2007 March 24 Saturday
The Growing Hispanic Gang Problem

The Inductivist Ron Guhname, who writes a lot of posts pouring over social science data, comments on the growing Hispanic gang problem.

The gang nightmare: VDare.com just posted a piece by Steve Sailer on the growing Hispanic gang problem. Among many items, he describes how California has been exporting gangs to the rest of country. A few months ago I was talking to a professor who had participated in a study of gangs in Denver. Now, Denver would not be the first city to come to mind as a gang capital. Chicago, yes, but when I think of Denver, hip ski bums come to mind. According to the study, FIFTY PERCENT of adolescent male Hispanics belong to a gang. Folks, gangbanging is becoming NORMATIVE behavior for these kids. Estimates put gang members nationwide at close to 1 million, and more than half of that is Latino. Their latest strategy is to spread their crews to Indian reservations. In the past, gangs were basically limited to big cities, but now they've even made it to the reservation--a place most whites can't find with a map. This is a tidal wave, I'm telling you.

Think about the term "gang". The guys who join them want power and a sense of belonging from membership in a violent group. They do not get a sense of belonging and high enough feelings of status and power from what they can hope to attain in school and work. That they belong to gangs in such large numbers is a measure of just how unsatisfied they are for their basic biological needs for status and power.

There's an obvious lesson here for anyone who will allow themselves to see it: Do not let in immigrants who lack the intellectual capacity and other qualities to do well enough that they do not feel the need to join ethnic gangs.

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John S Bolton said at March 24, 2007 11:14 PM:

It is not perfectly deterministic;
yet for points down in IQ of individuals or group averages,
the likelihood increases greatly that,
they will try to shift the hierarchy towards one of ruthless violence.
When you juxtapose two populations, one of which is so much lower in IQ than the one
which maintains the status hierarchy of money, intelligence and their correlates,
the result is violent gangs and:
of whether the national crime rate is high or low.
It is simply the effect of the low-IQ group trying to shift the status compettion towards
the area where they have advantage: ruthless violence, indifference to likely imprisonment, etc.
If this happens despite overall crime rates being at long-time lows
it will not be from the wish for protection,
which is also shown by the older ones not joining.
It's young guys trying to impress stupid girls.
Officialdom and professoriate are well aware of these effects, and are celebrating
at the damage they are doing to the continuity of civilization,
by waving in large numbers of gang-prone types,
and even in proportion as the probabilities run in that direction.
They know where their power-nutrients are buttered, but the people seem hardly to have caught on to this old procedure.

Mensarefugee said at March 25, 2007 3:31 AM:

I recall a longitudinal study mentioned in "The Bell Curve" which followed 500 swedes for 20 years. 80% of the arrests in that group was of people with an IQ under 100.

r***e said at March 26, 2007 4:47 PM:

One positive on the immigrant/hispanic wave is that it makes it fairly easy to find an informal park soccer match, if you're in the mood. I recently played with MS-13 gang members. One with a variety of tattoes including a 13 on his calf was very cordial and complementary after the game. All I can say is that my own limited pesonal experience with MS-13 has been positive.

Bob Badour said at March 30, 2007 3:01 PM:


I am always surprised at peoples' reactions to criminals. A criminal's job is to make people trust him more than he deserves. Of course, criminals are charming, charismatic and polite when they are not assaulting, stealing, murdering etc. I don't see how that excuses them.

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