ever sent a fax or email or made a phone call to your US Senators? Now's the time (and readers who are bloggers should write similar posts and tell still other bloggers to do the same!). Monday May 21, 2008 might be the date when a vote is held to decide the fate of the United States.

As of early Saturday morning, May 19, the public has not even been shown the text of the bill. The ultimately failed amnesty legislation the Senate passed last year was 118,277 words long. This may well be more complicated. A photo of the first draft shows it to be almost twice as thick as a Bible.

So reading the new bill carefully will likely take at least 10 uninterrupted hours, and quite possibly twice that, a span of time that few Senators have readily available. To truly understand how the legislation would work and what its long term implications are would take weeks of questioning and debate.

Nonetheless, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) wants to have the entire bill passed by Memorial Day, a week from now.

Even more appallingly, Reid wants to hold the crucial "cloture" vote to shut off the possibility of a filibuster, the best chance to derail it, on Monday, May 21!

This bill will increase the population of the United States by tens of millions of low skilled and low educated people. This bill will force more Americans away from areas of the country they've lived in for generations. This bill will reduce the land available for wildlife and increase pollution. This bill will grow the welfare state and lead to more racial preferences and therefore more discrimination against white people.

Here is the US Senate contact list. Here is the US House of Representatives contact list. Start clicking, typing, and faxing.

Why the reason for the rush? The longer they delay the bigger the popular opposition will become. The US Senate is anti-democratic. The US Senate opposes the will of the people while at the same time claiming to derive its moral legitimacy from its elected nature. The US Senate seeks to act in a way that shows contempt for the citizens of the United States.

From a good government standpoint, what we are witnessing is perhaps the most irresponsible and shameless attempt to hustle a pig in a poke past the public in recent memory. Of course, that's the whole point of the exercise—to not let us simple citizens in on the process of deciding who our fellow citizens will be.

It's only a modest exaggeration to call this an attempted coup against the American people.

Steve calls for a massive public response.

Only a massive and absolutely immediate response from an outraged public will stop this week going down as one of the most shameful in American political history.

Even more important than shameful: damaging. The US Senate could do enormous damage to the United States of America if they manage to pass the vote of cloture and then the House of Representatives goes along. Now is the time to contact all your elected representatives in Washington DC. Give them a call. Send them a fax. Send them an email.

Here is the US Senate contact list. Here is the US House of Representatives contact list. Start clicking, typing, and faxing.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2007 May 20 04:02 PM  Immigration Elites Versus Masses

Dragon Horse said at May 20, 2007 4:18 PM:

I faxed my congressman on Friday. We disagree on a lot, but not on this issue. Low skill illegal immigrants are a net loss for society. The numbers don't lie.

Randall Parker said at May 20, 2007 4:56 PM:

Dragon Horse,

Great to hear that.

I just drove down into the heart of LA switching between about 7 different freeways passing thru stacks of concrete ramps looking at cars, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, and haze as far as the eye can see. My reaction was "How can anyone possibly think the United States needs more people?". This is crazy. There's no quality of life with the ugly buildings and concrete walls and graffiti on all the overpasses and concrete walls.

I came to California when it had about 20 million people. Now it has 38 million and will go up to 60 million. What the hell?! This provides no benefit for those already here. I see parents I know watching their kids move away. They can't afford it. Regardless of what race or how smart they are we simply do not need more people.

The whole world has this problem. I hear people saying we have nothing to worry about because the world's population is going to level off after another 50% increase at 9 billion people. But I just came across an article claiming that 50,000 species go extinct every year due to rainforest destruction. I saw Jane Goodall interviewed and she says Tanzania is becoming barren except inside of fairly small park areas. Whatever happened to the environmental movement? They get far far far more upset about carbon dioxide emissions than they do about deforestation, habitat destruction, and the population pressures that cause it.

Worse yet, some advocate for biomass energy as if we don't already have too many ways to take land away from nature.

dennisw said at May 20, 2007 5:12 PM:

I can see only one valid reason for America to take in so many illegal aliens and to invite more to come with this shambolic immigration bill. It's to give more demographic heft to America. So America gets closer to the Chinese population since China will be a rival. Do we need more cannon fodder? That would be another reason. There's holes in my reasoning but maybe the ruling elites want double or triple our current population.

That assumes our ruling elites are in control. More likely the illegal immigration chaos you see is the end result of competing forces

Randall Parker said at May 20, 2007 6:32 PM:


First off, robots are going to take over the battlefield.

Second, if the goal is to compete with China then we should set a threshold for immigrants at about 130 IQ and then brain drain the entire world of smart people. Brains, not brawn are the secret to success. The lower IQ people actually pull smart people away from more productive work to do doctoring, lawyering, crime investigation, and assorted other activities for the dummies.

American Cassandra said at May 20, 2007 8:44 PM:

Don't just call and fax!

Look up the nearest local senate office, go in on Monday morning give the staff a piece of your mind in person! This is the most outrageous thing that I've ever heard in my life, it truly is.

John S Bolton said at May 21, 2007 1:13 AM:

I've been sending all the faxes that NumbersUSA and CAPS ask for, plus e-mails and calling,
and last Wednesday I sent a bunch of postcards to other people's Senators.
Those hopefuly will get through before the vote.
I still would like to know, if there are people who know a little Spanish,
who are calling these offices, and could try using a Spanish-language option,
to see if they don't get a better chance of getting through,
or find that they have a voice-mail feature more available to them in one language than another.

dennisw said at May 21, 2007 6:07 AM:

I read your reply RP

Here's another problem. Who is going to process the Z VISA applications of 20,000,000 illegal aliens. There may be even 25 million. Not that all will apply. Because life in the shadows actually can work to one's advantage. Mark Steyn lays it out here ---->>>> http://corner.nationalreview.com/post/?q=Yjk5M2ZlODk4NzAwM2JkZDIyOWRiNTE2MmE4YTQyY2Q=

STEYN:I always thought the requirement in last year's bill was pretty sweet: You had to pay two out of three years' back taxes. Most legal Americans would love that deal: Pay any two years of tax and we'll give you the third for free!

But the President obviously concluded that even this was insufficiently appealing. Which gets to the heart of the problem. Whenever folks use this "living in the shadows" line, they assume that these 12-20-30 million people all have a burning desire to move out of the shadows and live under the klieg lights of officialdom. But, in fact, if you wanted to construct the perfect arrangement for modern life, it would be to acquire:

a) just enough of an official identity to be able to function - open bank accounts, etc - and to access free education and health care; but

b) not enough of an official identity to attract the attentions of the IRS and the other less bountiful agencies of the state.

The present "undocumented" network structures provide this. For these Z visas to "work" (in Washington terms), they have to be attractive enough to draw sufficient numbers out of "the shadows". Right now, "living in the shadows" is a pretty good deal. Somerset Maugham famously called Monte Carlo a sunny place full of shady people. Undocumented America is a shady place full of sunny people.

Instead of attempting to draw the undocumented out of the shadows, it might be fairer to allow the rest of us to "live in the shadows", too. My suggestion is that, on the day this bill comes into effect, all300 million US citizens and legal residents should apply for a Z visa.

Now to get back to who will process these Z VISA? Most applications will be delivered in Spanish. There is already bilingual (and more) voting. Can we really deny a Z VISA application iN Spanish? There will be a demand for thousands of temporary (for the next ten years) Spanish speaking employees to process, to rule yes or no, on these ZVISA applications. These Spanish speakers will rubber stamp their compadres

Big Dog said at May 23, 2007 6:14 AM:

Please consider signing the petition to stop this bill. The text of the petition is here with a link to the petition itsef.

Big Dog said at May 23, 2007 6:16 AM:

Make that HERE for the petition.

Dark-Star said at June 5, 2007 3:39 PM:

Utter insanity. Our government was elected to serve -Americans- first, second and third; anyone else comes after that. Trying to do otherwise will torpedo the U.S. sooner or later.

Randall Parker is right on the nose with the population issue. Already the massive 'urban sprawl' is choking the life out of America. Who in their right minds wants still more concrete jungles with all the crime and poverty and pollution they *inevitably* bring? Look at the 100 largest cities in the U.S. and tell me if you'd want to move to *any* of them with your family. Email me at blackshadowmaker@yahoo.com . Go ahead!

We need to be having enough American kids to replace the ones who die and have a -very small- growth percentage. In our advanced society with its (for now) excellent medicine, that should be three kids. The good old standby of tax incentives would help greatly: 2-parent families having exactly 3 kids get a big bonus. (But no penalties for having more or less!) Mom & dad voluntary being sterelized should bring a one-time bonus for each of them.

Oh, and on this subject, Catholics need to just SHUT UP on thier taboo of birth control! BTW, I am a Christian myself. The Biblical saying of 'a quiver full of arrows' should be taken with a grain of salt in an era of populations that grow exponentially. A city like Omaha, Nebraska has more people than some countries did about 2,500 years ago when the Bible was written.

One more thing - on the skill level of most Mexican immigrants. An article in Reader's Digest stated that it was a myth that "most illegal immigrants are low-skilled laborers". From the author's point of view, apparently the majority of them are jacks-of-all-trades and brillant people that just need a chance. Yeah, right.

If that -were- true we'd be having problems with illegals being hired as doctors, college professors, and bankers. They'd be sitting around dressed in business suits and briefcases in hand while waiting to be hired.
But they're not, now are they?

There are only so many spaces for maids and gardners and busboys that America has. Just go to a day-labor center and count how many out of the dozens there are hired during the day. We are already at capacity and overflowing fast.

Craig Williamson said at June 7, 2007 2:03 PM:

One of several reasons the cheap-labor Republicans want to pass this immigration bill is to continue to cheaply and quickly grow the consumer pool. Corporations are required by Wall Street investors to have endlessly upward growth. One good way to keep people buying more things without paying them higher wages is to just create more consumers. A consumer takes a long time to raise from birth and most Americans have shown responsibility in keeping the birthrates low enough to not cause a disastrous population explosion. So the corporations have turned to our easily coercible government to bring them new adult consumers, and their consumer families, with policies of open borders, refugee programs, chain migration, illegal immigrant amnesty, and foreign worker visas. All of these policies are intended to further fill the pockets of the ultra-wealthy super-elite, while causing American citizens to be pressured to compete for jobs and housing with people who are willing to accept much lower wages, benefits and living standards, since they typically come from countries that have already been greatly destroyed by over-population and bureaucratic greed. And now these problems of over-population and politicized greed are American problems too, thanks to our increasingly dishonest Federal Government with its policies of ignoring existing laws, and the will and desire of the American people.

The Bush Administration is supporting this bill as one grand, and hopefully final, spit-in-the-face to the American people as it again presses its personal policies of corporate greed over those of the Party and the People.

Republicans should us this opportunity to take the Republican Party back from the cheap-labor Federalists and return it to real Republicans who believe in strong local government, citizen's rights and privacy, and a small, fiscally-conservative Federal government. This Senate mis-step is the right opening to realign the path of America and protect it for all of our children for centuries to come. Step-in now.

Craig Williamson said at June 7, 2007 2:22 PM:

And Democrats should contact their Congress people and remind them that citizens voted for them, not illegal aliens or green-card holders, and warn them that next time illegal immigration supporters will not get your vote. The growing ranks of us Independants should remind all of the crooks in Washington how we feel about them and go find some new candidates who will not sell the country to the lobbyists with the most cash and influence.

anonymous55 said at April 29, 2011 1:15 AM:

leticia olalia morales of 15501 pasadena ave #8 tustin ca 92780 submitted fake documents and paid 5000.00 dollars to obtain a US tourist visa. she is now applying for citizenship.

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