2007 April 27 Friday
Saudi Arabia Arrests Many Terrorists

Saudi Arabia, a country with only 27 million people, produces terrorists by the hundreds.

BERLIN, April 27 -- Saudi Arabia said Friday that it had arrested 172 suspected terrorists over the past several months from a network that was planning suicide attacks -- including the use of airplanes -- on the kingdom's oil industry, military installations and other targets.

Saudi officials said some of the suspects had trained next door in Iraq and had returned to the kingdom to plot the attacks. Also among the targets were high-ranking members of the royal family and the Saudi security forces, officials said.

The Saudis are spinning this by arguing that the terrorists they are catching are less well trained than previous terrorists cells they've broken. Yet a Saudi official also said that some of the plots they've broken recently were very close to execution. This suggests that eventually other terrorist recruits will manage to pull off some attacks before getting caught.

Saudi Arabia has a large foreign population that does much of the work. The Saudi terrorists also recruited from their foreign workers.

A majority of those arrested were Saudi citizens, but a substantial number were immigrant workers from elsewhere in the Middle East and Africa who were recruited by the network after their arrival, Saudi officials said.

We could lower our risk of terrorist attacks by preventing people from Muslim countries from immigrating to the United States. But the neoconservatives, who pose as hard core hawks dedicated to the defense of the United States, never mention immigration restriction as the most obvious method to reduce the risk of terrorist attacks in the United States and other Western countries. Commenting on neocon Mark Steyn's argument about our choices in dealing with Islam Ortelio writes to Lawrence Auster that Steyn and the neocons ignore an incredibly obvious choice for how we should reduce the threat of Islamic terrorism.

Readers of Steyn's book America Alone could see--though who explicitly noted?--that he was being illogical when he concluded (p. 204) "There are three possible conclusions to the present struggle: 1. Submit to Islam, 2. Destroy Islam, 3. Reform Islam." He goes on to favor 3, though the ways and means he recommends seem to mix in elements of 2. But his list omitted the most obvious alternative: 4. Separate (humanely) our societies from Islam, in the first instance by ending Muslim immigration. The significance of the new article is that what looked liked illogic and oversight now turns out to be ennui. "Nothing much to do about it...". Such passivity, from an action man! A symbol of our predicament.

Iraq is a distraction from the most effective steps we could take to reduce the risk of Islamic terrorism. The neoconservative goal to tame Islam is foolish. The base texts of Islam are incompatible with a free society. The terrorists in very fundamentalist Muslim Saudi Arabia should remind us that most of the 9/11 terrorists were Muslims from Saudi Arabia.

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John S Bolton said at April 28, 2007 12:49 AM:

It is typical of political deceptions to offer a constrained menu of options, and never more so, one might conclude by now, than when the subject is immigration.
For this one category, the prospects of the potential immigrant, to be lavished with such
impunity, ought to astound even those quite familiar with it.
Unspeakably malicious officials keep waving in the most hostile foreigners,
never being called to account for their irresponsibility or even complicity,
in the hugest acts of terrorism.
In proportion as a nation is resistant to the emplacement of despotic government,
it will be called upon to be open to the immigration of its enemies.
This is done by a professoriate, which serves officialdom,
and can be seen to be largely hostile to the continuity of civilization.
Their policy is to try to remove obstacles to power-greed's fulfillment.
No need to give up, just because some supposedly warlike writer,
goes limp on account of the impossibly delicate subject of immigration of hostiles being implicated;
government schools are the entire mainstay of such propaganda, and they depend on your support.

Ned said at April 28, 2007 7:01 AM:

For years, the Saudis been trying to have it both ways. The Saudi government is a corrupt, decadent, Wahabi-fundamentalist-Islamic-theocratic monarchy. Yet these are the very traits that spawn the most virulent form of Islamic terrorists, many of whom are just as opposed to the Saudi government as they are to the West. So the Saudis periodically round up some of the terrorists, but they will never get them all, since the government, by its very nature, continues to breed them. Best to sever ourselves from this awful regime, with which the US and other western countries have almost nothing in common.

Hal K said at April 28, 2007 11:01 AM:

The observation on immigration reminds me of an article I just read that was linked to on Drudge Report:


It said:

"The hour is late, but not too late to prepare for the challenges of the Long War."

What long war? This is nuts.

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