2006 October 22 Sunday
Ethnic Pride Helps Teens Stay Happy

When under stress Chinese and Mexican adolescent ethnics feel better about themselves if they feel good about their ethnicity.

Ethnic pride can help teenagers maintain happiness when faced with stress, according to a new study by a Wake Forest University psychologist published in the October issue of Child Development.

Adolescents with positive feelings toward their ethnic group say they are happier on a daily basis than those who have a more negative attitude about their ethnic identity, said Lisa Kiang, assistant professor of psychology at Wake Forest and lead author of the study.

The study, involving 415 ninth-graders from Chinese and Mexican backgrounds, shows the protective effects of ethnic identity on daily psychological well-being, Kiang said.

Each participant completed a brief questionnaire regarding their feelings about their ethnic identity. Then, for two weeks, the students filled out a three-page checklist at the end of each day indicating the kinds of stresses they experienced that day. For example, the students would mark whether they had a lot of schoolwork to complete or if they had a lot of demands made by their family.

Finally, the students were asked to rate their daily emotional states on a scale from zero to four, including how happy they felt that day and how nervous they felt that day.

Those with higher ethnic regard rated their daily happiness level higher.

Adolescents with a high ethnic regard maintained a generally positive and happy attitude in the face of daily stressors and despite their anxious feelings,” Kiang said. “So, having positive feelings about one’s ethnic group appeared to provide an extra boost of positivity in individuals’ daily lives.”

Although the experience of more daily stressors predicted less daily happiness in individuals with a low to moderate ethnic regard, individuals with a high ethnic regard were protected from these negative effects, said Kiang, who teaches courses in developmental psychology.

The researchers focused on adolescents because that is when identity issues are at the forefront. Kiang said the positive effects of ethnic pride found in this study could suggest that parents and society in general should encourage strong ethnic identity in families.

Imagine researchers conducting this same study but with white teens. The teens would be afraid to answer the questions of the researchers, knowing that to say they feel ethnic pride would reveal a thought crime.

If you are white and want to feel better about yourself then commit thought crimes. But don't let the commissars know what you are doing in the privacy of your own mind.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2006 October 22 03:13 PM  Human Nature

Verne Troy said at October 22, 2006 4:23 PM:

A good article Randall, and this is entirely consistent with my own observations of the world in several countries. The reason is simple-- there is solidarity in groups, and ethnic groups with similar cultural norms and physical appearance have among the strongest cohesion one can find. I have no confidence in a multicultural USA with a Caucasian minority-- what incentive do Caucasians have here anymore to work hard and contribute so much of their hard work and tax dollars to the United States, when this country is effectively being inherited by competing ethnic groups who often despise us, due directly to the foolish policies of our elites? Why would White Americans work so hard for, let alone fight in wars and die for, a nation that spends their hard-earned tax dollars supporting District Attorneys in Durham, North Carolina who use a false accusation and a hoax from a Black accuser to ruin the lives of dozens of hard-working, decent young Caucasian men on the Duke lacrosse team? Why would they feel much attachment to a country that insists on attacking their very livelihoods through affirmative action benefits that are specifically designed to weaken and exclude them, no matter that their underlying ability or performance? Like many others have pointed out, affirmative action combined with such rapid demographic change is explosively destructive to the national body politic. Most of us have zero interest in essentially sacrificing ourselves for such an imperalistic state as the US has become.

It's notable that the UK unfortunately is moving in a similar direction. Immigration to Britain from the Caribbean, Africa and South Asia is practically off the charts, and the new immigrants get all kinds of special privileges on the dole of the already overburdened British taxpayer. Plus the British legal system has all but declared total war against its best native people. Look at the Paul McCartney divorce case and the way that Heather Mills is basically being encouraged (by the British court system, which rewards lazy spouses against their hard-working husbands) to skewer and humiliate this great and accomplished man, who's been knighted so less. What other country would allow its best people to be so publicly and thoroughly attacked in such a way, their remarkable achievements denigrated and belittled since they happen to be in the "politically incorrect" category of being a productive man (or woman), standing up to a spouse who wants to take away their hard-earned gains? My last couple times in Britain-- I've never before seen the level of disillusionment before that I detected among White Britons. The only other example that comes close is White Californians and Arizonans, who are forced to watch bitterly and powerlessly as the great economy that they largely created is taken away from them by regimes that tax them to pay for the "diversity industry" among "minorities" (now the majority) who are openly hostile to them.

Canada FWIW has also been encountering this though thus far to a lesser extent. I spent 3 years in Toronto and I couldn't get a damn thing done there w/o dealing with the lobbies and state-mandated extortion required for "visible minorities" there, mostly Caribbean Blacks who half the time never even showed up for work, then called "racism" on you when you pointed this out. This madness hasn't reached the level of the USA yet, I suspect largely b/c the non-Caucasian Canadian population is still relatively small, but the immigration authorities are determined to change and ruin that, too.

The upshot of this suicidal stupidity about "diversity" in the US, UK and Canada is sadly predictable-- people get angry and emigrate to other places (in a sense they "choose" another ethnic group or culture, interestingly enough), or withdraw to co-ethnic enclaves within their own nations. Seems like over half the young White Britons I met on my last two trips there were planning to emigrate. Spain as always was popular for a variety of reasons, and France for historical reasons, but more people than I'd ever expected were opting for Germany, Austria or Denmark. In the latter 3 cases, co-ethnic ties and Germanic heritage have an awful lot to do with it-- the original Anglo-Saxon settlers to England came, after all, from northern Germany and Denmark in the first place, and in the past 2 years in particular these countries have displayed much more ethnic solidarity and resistance to multiculturalism despite their own prior flirtations with the multiculturalism ethos. Germany, Austria and Denmark are now all but closed to the Turks, and Austria in particular is on the forefront of blocking Turkish entry into the EU (approval of a referendum would be needed, which Austrian voters will never grant). Also in the USA and Canada, where I'd never expected such a movement, a decent number of White Americans have been emigrating across the Atlantic, and the ethnic bastions of Austria and Germany are popular destinations for their co-ethnics in the USA who see North America going down the tubes with this foolishness.

Indeed, in a bookship in my old town, the foreign-language section was doing brisk business, and German and Italian-language books were flying off the shelves, with prospective emigres no doubt fueling much of it. This movement is too new to have much effect yet, but just wait until, I suspect, late 2009, when all the mess from these dumb imperialistic wars and US immigration and affirmative action policy hits the fan. One such US emigre to Europe, Ezekiel, encapsulates a lot of what I've been thinking-- http://www.fromthewilderness.com/members/100606_american_stew.shtml

This is where we're headed.

Rob said at October 22, 2006 9:27 PM:

Tom Wolfe's Fiction Absolute

It is good like your strengths. It is terrible to be proud of alterable failings though, and that's where blacks fail miserably, probably Mexicans too.
Then again, 85 85 85, if that.

Randall, A g prize is looking more and more necessary, eh?

Randall Parker said at October 22, 2006 10:27 PM:


Yes, big cash prizes for scientists who find genetic variations that affect IQ would be great. We need to know which alleles are involved in determining intelligence.

Sperm and egg donors will all then be tested for IQ genes. I have predicted that cheap testing for IQ alleles will cause much more differentiation in the markets for donor sperm and eggs. The people who are homozygous for the most desired alleles will be able to command huge premiums for the sale of their sperm and eggs. I think prime eggs will then sell for over $100,000 each. Heck, $250,000 each would not be out of the question.

crush41 said at October 22, 2006 10:37 PM:

Might this explain to some degree why whites have a higher rate of suicide than Asians, blacks, or Hispanics in the US? Non-whites are to be proud of their ethnic heritage, whites are to feel ashamed of it.

rob said at October 22, 2006 11:44 PM:

Well, I dunno if the underclass needs eggs. They make plenty, and the men are in prison, sperm donors wouldn't change much for them though.

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