2007 January 08 Monday
Immigration Brings Poverty To Arkansas

California is not the only state being demographically reshaped for the worse by immigration.

SPRINGDALE -- The face of Springdale has been changing for years and that includes Springdale High School where nearly half the students are minority and poor, Superintendent Jim Rollins said Tuesday.

The poverty rate, as measured by the number of students who qualify for free and reduced price meals, has risen from 29 percent in 2003 to the current 45 percent.

During the same four years, the ethnicity of the school has changed from 67 percent Caucasian and 33 percent minority to 53 percent Caucasian and 47 percent minority.

Low skilled immigrants are poorer than more skilled. natives. But keep in mind that low skilled immigration raises the poverty rate of those natives who work in industries which lower wages in response to cheap immigrant labor. Both black and white workers in plants and on construction sites in Arkansas get paid less due to illegal immigration. Conversely, removal of illegal aliens drives up wages of native blue collar workers.

Just who are these poor people? Foreigners. Likely Hispanics.

Just over one-third of the district's 15,000-plus students are English language learners. Rollins said the district received about $1 million in state aid for English language programs, but the district spent $3.5 million on those program last year.

Amazingly the article does not make any mention of who the "minorities" are. Note that whites became the minority but in liberal-speak whites are never a "minority".

One of the comments on the article points us in the direction of what is causing this change: The desire for cheap labor to process chicken in factories is a cause of the decline of northwest Arkansas.

"Tyson needs to cough up the doe to support local schools. Springdale and Rogers are turning into a crime infested slums thanks to corrupt companies like Tyson and they should be made to pay. Just wait, within 20 years NWA will become like LA, one gigantic cess pool of human misery and a complete extintion of the middle class. "

Another reader points to Hispanics as the cause of school decline.

These numbers say otherwise: Check out http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/homeland.php?id=551525 45% of all non-Mexicans have a post HS degree 5.4% of first generation Mexicans have a post HS degree 9.3% of second generation Mexicans have such degrees 8.5% of third generation Mexicans have such degrees 9.6% of fourth generation Mexicans have such degrees So even in the fourth generation - after at least fifty to sixty years of "assimilation," it appears that the descendents of Mexican immigrants display scant interest in higher education. This is a stunning finding.

America is a wealthy first world nation. It can not remain that way if the average IQ continues to decline due to immigration and higher rates of reproduction by lower IQ folks. Most of elite debate about America's future is at beast irrelevant and at worse destructive because the elites enforce a taboo against facts about human nature that offend their secular religion.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2007 January 08 06:26 PM  Immigration Societal Decay

John S Bolton said at January 12, 2007 12:52 AM:

Secular religion makes it sound as if they might have grown up with a belief system, the way others are in a denomination.
The prime mover behind this is power greed, and its ability to multiply through the growth and duration of government schools.
The desire to inflict declining quality of population, increasing racial and ethnic conflict, backsliding of the progress of civilization, and related bad developments, needs some powerful motivation to explain it.
In any case, though, there is no need to explain aggression; but only to respond to it.
The increase of populations on net public subsidy, via immigration, involves a major increase in aggression.

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