2007 May 06 Sunday
Bush Makes Small Effort To Round Up Illegal Alien Absconders

The US government is making a larger but still small effort to round up illegal aliens who have been ordered to leave the United States.

At 2:10 a.m., a fleet of dark SUVs surged from the garage beneath a federal building onto the deserted streets of Fairfax County, carrying a raiding party of flak-jacketed immigration agents.

Their quarry: illegal immigrants who have ignored and evaded deportation orders. Called "fugitive aliens" or "alien absconders," they have nearly doubled in number since 2001, now totaling more than 636,000.

The Fairfax operation was part of a stepped-up national effort that has increased the number of fugitive arrests from 1,560 in 2003 to a projected 16,000 this year, U.S. immigration officials said.

This is part of Bush's program to appear to get tough on enforcing immigration laws because he thinks that acting tough will help him get an immigration amnesty through Congress. But at the rate of 16,000 per year captured it will take 40 years to capture the illegal alien absconders who are already here. There's an easier solution for future potential absconders: Once someone gets a deportation order do not let them walk out the court room the way they got in. Put them in detention and ship them out under law enforcement supervision.

Steven Camarota says the 600,000 absconders show how the US government neglects immigration law enforcement.

The failure to remove "low-hanging fruit" such as fugitives "may reflect the fact that there's a complete neglect for enforcement, or that even in egregious cases, they just can't get their act together," said Steven A. Camarota, spokesman for the Center on Immigration Studies, a group that advocates less immigration.

We should reduce immigration by at least 99%. The country has enough people. The most desirable places to live are becoming really expensive. We have enough people. We do not need any more.

An advocate for amnesty for millions of illegal aliens cites the US government's failure to round up absconders as an argument against enforcement as a solution to the American immigration problem.

"The absconder population is exhibit number one," said Victor X. Cerda, former chief of staff and general counsel for the Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). "We haven't been able to handle the 600,000-plus who went through the legal system. What's going to lead us to believe we're going to handle the 12 million?"

Victor X. Cerda gets this exactly backward. The 600,000 who went through the legal system are exhibit number one that a foreign worker permit program would fail abysmally. If the ICE can't round up absconders now then the US government obviously lacks the capacity to manage and enforce Bush's guest worker program. The presence of 600,000 absconders is proof that the US government lacks the capacity to enforce the law in a foreign guest worker program.

The US government could find many of these hundreds of thousands of illegals if they put up pictures of them on a web site with a financial reward for finding each one. But to implement such an incentive program would require that the US government get seriously motivated to stop immigration law violation.

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Mark said at May 6, 2007 6:25 PM:

In stead of sending the Mexicans back to Mexico where they can then try again to cross the border, we should draft them and send them to Iraq.

I don't see any reason why drafting Mexicans would be worse than drafting Americans. Yeah, they would probably be dumber, but, they would probably make a decent enough foot soldier. Almost no drafted American could speak what ever language it is that Iraqis speak, so the language issue wouldn't really make them that inferior to a drafted American.

Let the illegal Mexicans do jobs that Americans don't want to do by drafting them and sending them to Iraq.

Irish Savant said at May 7, 2007 3:19 PM:

This post (http://irishsavant.blogspot.com/2007/05/even-bbc-gets-it.html) is interesting - even the BBC, the home of happy clappy multi-culturalism, has realised the eror of its way

Daniel Castro Cerda said at May 11, 2007 3:16 AM:

I did not like Mark's comment at all. In fact I find it quite biased and racially motivated. Yes it's true: Mexicans are the majority crossing the Mexican/U.S. border, BUT they're not the only ones. You have many foreign nationals entering the U.S. either via Canada, or Mexico (mainly Mexico). For example: You have Ecuadoreans, Guatemalans, Argentinians, Columbians, etc., crossing into the states. Mark since you're so inept to understand this, and I'm assuming you're Caucasian, you're just like everybody else, (except for Native Americans and African-Americans, who by the way had their ancestors forced into the U.S.A.); You're not really from "Palo Alto". For all I know your great-great grandparents most likely immigrated to America from Europe. So you see we are not all that different. The only difference is an Accent and shade of skin color. BUT I will say this, I will perfect Mark's statement: WHY DON'T WE SEND ALL THE GANGBANGERS AND CRIMINALS TO FIGHT IN IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN? We could free up the Justice system, let alone the overpopulation of prisons, and they kill themselves (each other) willingly, FOR FREE! No matter what immigrants, illegal aliens, (call them what you will),WILL ALWAYS HEAD TO OUR BORDERS AND CROSS THEM BECAUSE THEY KNOW OUR NATION IS "THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY". It just doesn't work for most of them, but they'll stay here within our borders because they cannot deal with failure. Sound familiar. It should. GOD, GUNS, & GUTS MADE AMERICA FREE.

Sincerely. D.C.C.

Bob Badour said at May 12, 2007 3:19 PM:

And a tribal underclass destroys freedom in America.

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