2006 October 08 Sunday
Some Immigrant Groups Fail In America

Bad news about the big immigrant groups in America.

While the vast majority of young adult children of immigrants experience upward economic and social mobility, a new study finds that a significant minority are suffering from lower levels of education, lower incomes, higher birth rates and higher levels of incarceration. Furthermore, it is the U.S.-born children of Mexican, Haitian and West Indian immigrants who experience these problems in the largest proportions.

The study, led by sociologists Rubén G. Rumbaut of UC Irvine and Alejandro Portes of Princeton University, appears online this week in the Migration Information Source. The largest and longest-running study of children of immigrants yet conducted, the study also confirms the critical importance of education.

“The greatest educational disadvantage is found among children of Mexican immigrants and Laotian and Cambodian refugees in our sample – close to 40 percent of whom did not go beyond a high school diploma,” said Rumbaut. “Education is the key to successful upward mobility among children of immigrants, so the discrepancies that emerge in educational achievement among immigrant groups tend to persist in trends for income, employment and incarceration.”

We should stop letting in Laotian, Cambodian, and Mexican immigrants.

Note the use 'of "undocumented" rather than "illegal". Sure they have documents. They have fraudulent Social Security cards which they used to acquire real drivers licenses. They have documents. They just are here illegally.

The researchers also point to the influence of human capital (the skills and education of immigrant parents) as well as family structure, racial prejudice and government policies toward certain immigrant groups – particularly the undocumented – that influence this “downward assimilation” process.

The researchers found that children of Laotian and Cambodian Americans as well as Haitian Americans had the lowest median annual household income at just over $25,000. They were followed closely by Mexican American families, which had a median annual household income of about $30,000. On the other end of the spectrum, children of upper-middle-class Cuban exiles in Southern Florida reported a household income of more than $70,000, and Filipino Americans in Southern California had more than $64,000, followed by Chinese immigrants.

Smarter upper middle class Spaniards do well in the United States. Lower class Amerinds do poorly. This is all very predictable. Ditto the other results.

Their next finding is nothing new. It brings to mind the Harvey Danger Flag Pole Sitta song "Been around the world and found, That only stupid people are breeding, The cretins cloning and feeding".

Furthermore, the study found that the most educationally and economically disadvantaged children of immigrants were most likely to have children of their own at a young age, compounding their difficulties at pursuing higher education. When surveyed at the average age of 24, none of the Chinese Americans had children, while in contrast 25 percent of Haitians, West Indians, Laotians and Cambodians did, as did 41 percent of Mexican American young adults.

Natural selection is happening in the human population. The refusal of our elites to talk about it does not make it go away.

I like the "while only 10 percent" had been incarcerated. Only? Only? Are they kidding? 1 in 10 is bad.

Differences in arrest and incarceration rates are also noteworthy, particularly among second-generation, U.S.-born, males. While only 10 percent of second-generation immigrant males in the survey had been incarcerated, that figure jumped to 20 percent among West Indian and Mexican American youths.

Sociologists think that results like these mean we have to try harder to do things that'll prevent our peasant immigrants from becoming high school drop-out criminals. In the minds of Leftists it is our responsibility. Sociologists think we are all blank slates, a product of our environments and if our immigrants come out failures who are threats to the rest of us and parasites on the welfare state then we have failed to provide them with the correct nurturing environment. The sociologists are fools.

If sociologists want to understand their own data they should look real hard at IQ and the wealth of nations. Also see here for more on the relationship between IQ and national wealth. Until they more realistically model humans as biological beings their work will continue to yield little of practical use and much of destructive use.

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Dylan said at October 8, 2006 9:46 AM:
“The greatest educational disadvantage is found among children of Mexican immigrants and Laotian and Cambodian refugees in our sample – close to 40 percent of whom did not go beyond a high school diploma,” said Rumbaut.

Um...isn't that the same as saying over 60% of these groups have some college? Disaster! Or more likely, bullshit factoid.

Randall Parker said at October 8, 2006 6:10 PM:


It is not clear to me what that 40% really means. The high school drop-out rate of Mexicans is so high there's no way 60% go beyond high school. Less than 10% of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation Mexican immigrants have a degree higher than a high school diploma. For the non-Mexicans in the US the average is 45%.

About half of all Hispanics in the US graduate from high school according to a Harvard/Urban Institute study.

Whites in 8th grade do as well on NAEP tests as Hispanics in 12th grade. Note that they are only testing the Hispanics that are still in school in 12th grade. So that comparison understates the difference in outcomes.

John S Bolton said at October 9, 2006 1:14 AM:

Scholars and officials know these differentials bacwards and forwards, or how do they come up with proposals for fixing needs that they didn't know about?
The left knows and welcomes these changes in quality of population; how else to improve the chances of smashing the selfish bourgeoisie?
It's the moderate right that pretends nothing is happening.
Median household incomes conceal the magnitude of the income difference between, latinos and other low income immigrant stocks,
and the majority. There is a twofold difference between hispanic and majority per capita incomes here in the US.

John S Bolton said at October 9, 2006 1:27 AM:

From the official compilations of data: "WHITE ALONE NOT HISPANIC

2003 $26,268 $26,268"

" HISPANIC (of any race)

2003 $13,297 $13,297 "

"Table H-15. Total Money Income Per Household Member,
by Race and Hispanic Origin of Householder:
1980 to 2003"
..........shows that Hispanic incomes per person are quite close to 1/2
that of the white, not hispanic category.
This is more extreme than the black/white difference of the pre-WWII era.
It is very nearly impossible to exaggerate the implications of a divergence of this magnitude, and it is
attributable entirely to mass immigration under egregiously low standards of quality of population.
The per capita gaps have been growing, during the time that the government has been becoming more aggressive
against discrimination, with more affirmative action, more school money, more minority officials
set up on voting rights act manipulations, and government schools' preachments against discrimination.
Only differences in quality of population can explain this.

Katies Dad said at October 9, 2006 11:46 AM:

The denial of measurable, intractable differences in human nature between cultures always astounds me. It's as if the left begins reading newspapers on page 7A, quickly gets disinterested and skips to the Lifestyles section. Those on the right who base their actions solely on economism read the business section and ignore the rest, especially on July 4.

JJ said at October 11, 2006 6:42 PM:

Overseas Chinese are almost entirely Cantonese and Fujianese from the southeastern coastal region. Within China,
they constitute something of a market-dominant minority and form much of the entrapanuerial class.

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