2006 November 24 Friday
Mexican Government Releases Report On Dirty War Period

A succession of Mexican presidents supported a dirty war against opponents.

MEXICO CITY, Nov. 22 — Just before leaving office, the administration of President Vicente Fox has quietly put out a voluminous report that for the first time states unequivocally that past governments carried out a covert campaign of murder and torture against dissidents and guerrillas from the late 1960s through the early 1980s.

The 800-page report is the first acceptance of responsibility by the government for what is known here as the “dirty war,” in which the police and the army are believed to have executed more than 700 people without trial, in many cases after torture. It also represents the fulfillment of Mr. Fox’s vow when elected in 2000 to expose the truth about an ugly chapter in Mexico’s history.

I'm going to guess that the people getting killed were mostly Amerinds and the people directing the killing were mostly Spanish. This was yet another Spanish-Amerind civil war. Such wars are a recurrng theme in Latin America. I wonder if any readers know just how much of a threat was posed to the Mexican government by the groups they fought. Had the government not waged its dirty war would the guerillas have developed into a far larger and more disruptive force?

The top leaders of Mexico knew what their soldiers were doing.

The events occurred during the administrations of Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, José López Portillo and Mr. Echeverría. The federal security department kept the presidents informed about many aspects of the covert operations. Genocide charges against Mr. Echeverría, the only one still living, were thrown out in July by a judge who ruled that a statute of limitations had run out.

If we continue to let in people from Mexico the United States too will continue to split more deeply along racial lines.

Today in northern Mexico the narco battles pose a threat to stability as corruption and organised crime interact to produce lethal conflicts over power.

Police chief Baltazar Gomez and councilman Osvaldo Rodriguez of the suburban city of Santa Catarina, were killed just after midnight by a lone gunman who followed them inside a convenience store where they had gone after attending a funeral. A Santa Catarina city councilwoman accompanying the men was wounded, authorities said.

Gomez, who had been police chief for three weeks, is the sixth law enforcement official killed this year in Nuevo Leon state, across the border from Texas.

Mexico also still has a big problem with inter-ethnic and class conflict.

OAXACA, Mexico -- Masked protesters armed with sticks, rocks and homemade gasoline bombs clashed with police and raided a downtown hotel Monday during a march by leftists seeking the governor's resignation.

The protesters began attacking police as they marched to the city's main central plaza, prompting the officers to fire back with tear gas and pepper spray.

The protesters are battling to remove Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz who is a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) which had a monopoly on power in Mexico for most of the 20th century. Ruiz Ortiz is accused of corruption, rigging the election that brought him to power, and organizing a strike of the opposition newspaper Noticias de Oaxaca by a union affiliated with the PRI. This is the Mexico that el Presidente Jorge W. Bush wants to dissolve our borders with.

When you see a news article about the Oaxaca conflict that mentions "indigenous groups" thats a term that refers to Amerinds who are in conflict with the mostly Spaniard ruling class.

Fox's conservative government has been helpless to stop the conflict between a heavy-handed state governor and leftists, striking teachers and indigenous groups who are seeking to force him from office.

Bush is intent on recreating the highly racially stratified society of Mexico in the United States. I think the US has enough problems with race already without importing still more problems.

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