2006 November 04 Saturday
If Democrats Win House Immigrant Amnesty Odds Go Up

Stephen Dinan explains how a Democratic Party win of control of the House Of Representatives will help George W. Bush push through measures to increase immigration.

Immigration is the one major issue on which President Bush is likely to fare better next year if Democrats win control of Congress.

The issue is unfinished business to which all sides promise to return, after House Republicans this year prevented Mr. Bush from winning both a guest-worker program and citizenship rights for most illegal aliens.

Bush's Iraq debacle may deliver to him a left-leaning Congress that is far closer to him on immigration. That'll make both him and Open Borders neocons very happy.

This year's immigration restrictionist victory to build a fence on part of the US-Mexico border could be reversed as Democratic majorities in Congress block funding for border barrier construction.

Neither House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, likely to be the speaker of the House if Democrats win that chamber, nor Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, the Democrats' Senate leader, would commit this week to funding the fencing if they gain control of Congress.

"What Leader Pelosi has said in the past is that we need to do comprehensive reform, and the fence could be part of that reform," said the California Democrat's spokeswoman, Jennifer Crider.

The phrase "comprehensive immigration reform" is code in Washington DC which means amnesty, a guest worker program, and a higher rate of legal immigration in exchange for which the politicians want to play us for Rubes by pretending to crack down on illegal immigration. Future House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will happily ally with Bush to push through such legislation.

The term "comprehensive" is the tip-off. When they mean comprehensive they mean it has to comprehensively cater to all the groups who want cheap labor, more of their own co-ethnics, and more people who, since they are low-skilled and poor, will vote for Democrats. In the Senate the term "comprehensive" gets put on legislation designed to carry out the goals of the Open Borders alliance. A House controlled by the Democrats would be much more welcoming to the Senate Hagel-Martinez Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act (CIRA, S.2611) which would have increased immigration by tens of millions of people.

Back to the original article above, the majority of House Republicans are the only line of defense against the passage of a bill like CIRA:

Spending aside, Congress still faces the four major immigration questions that it punted on this year -- how to secure the border, how to boost workplace enforcement, whether to create a new program for future foreign workers in addition to the existing work programs that hundreds of thousands of people already use; and what to do about the estimated 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens now in the country.

Mr. Bush, joined by almost all Democrats and some Republicans, wants action on all of those issues, and the Senate passed such a bill this year.

But Bush and the Democrats do not want to boost workplace enforcement. Plus, if they manage to implement a huge guest worker program more people will come in by that than by the current illegal border crossings. Bush's own guest worker proposal will increase both illegal and legal immigration.

Nancy Pelosi has the most Open Borders voting record in Congress. While many are going to vote against Republicans due to the war in Iraq the result is going to be a further shafting of the masses on immigration. More than any other issue there an Elite Populace Gap On Immigration Issues. A Democratic majority in the US House of Representatives will allow the elites to do what they want on immigration and to ignore the desires of the majority.

Immigraton is more important in the long run than Iraq. As bad as Iraq has been for US interests a huge demographic change in the US population that is dumbing down the average IQ in America just as it has in Calfiornia. More crowding, more crime, higher housing costs, more pollution, displacement of American workers from the workforce, and a worsening in the quality of life may turn out to be the biggest legacy of the Iraq war. But the one ray of hope is that the results of a huge immigration amnesty could be so bad that the public will vote in 2008 for politicians who will undo the damage that is being done.

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The Superfluous Man said at November 4, 2006 3:43 PM:

"Bush's Iraq debacle may deliver to him a left-leaning Congress that is far closer to him on immigration. That'll make both him and Open Borders neocons very happy."
Behold: Though this be madness, yet there is method in 't
Always knew Bush was a Machiavellian genius.

John S Bolton said at November 5, 2006 1:01 AM:

However much they may delight in soiling a country which contributes still greatly to the advancement of knowledge, they can't want to be the prey of liberal committee chairmen with subpoena powers.
Strangely, their self-preservation efforts do not seem to be lively enough to go against standard tranzi 'opinion elite' policies, even when nothing less will get the solid bourgeois elements out for them.

John S Bolton said at November 5, 2006 1:06 AM:

The tranzified moderate right could be about to get watergated to a sort of Nuremberg, even though they have great issues like affirmative action, mass immigration and disadvantageous international agreements available, where the democrats cannot follow.

Wolf-Dog said at November 7, 2006 8:31 PM:

If the Democrats win, then the Biotechnology stocks will rally into stratospheric highs, and rightfully so, because the Republicans will no longer be able to impede the stem cell research, and more importantly, the research in genetically engineered fuels to replace petroleum, will not be sabotaged.

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crush41 said at November 7, 2006 10:32 PM:

With Pelosi as speaker, look forward to hearing fawning media blather about compromise and moderation, as the Congressional compromise accompanies the immigration 'compromise' of fixing the broken immigration system (and other such platitudes) via a 'comprehensive solution' and on and on.

A silver lining might exist if the Democrats also manage to take the worthless Senate--conservatives will be able to paint the continued failure in Iraq in 2008 as much a result of Democratic failings as it is of Republican ones, while continuing to run away from an even lamer Bush Presidency, and riding populist sentiment regarding anti-merit immigration.

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