2007 January 05 Friday
Bush Signed Secret Agreement With Mexico On Social Security

Elitist George W. Bush does not think we have a right to know when he makes deals that are bad for our interests. Bush wants to make America's retirement funding crisis bigger with benefits for Mexicans who make little, pay little in taxes, and cost in welfare and medical benefits and higher crime.

An agreement the Bush administration reached with Mexico on Social Security benefits would allow illegal aliens granted amnesty in the future to claim credit for the time they worked illegally.

The deal was reached in 2004 but never released publicly because it hasn't been submitted to Congress. The TREA Senior Citizens League, a Social Security advocacy group, recently obtained the document through a Freedom of Information Act, and said it confirms the group's worst fears.

The document is a jumble of definitions and legal language, but a spokesman for the group said what's important is what's not in the text: It does nothing to prevent undocumented aliens who later get legal status from receiving benefits for the time they worked illegally. And that comes as the Social Security system's finances are about to be put under greater strain by the retirement of baby boomers.

Bush is like the Manchurian Candidate. He wastes American lives and money in a pointless war that actually harms US national security. He promotes immigration policies that will bankrupt the country with a continuing huge wave of low IQ immigrants who contribute little to the high tech industries that are the best part of the US economy and who are net liabilities. Bush acts as if we do not already have a big enough problem with an aging population and huge unfunded old age pension and health care liabilities. He wants to make the problem even worse. I think he'd prefer a future America with an Idiocracy populace which would be too stupid to ask all those challenging questions that vex him. Bush wants us to continue down a path that will produce a low trust society. Well, he's already succeeded. I do not trust George W. Bush. He's a disaster.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2007 January 05 10:58 PM  Immigration Economics

John S Bolton said at January 6, 2007 1:17 AM:

In the worst case, eligibility for SocSec disability would also go to present-day illegals, who worked here for as little as 3 years or less, and to their relatives in dirty Mexico.
If 20 million illegals and relatives got some chiropractor or psychologist to certify them as disabled, that could mean hundreds of billions in payments just to Mexico.
What a bonanza for the drug lords in charge of Mexico, with tens of millions flush with money to
spend on drugs, and nothing to do, living cheaply south of the border.
Do Mexican drug dealers have some servile friends in the White House?
Why did this agreement have to be hushed up so long, if it is not a traitorous attempt to increase the aggression on those to whom we owe loyalty as Americans?
Someone has to pay for this largesse of the sovereign to such foreign confederates.
When this arrangement was questioned, didn't Rove say: you just don't want brown people to get anything?

D Flinchum said at January 6, 2007 4:04 AM:

The potential for fraud is massive. Does anyone really think that Old Jose's family will actually tell Uncle Sam that Old Jose is now dead and the SS checks can stop?

Rick Darby said at January 6, 2007 5:42 AM:

Is George W. Bush the first president in history who is clinically -- not just metaphorically -- insane? Maybe we really need to start talking about a "Caine Mutiny" scenario.

Richard said at January 6, 2007 7:57 AM:

It is all great fun to call W crazy, but it is a waste of time. He is serving the interests of his economic group. If he were not, he would be hustled out, crazy or sane.

Your Image Here said at January 6, 2007 9:56 AM:

I can't say if the president is sane or not.
But I'm getting convinced that those rumors of him being a cokehead that were circulating when he ran for President in 2000 were actually true.
I'm starting to suspect that he has and is still snorting lines of coke off of his desk in the Oval Office.
Maybe he found that bag of coke that his father displayed on TV...

Dour Image There said at January 6, 2007 12:39 PM:

Funny how when you focus on one person, you're blind to all the idiocy going on everywhere else. I kinda like that.

Your Image Here said at January 7, 2007 12:24 AM:

I have a moonbat bashing me. Thank you moonbat...

expat said at January 7, 2007 4:57 AM:

Putting all other questions to the side for the moment, you have to begin with the realization that the USCIS has admitted that is hopelessly unequipped to handle any massive "guest" worker/amnesty program. If such a program were implemented it would inevitably be a laughable "rubber stamp" process that would be the equivalent of issuing green cards via vending machines.

expat said at January 7, 2007 5:05 AM:

Addendum to the last post: Probably much of the USCIS's dysfunctionality is rooted in the discontinuation of competetive exams in the lust for "affirmative action". Anyone recall the old PACE esam?

expat said at January 7, 2007 5:15 AM:

Discussion on federal hiring practices.

Jay O said at January 7, 2007 12:36 PM:

You should stick with your scientific websites where you don't come off as such an asshole.

Randall Parker said at January 7, 2007 1:19 PM:

Jay O,

What so upsets you, do tell.

expat said at January 7, 2007 4:48 PM:

The truly idealistic multicultists want to create a pain-free society. But the truth is always painful to someone.

John S Bolton said at January 7, 2007 11:06 PM:

The fact that smear approaches were used against those who questioned this deal, and that it has been kept secret for years, while lawsuit after lawsuit was filed by patriots, just to get some information on what was planned; itself is a strong indication of the involvement of extremely grave unreason and dishonesty, in the hatching of this absorption of a possibly large part of Mexico into our social security system.
It is the wish by officials to increase the aggression on those to whom they owe loyalty, the citizenry and the net taxpayers thereof, in order to give to foreigners, which has had to be kept concealed from the righteous wrath of the people.
If this gets publicized, the congress is going to get probably over a hundred million messages expressing grievance over it.
One-worlders don't realize how angry they can make the electorate with traitorous proposals like this, to incorporate the third world into the stateside alternative welfare system;
but they do suspect it to the extent of knowing to tenaciously hide what they're trying to do.
How can anyone have any confidence in American leadership, which would even float something like this as a trial balloon of welfarized globalism?

Borat said at January 8, 2007 7:57 AM:


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