2006 November 10 Friday
Illegal Immigrant Border Apprehensions Drop

Right before the election the Bush Administration tried to tout their record on slowing the illegal alien influx.

The U.S. Border Patrol apprehended 8 percent fewer illegal immigrants last fiscal year than the year before, reversing a two-year increase in the historically volatile benchmark, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff announced yesterday.

Chertoff credited the drop of nearly 100,000 apprehensions largely to the Bush administration's strategy of deporting virtually all non-Mexican border crossers as fast as they are caught, deterring them and others in what had been the fastest-growing group of illegal immigrants. After quadrupling the previous four years, apprehensions of "other than Mexican" border crossers fell 57,144, or 35 percent, to 108,026 last year.

I'd be more convinced by more objective evidence. For example, could regular aircraft flights at night with high resolution digital infrared cameras measure the rate of illegal alien crossings by counting human shape heat signatures along desert sections of the border?

Some knowledgeable observers question Chertoff's interpretation of the figures on apprehensions.

Analysts immediately disputed Chertoff's claim of an unprecedented decline in arrests. Border Patrol apprehensions have risen and fallen like a roller coaster over the years, peaking at almost 1.7 million in 2000 before bottoming out at 932,000 in 2003. Causes include earlier threats of congressional crackdowns; the security climate after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks; and changes in Border Patrol funding and strategies.

Experts instead called yesterday's announcement the administration's latest effort to walk a political tightrope in its handling of illegal immigration heading into the Nov. 7 congressional elections.

In any case, improvements in border enforcement come only as a result of loud and persistent popular demand. Bush doesn't want tougher border enforcement and neither do a majority of the Democrats in Congress.

Chertoff is either a liar or a fool when he says that a guest worker program will help control the southern border.

Chertoff backed away yesterday from the Bush administration's pledge to control the nation's borders by 2008, saying it would be "very, very difficult" without a guest-worker program, which the House has resisted. Proponents in Congress say it would take 18 months to six years to set up such a program, after paying for a long-needed computerized worker-verification system to manage it.

Bush and Nancy Pelosi stand a very substantial chance of enacting an amnesty and guest worker program that'll increase legal immigration by millions a year while not decreasing illegal immigration. I've explained in considerable detail how a guest worker program will draw mostly from people who do not now try to enter the US illegally and how the guest workers will increase the influx of illegal immigrants. You can read all about it and know that the guest worker program advocates are lying to you.

What gives with Bush? Howard Sutherland tells Lawrence Auster that Bush sees Mexicans as somehow morally superior to Americans.

George W. Bush is a true believer in amnesty for illegal aliens, at least for Mexicans, and perhaps in some sort of EU-style shotgun marriage of Canada, the United States and Mexico as well. For reasons that beg for psychoanalysis (although from knowing the Texas milieu that produced Mr. Bush I have some speculations), President Bush loves Mexicans. I think on balance he sees the average Mexican as in some moral sense superior to the average American, more genuine in some inchoate way. My impression is that, in his heart of hearts, he likes them better than he likes us. When he says ďfamily values donít stop at the Rio Grande river,Ē he is speaking from his heart. That he is sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, not the welfare of Mexicans, does not faze him. The amnesty/guest worker program is President Bushís lodestar, the legacy he sincerely wants to leave America. In the teeth of all the evidence, he believes that we would be better for it and itís just the right thing to do. It is more important to him than Iraq, so important that he jettisoned the GOPís best chance to hold on to the Congress rather than back away from it.

Jorge Bush's gut instinct told him in 1999 (really) to invade Iraq to win an easy war that would boost his popularity. This guy has bad judgement which he trusts. Bush makes huge mistakes which he refuses to acknowledge. He also has a condescending attitude toward the vast majority of the American people. He looks down on us and wants to replace us with Mexicans who he sees as more compliant for elites. Stand up against this guy. He's bad news and if he gets away with it his legacy will be huge lasting damage to the quality of life in America.

Immigration restrictionists need to yell even louder and more often in the next couple of years. The foxes are now in control of the henhouse and they mean to destroy what most Americans love about America.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2006 November 10 10:56 PM  Immigration Law Enforcement

birch barlow said at November 11, 2006 9:27 PM:

From Lawrence Auster's Post:

***See, in addition to being unable to absorb the fact that Bush really, really seeks open borders, Frum thinks that Bush is a rational person. He wants to persuade Bush that amnesty and open borders is a bad idea. Thatís like trying to persuade a Communist that Communism is a bad idea. You canít persuade a Communist, you just have to stop him...***

I can't agree more. Bush, Pelosi, and Reid must be stopped. They will not stop believing their treasonous beliefs. Their co-ideologues may ultimately have to be stopped by violence, when all the tens of millions of poor unskilled immigrants, reckless spending, and out-of-control old age entitlements can no longer be supported without exhorbitant tax rates (some might say our current taxes are exhorbitant, but just wait after 20 or 30 years of Bush-Pelosi-Reid immigration and economic policies). There can be absolutely no compromise on immigration--zero unskilled immigration, zero illegal immigration*, period. We need to stop bringing in so many dull Latin Americans and start bringing in nothing but high-skill immigrants (there would probably be a nontrivial number of Latinos amongst this group, but we certainly wouldn't be talking about 55%+ of our immigrants). To summarize undiplomatically: fewer poor, disproportionately criminal Mexican bloodsuckers, more hot, smart E. Asian girls (and productive East and South Asians in general).

*Yes, there will always be *some* illegal immigration, but there is a big difference between say, 500,000/yr and 1,000/yr. This is the fallacy of those who say "illegal immigration can't be stopped." No, it can't, but we certainly can keep it far below 500k+ per year.

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